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Hello and many thanks for taking the time to visit our reviewed list for the Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers where we have compiled a final list of 10 different options for you to choose from and many of them are available for less than £100 in the UK so you could end up saving yourself some money here in the process.

Budget Alternatives

If price is extremely important to you, then you are at the right place also as we have also included some of the Best budget alternative hedge trimmers from recognised brands that can offer prices in some cases for less than £60 which are hard to beat across the UK marketplace no matter where you look. Limited options for the Best hedge trimmers are available for less than £50 but we have a few here that are certainly worth a closer look before you make that all-important final decision.

Advantages of Cordless Hedge Trimmers

  1. There are no cords or cable lying around as you work so you don’t need to worry about cutting through any electrical cords
  2. They are an environmentally friendly alternative to Petrol Powered Hedge trimmers as there are no mixing of oils, no toxic fumes and they also operate will a lower level of noise and vibration which benefits you on a personal level.
  3. You are not limited to the distance you can work to such as extension cords or cables so you have more freedom in terms of location, distances and hedge lengths.

As guide price ranges can only be presented at the time of this review, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below which will ensure you get the most up to date accurate price information.

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers UK

1, Spear & Jackson 18V 45cm Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Key Features in Summary:

Model number S1845CH
Lightweight design – only 2.1kg
Battery / charger included
Allows 270 degree rotation
Blade tooth gaps 14mm
Blade length is 45cm long
Battery 1.5Ah 18V power
Recharging takes 1 hour
Dual safety switch & guard
Battery runtime average 35 mins
Warranty 3 years long

Pros for Spear & Jackson

  • You get a great warranty period of 3 years which is one of the longest we have seen - plus you can get an additional cover for 3 years for accidental damage replacement care that costs less than £15 extra (optional)
  • For the price, this is an excellent quality tool backed with tons of positive customer reviews and the battery only takes 1 hour to recharge but needs to be planned for in advance. Once charged the battery will operate and trim for 30 to 35 minutes work depending on the level of work being carried out which is plenty enough for small hedges
  • This tool weighs only 2.1kg which is one of the lightest options we have seen so you can work and trim for longer without arm fatigue setting in and you don’t have to worry about cables or cords or petrol fumes which makes it an environmentally friendly alternative
  • For your safety, you get all that one would expect such as the hand guards, a blade tip protector, electronic quick stop brakes and the dual safety switch which prevents you trying to operate it single handed.
  • Overall, we would rate this hedge trimmer extremely highly for the price and it is certainly great value for what you get and what it can do. One final thing you will like is the 270 degree rotation on the handle which is large and includes a soft grip for more comfort which also helps to reduce the levels of hand fatigue.

Cons for Spear & Jackson

  • It takes a good deal or time to recharge the battery so you will need to plan your work well in advance and not forget to have it charged
  • The trimming work will be limited to 30 to 35 minutes work only before you have to recharge the battery once again. If you require a machine to do hours of work on end, then you should skip this one and look elsewhere for longer lasting batteries.
  • Tooth gap opening on the blade is quite narrow at 1.4cm

Price Guide: £60 to £120 @ Argos

2, Bosch EasyHedgeCut 12V 35cm Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Key Features in Summary:

EasyHedgeCut reference
Smaller and compact
Battery 12V power
Blade tooth gaps 15mm
Blade length is 35cm
Battery recharging is 3 hours
Longer battery runtime 50 mins
Anti- Blocking System
Weight is less than 2kg
Warranty 3 years long

