Tesco Grass Trimmer Review 2024


If you need to learn more about the Tesco Grass Trimmer, then check out this quick review which will outline all the key features that you need to be aware of plus all the pros and cons that we came across during our review and research.

As availability is somewhat limited or even discontinued, please make sure to view our alternative Grass strimmer recommendations below which can perform as good if not better than this Tesco Grass Strimmer.

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Tesco Grass Strimmer Review

Tesco Grass Trimmer 250W CDGT0216

The Grass Trimmer from Tesco operates at a power level of 250W and it weighs less than 3kg so it is easy to carry and work with for long periods of time. It operates with a power cord that is only 6m long so you will need to source extension power cords where necessary.

Included in the head is a 1.2mm nylon cutting line and more line is released by tapping the head of the trimmer – a tap and go system. The cutting width is 21cm wide and it is designed only for low level trimming maintenance around your lawn and garden. It comes with a 12 month warranty and this trimmer is made in China

Price: £10 - £15

Compare: Argos Grass Trimmer Prices Here

Pros for the Tesco Grass Trimmer

  • The big attraction here is the low price point so there are certainly great savings to be made – possibly one of the cheapest trimmers available across the entire country from what we have seen
  • There are plenty of options available when it comes to sourcing additional spool lines
  • The trimmer line feed out operates with a head tap and go system for releasing new line which makes the whole job easier to do
  • It is well able to cut small weeds and tidy around the edges where the lawnmower cannot reach

Cons for the Tesco Grass Trimmer

  • The length of the power cable is only 6m approx. so you will need extension cords if your trimming area goes beyond 6m which in most cases will
  • While the price of the Tesco grass trimmer is very low, you need to factor in the additional price of an extension cord for another 10m or even 20m long to cover your own designated areas
  • It lacks the power required for heavy duty trimming, taller thicker grasses and it cannot trim dense scrub or brambles.
  • There is no flower guard at the front of the head to protect your flowers and plants while trimming
  • Stock availability is difficult as it appears to be discontinued (view alternatives below)

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Spool Lines for the Tesco Grass Trimmer

The first thing you to need to do is check the model number of your grass trimmer in question and then check the spool line compatibility to your own grass trimmer. Many spool lines can be used on multiple brands such as the ALM Spool and Line example provided below and the cost level involved is usually only less than £10

Alternative Tesco Grass Trimmer Recommendations

If you need a low priced Grass trimmer similar to the Tesco Grass trimmer, then check out our 2 recommendations below that come with numerous positive customer reviews and they offer great value for the amount of money involved. They wouldn’t be the best grass trimmers we have seen but they can still do basic low level trimming jobs similar to the Tesco grass trimmer

1, Challenge 22cm Corded Grass Trimmer 250W


Trimming width is 22cm

For small light basic trimming jobs

Lightweight at only 2kg

Cord length is 6m long

Tap bump head line feed

12 month warranty

Price: £15 - £30 @ Argos

2, Black & Decker Corded Grass Trimmer 250W


Trimming cut width of 23cm

Also for small areas and light trimming jobs

Bump head line feed system

A6226-XJ spools also available

Power cord will need extension cable

Covered with 1 year warranty

Price: £20 - £35 @ Amazon

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Tesco Grass Trimmer Maintenance

After each trimming job, you should clear out all the debris from the head area and check that the spool line is properly attached with an extended nylon cutting line. First, please make sure that the power cord is disconnected prior to any cleaning or maintenance work and don’t allow any water to come into contact with any of the electrical components.

You need to avoid using aggressive detergents or disinfectants as these can harm the integrity of the trimmer surfaces. You can clear away the debris from the trimmer head using a small brush and the shaft can be cleaned by using a damp cloth. When storing the grass trimmer after use, avoid storing it standing on the guard as this can distort the shape slightly so store it hanging vertically if possible.


The warranty provided is only applicable to domestic use and not for commercial business use and the length of the warranty period is maximum 12 months from the date of purchase. For any problems within this period, you should contact the Tesco helpline on  0800  3234060  or call 0330 1234060 and you will need to have your purchase receipt as proof of purchase.

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Would we buy the Tesco Grass Trimmer? Definitely not for several reasons. The cord is way too short, the power level is on the low side and there is no front guard plant protector available either. Anyway, it appears to be discontinued (which doesn’t surprise us) so you should check out the popular Grass Trimmers available in Argos instead below who offer both corded and cordless grass strimmer’s at competitive prices…

Trimming Feedback

Have you ever used the Tesco Grass Trimmer yourself in the past? If so, please share your own opinions and feedback with the wider trimming community by leaving a comment in the comment box section provided below…

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