Pros for Bosch EasyHedgeCut

  • At number 4, we have the Bosch EasyHedgeCut 12V 35cm cordless Hedge Trimmer which is a smaller and more compact hedge trimmer than the 3 models already outlined and it is designed for smaller bushes, shrubs and hedges that requires a lower level of trimming – ideal for lighter duty work
  • It has a nice feel and balance with the handle, it is compact and the one good here is the fact that it has Anti-blocking system built in which is great for clearing away any debris in the event that smaller branches get stuck in the blades.
  • You get a reliable warranty of 3 years and there is also the option of getting the accidental damage replacement care for 3 years also for less than £20 which covers you in the event of any repair work that may be needed.
  • You get more runtime from the battery which can last 45 to 50 minutes depending on the level of work being carried out thanks to the Syneon Chip build in which can adjust energy consumption based on the type of work being carried out
  • The 12V battery here is interchangeable with other 12V tools from Bosch

Cons for Bosch EasyHedgeCut

  • Limited to small low hedges only that require low levels of trimming as the blade is only 35cm long
  • Power from the battery is one of the lowest so again its only suitable for light hedges, smaller type bushes and shrubs.
  • Price is somewhat higher than the 3 options already outlined as it will usually set you back over £80.

Price Guide: £100 to £150 @ Argos UK

3, Stihl HSA 56 Cordless Hedge Trimmer Set


Key Features in Summary

Premium quality trimmer - Durable AK 10 battery

Battery runtime 40 minutes - Double sided cutting blades

Blade tooth spacing is 3cm - Recharging time 80 minutes

Brushless motor included

Cutting length 18 inch or 45cm

2 year warranty

Pros for the Stihl HSA

  • You get a reliable 2 year warranty cover plus a 90 day money back guarantee from the supplier in Gloucester which is good to know (plus a free delivery)
  • Instead of having to pay for it all upfront, you can choose you pay for it in 3 equal instalments using PayPal Pay in 3 if needed
  • The powerful AK10 battery here will provide 35-40 minutes of trimming worktime which is significantly more than many other cheaper lower priced hedge trimmers
  • It has received awards in the past when it comes to Gardening and trimming so you know you are getting a quality tool if you decide to buy as it has already been tested and reviewed thoroughly
  • You have the cruise control where the ON button can be locked into place which in turn reduces the level of hand fatigue that can set in

Cons for the Stihl HSA

  • Even though the tooth blade spacing is 3cm, it can only cut twigs and small branches up to 1.6m wide – we expected this to be slightly wider than this
  • The price level is quite high and may not be affordable for everyone
  • The cutting length for this particular hedge trimmer would be on the lower side (however there are longer models in the wider Stihl hedge trimmer range)

Price Guide: £200+ @ Mowers Online UK

4, Worx 18V 46cm Cordless Hedge Trimmer (2 batteries)

Key Features in Summary:

Model number WG261E.1
Blade length 46cm
Tooth gap cutting 14mm
Includes 18V batteries x 2
Batteries & charger included
Dual safety switch operation
Blade tip protector
Weight 3.8kg approx.
Warranty 12 months

Pros for the Worx 18V

  • Unlike many other models, this hedge trimmer from Worx gives you two 18V batteries where most other models give you just one battery so it can save time on stopping and starting as you can have a fully recharged battery in place as back up.
  • If you have other Worx tools, then this is an obvious choice as the batteries are interchangeable with other tool types from the Worx brand that require 18V or 20V batteries.
  • Many hedge trimmers don’t include a blade cover but here you get a full length blade guard for added protection to the blade, a clear hand guard for improved visibility and the batteries included here are not the most powerful but still are 1.5 Ah in power which is plenty for small to medium type hedges.
  • The level of noise is quite low and the level of vibrations experienced are hardly noticeable which helps you get a cleaner finish with better hand control along with the multi grip front position handle. Overall, it performs very well even for both vertical and horizontal trimming as well as angle trimming.

Cons for the Worx 18V

  • The length of this blade is 14cm shorter than the Teccpo and 9cm shorter than the DeWalt hedge trimmers above.
  • Only suitable for low lying hedges of 1.5 to 1.8 meters high so you may need to consider step ladders or pole hedge trimmers instead if you have taller type hedges
  • The width of the tooth gap is only at 14mm which would be among the narrowest options from this nominated list.

Price Guide: £70 to £100 @ Amazon

5, Bosch Ahs 50-20 Li 50cm Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Key Features in Summary:

Model number AHS 50-20 LI
Anti-blocking System
Power level 18V battery
Dual safety switch included
Recharging takes avg 1 hour
Runtime battery 50 mins
Wider blade tooth gap 20mm
Longer blade length of 50cm
Weight 2.5kg / Li-Ion battery
Warranty 2-3 years long

Pros for the Bosch Ahs

  • If you like the Bosch brand and you would prefer a larger alternative with a longer blade and a more powerful battery, then you should also take a serious look at the Bosch Ahs 50-20 50cm cordless Hedge trimmer which is backed with tons of positive customer reviews and is certainly among one of our personal favourites.
  • You get the 2 year warranty as standard but you can also get a third year if you register your purchase with 28 days of purchase with mybosch-tools .com – plus you can get a 5 day repair service in the UK mainland if it requires any repair work. Plus, you have a soft grip with the rotating rear handle which helps to provide more comfort while you work.
  • This hedge trimmer is more designed for medium sized hedges and has plenty of power to cut through the branches and you get the Anti blocking system again which is great at clearing away any debris blockages that may occur.
  • When you are working around tight corners with pillars or stonework in the background, you have the blade tip protector which in integrated to protect you and the blade from any accidents that may happen.  It has the widest tooth gap so far on this list at 20mm and the battery uses the syneon chip which intelligently controls the level of power needed for specific tasks on hand.

Cons for the Bosch Ahs

  • The price tag for this model is a good deal higher than the 4 options already outlined and will tend to set you back around £150 depending on promotional activities.
  • Even though it has a wider tooth gap on the blade, you are still limited to branches with a maximum of 2cm in thickness.

Price Guide: £120 to £170

6, DeWalt 55cm 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Key Features in Summary:

Model DCM563P1-GB
Powerful 5.0Ah 18V battery
Recharging takes avg 1 hour
Longer Runtime 75 minutes
Longer blade length of 55cm
Dual safety switch included
Wrap around handle
Tooth gap 19mm / Weight 3kg
Warranty 2-3 years long

Pros for the DeWalt 55cm

  • Up next and certainly one of our favourites is the larger and more powerful DeWalt 55cm 18V cordless hedge trimmer which runs and operates for a longer time of up to 75 minutes back with the superior 5.0Ah battery.
  • One thing you will certainly enjoy from this hedge trimmer is the feel and grip to this hedge trimmer which is well balanced, includes a soft grip and the wrap around handle works great for extra protection on your hands.
  • It is 10cm longer than the first 3 options above and it is also 5cm longer than the Bosch 18V trimmer backed with the longest battery runtime so it your work will take you over 1 hour to complete, then it is the tool for you.
  • The quality of the trimming is excellent, it doesn’t get clogged up as easily as other brands and it comes from a recognised brand in this sector that provides quality tools that you can trust. Unlike many other models, this version also includes the battery and charger unit in the set.
  • Overall a high-quality tool that can give a professional look to your hedges no problems whatsoever and this 18V XR Lith-ion battery can also be used on other tools that use 18V XR batteries.

Cons for the DeWalt 55cm

  • The biggest problem here is the higher price level as you can expect to pay anywhere around £200 which is certainly a lot more than others mentioned on this list already.
  • The width of the tooth gap is limited to 19mm only which is 1mm less than the Bosch 18V version outlined further above.

Price Guide: £190 to £250

A short comparison table for the Bosch (2) and DeWalt Cordless hedge trimmers are outlined below to add further clarity if needed.

Feature:Bosch 12Bosch 18DeWalt
Blade Length:35cm50cm55cm
Tooth Gap:15mm20mm19mm
Recharging:3 hoursAvg 1 hourAvg 1 hour
Runtime:50 minutes50 minutes75 minutes
Warranty:2- 3 years2- 3 years2 years

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7, Garden Gear 20V 52cm Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Key Features in Summary:

Lower priced alternative
Blade length 52cm long
Tooth gap 15mm
Max cutting 11mm wide
Includes 20V battery
Blade guard / dual safety switch
Weight 2.4kg approx.
Warranty 1-year duration

Pros for the Garden Gear 20V

  • If price is what motivates you the most, then you should take a closer look at the reliable lower priced option from Garden Gear which is certainly not the best hedge trimmer on this list but it is still a great option for people seeking the lowest possible price and it is generally found to be on sale around the £65 region.
  • It is 8cm longer than the Worx model WG261E.1 and 2cm longer than the Bosch 18V hedge trimmer so it beats many others on this list when it comes to blade length.
  • Some batteries can take 3 hours to recharge and in some cases 5 hours to recharge where the battery here can be charged a lot quicker in just 30 to 40 minutes long and it offers a fairly impressive 2300 stroke per minute.
  • The weight is only around 2.5kg in weight so it allows you to work the tool for longer without arm and hand fatigue setting in which is ideal for longer type trimming sessions. The blades are strong and robust, you get the hand guard and dual safety switch as standard and is an ideal option for beginners or for people who only need to use it a few times each year around your home

Cons for the Garden Gear 20V

  • The cutting width of this model is quite narrow as the tooth gap is only 15mm and the cutting ability for branches is lower again at only 11mm.
  • Although you get a 12-month warranty, other brands such as DeWalt, McGregor and Spear and Jackson offer longer warranty periods than just 12 months
  • Lacks the power offered by manyothers on this list so it is more designed for smaller and less denser type hedges but it good value for what you get

Price Guide: £50 to £80 @ Amazon 

8, Challenge 18V 45cm Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Key Features in Summary:

Model ref M0E-12ET-410
Ideal for bargain hunters
Blade tooth gaps 14mm
Blade length is 45cm
Battery 18V power
Recharging takes 5 hours
Dual safety switch & guard
Battery runtime avg 30 mins
Weight is less than 4kg
Warranty is 12 months

Pros for the Challenge 18V

  • Without a doubt, the biggest attraction here is the price which is one of the lowest that we have come across so it is ideal for people on a low budget or for people seeking the best possible bargain
  • You can get a 3-year replacement care cover package for approx. £15 only at Argos which is great value for what you get in terms of protecting your small investment (includes manufacturers guarantee)
  • Despite what would be expected from a lower priced brand, this hedge trimmer has received so many positive reviews from the general public in the UK which adds confidence as back up and it really is a great tool for low lying hedges that requires lighter type trimming work.
  • The battery and charger are included even at this low price and at times has been seen on sale for less than £45 which is a price hard to beat when compared across many other brands.
  • You get the standard safety features included such as the dual safety switch and the hand guard and while it is not the best hedge trimmer on this list, it certainly is a great option if you have less than £50 to spend

Cons for the Challenge 18V

  • It takes on average 5 hours to recharge the battery so you need to plan well in advance of any work and even the day before
  • Limited also to a narrow tooth gap of 14mm & struggles with larger denser type hedges which ranges over 1.2cm
  • Lower runtime capability on the battery – 25 to 30 mins only so it would require more frequent recharging of the battery and it is also heavier than expected.

Price Guide: £35 to £50 @ Argos

A short comparison table for the Teccpo, Worx and Garden Gear Cordless hedge trimmers are outlined below to add further clarity if needed.

Feature:TeccpoWorxGarden Gear
Blade Length:60cm46cm52cm
Power:28V18V x 220V
Tooth Gap:20mm14mm15mm
Recharging:Avg 1 hourAvg 45 minsAvg 45 mins
Runtime:Avg 45 minsAvg 40 minsAvg 30 mins
Warranty:1 year1 year1 year

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Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers - Final Recommendations

If you are not fully satisfied yet with the 8 options already outlined, then feel free to check out 2 further options summarised as follows that are certainly worth a closer look before you make your own final decision…

9, Makita 18V 52cm Long Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Key Features to Note;

Model number DUH523Z
Bare tool only / Tooth Gap 15mm
Stain free blade / Anti- Vibration
Non-electrolyzed nickel plated
Battery power light indicator
Weight is approx. 3.3kg
Battery & charger not included

Price Guide: £100 to £150

10, Black + Decker 36V 55cm Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Key Features to Note:

Model number GTC36552PC-GB
Tooth Gap 22mm / Blade 55cm long
Bale handle design / 1300 RPM
Includes 2.0Ah 36V battery
Includes Anti- Jamming system
Battery + charger included
Weight is approx. 3.1kg

Price Guide: £130 to £180


If you have made it this far – many thanks for taking the time to read our review -it certainly took us long enough to complete but I hope all our hard work has been beneficial to you in some small way.

Optional Feedback

Have you ever used any of these Cordless Hedge Trimmer yourself in the recent past? Are there models here that you believe should be excluded or do you have other suggestions that need to be included?

If at all possible, please share your own suggestions by leaving a short comment in the comment box section provided below and we will certainly take it into consideration.

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  1. I really like these cordless hedge trimmers for convenience and also they are a more quiet alternative to other petrol options. I just started searching for one of these as I have a lot of dead branches hanging from my trees outside my house, I am shocked to see that these prices are actually very reasonable in my opinion.  It is nice to see they offer ones that run for less time for a cheaper cost. I guess I would hope I don’t have more than 30 minutes of trimming to do LOL Realistically probably 1-2 hours. But you could always trim some and then stop to clean some up while you’re getting a charge in. I appreciate your help in compiling this list as I am not at all experienced in selecting one myself  – LOL

    • No problem at all and we are delighted that this list of cordless hedge trimmers has been useful to you in some small way. Regards, Steve

  2. Hey Steve! You gave us a thorough list of cordless hedge trimmers, and all of them have their own advantages & downsides. I will try to give you some recommendations for a budget-friendly cordless hedge trimmer. Maybe the Black+Decker HT20 Hedge Trimmer should be on the list? It has a 3.8 Amp motor, its blade is 20 inches (50.8 cm) long and Dual, providing less vibration than single blades do. It’s also lightweight, and the price is quite affordable. It should cost less than some of this list I believe. There is also a newer model called Black+Decker BEHTS400FF Hedge Trimmer, having a 4.0 Amp motor and a 22-inch dual blade, at an even better price and I never had any problems with them. I have used the Worx cordless here also before in the past and it also never let me down, got it on a reduced promotion sale so I got great value for it. That’s my opinion anyway, Peter

    • Hi Peter, many thanks for giving us your own feedback and your own personal recommendations – it is always great to get a second opinion! Regards, Steve

  3. Cordless hedge trimmers are very nice and easy to handle unlike some of the few trimmers I have used over time. I use to own one until it’s battery was damaged and had to do away with it. Some of these listed trimmers are very familiar to me but the prices are much more cheaper compared to when you get them from the super markets. I will be going for the Challenge hedge trimmer here as the price is the best and a great bargain at only £40. How long before it’s delivered to you?

  4. This is my first time making a search for a cordless hedge trimmer and that’s because i have been making use of the petrol trimmer for a long time, and now that I have kids running around, I want to do away with it as it is far too noisy and costs too much to maintain each year. The teccpo 28v 60cm hedge trimmer is a good choice and for the sake of better life alone, i would gladly go for it, seems to offer too value for what it can do so many thanks for putting this list together as I never heard of that brand before.

    • Yes, that would be a good choice and the price on offer tends to be one of the better ones you see on sale. Best of luck and many thanks for taking the time to visit. Regards, Steve

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