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Do you need to get some logs cut up and split in the coming days? If so, then check out this quick review for what we believe are the best Log Splitters in the UK at present which give the best results at the lowest possible price levels. Dimensions of the logs prior to splitting will be important to know so please make sure to check out the size guides outlined further down on this page for each item which is also outlined in the comparison table so you can see them side by side. Some Log Splitters can split wider and longer logs than others so the comparison table outlined below will give you guidance with their dimension capabilities.

Electric & Manual Log Splitters

To cater for everyone’s needs, we will be including lower priced manual log splitters as well as higher priced horizontal and vertical electric powered log splitters so there should be something here that can cater for everyone’s budget levels. We have both solutions for people who have over £400 to spend and also for people who have less than £100 to invest in their home log cutting activities so make sure to check out the price guide checkers provided for each further down on this page as price guides can only be shown at the time of this review.

Log Splitting Video Demo’s

So that you have a better understanding about the different Log Splitting techniques, we have included 3 video demo’s throughout this review which covers both electric log splitting and manual log splitting (non-electric) so make sure to check these out when you have the time. With these videos, they will give you a better overview overall of what is involved with Log Splitting techniques and what will be required on your end to ensure you get the best possible results.

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Video Demo 1 – Log Splitting from Handy (6 ton force with Guard)

Best UK Log Splitters – 5 Recommendations

Option 1: Handy Vertical 7 Ton Electric Log Splitter - THLSV7

Main Features to Note:

Robust vertical 7 ton electric splitter
Home deliveries in 4 to 7 days average
Splitting force equivalent to 7 ton
Foldable table with 3000W power level
Power cable length is 3m long to socket
Log length guide is 10cm to 55cm
Log diameter guide is 8cm to 30cm
Low maintenance electric motor
Adjustable splitting blade – 3 positions
Ability to add 4 way splitting wedge
Power cable length is 3m long
2 handed safety operation control system
If one hand slips, the machine turns off
2 year warranty cover provided
Originates from Britain since 1938
Hydraulic oil is already added to this splitter

Price Guide: Over £500+ @ Amazon

Option 2: Forest Master 7 ton Horizontal Log Splitter - FM10D-7

Main Features to Note:

Medium priced log splitting solution
Hydraulic wood log electric operation
Ram stop and can do approx. 100 logs/hour
Duoblade high performance cutting
Requires 2 handed operation splits
Low levels of assembly will be required
Comes filled already with hydraulic oil
Overall weight is approx. 60kg plus guard
Splitting force equivalent to 7 ton
Log length guide max is 46cm
Log diameter guide max is 40cm
Can split logs from both ends
Splits from other end of knots
2 handed work button and lever
Safety precaution if one hand slips
Covered with a 12 month warranty

Price Guide: Less than £450 @ Amazon

Video Demo 2 - Forest Master Log Splitting (approx. 8 minutes)

Option 3: T-Mech 5 ton Hydraulic Horizontal Log Splitter - 26939

Main Features to Note:

Smaller and lower priced splitting solution
Price level tends to be less than £300
Splitting force of 5 ton equivalent
Safety guard included for your protection
Motor power level is lower at 2000W
2 blades Duoblade action cuttings
Hydraulic oil is added to the machine
Maximum log length guide is 37cm
Maximum log diameter guide is 25cm
Logs can be split in 2 or 4 timber pieces
Can be used for soft and hard woods
Swift UK home deliveries – few working days
2 wheels provided to support mobility

Price Guide: Less than £300

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Comparison Table – Log Splitters

If you need to see all the log size dimensions side by side, then check out the comparison table provided below which will make it more clearer when it comes to minimum and maximum log lengths and diameters. It also compares the power levels along with the tonnage force and machine weights.

Log SplitterHandy Forest MasterT-Mech
Force:7 ton7 ton5 ton
Min length:10cm10cm10cm
Max Length:55cm46cm37cm
Min diameter:8cm10cm5cm
Max diameter:30cm40cm25cm
Hydraulic oil:IncludedIncludedIncluded
Cable length:3m2m2m
Warranty:2 years1 year1 year

Log Splitting Alternatives (Foot & Hand Operated)

If the first 3 log splitters above are out of your price range, then check out the hand and foot operated Log splitters below instead summarised briefly as follows. These log splitters don’t perform as well as the first 3 log splitters outlined above in our opinion however they will do the job just fine for lighter duty work and if you need to work off a lower type budget Log splitter solution instead.

Option 4: Sealey Foot Operated Horizontal Log Splitter - LS450H

Brief Summary:

Budget type log splitting solution
Foot operated on horizontal setting
Manual log splitting with minimal assembly
No power or fuel required for operation
Can be folded up and is simple to use
Step up onto foot pedal to apply a force
Level of force is 1.2 ton with a step
Maximum log length guide is 45cm
Maximum log diameter guide is 25cm
Minimum log length guide 15cm
Made from durable rust resistant steel
Warranty protection cover for 12 months

Price Guide: Less than £100

Option 5: Charles Bentley Hand Operated Log Splitter - FMLS02B 

Brief Summary:

Hand operated log splitting solution
For lighter duty work medium logs
Heavy duty build frame corrosive free
Finished for protection against rust
Level of force splitting is 10 ton
Weight is 43kg approx. and 1.13m long
No electricity is required for operation
High quality rubber moulded grip handles
2 speed pump cut horizontally
Can split both soft and hard logs
Hydraulic power applied from 2 levers
From Charles Bentley established in 1860

Price Guide: Less than £220

Video Demo 3 – Manual Log Splitting by Hand Technique

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After completing this short review for the best Log Splitters in the UK, we hope our work here can give you some ideas to think about and perhaps outline what direction you should take to sort out your own Log splitting and log cutting requirements. We have included vertical and horizontal log splitters as well as electric powered and manual splitters so there should be something here that can meet your own needs – it really all depends how much you want to spend at the end of the day.

Budget Splitters

If you are seeking the lowest possible price for lower volume log splitting work, then take a closer look at the Sealey foot operated Horizontal Log Splitter code LS450H which takes some practice to get the hang of it but works just fine once you have the technique mastered.

Which one would we choose? After taking everything into consideration including the log sizes and prices, it would have to be the Forest Master 7 ton Horizontal Log Splitter code reference FM10D-7 and further reviews along with todays updated price tag can be double checked below

Educate the Wider Community

Have you ever used any of these Log Splitters yourself in the recent past? Anything good or bad to report or would you recommend a different brand instead?

If possible, please feel free to educate the wider Log Splitting community by leaving your suggestions or opinions in the comment box section provided below…

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  1. Thanks for sharing the facts on best log splitters –electric and manual. I checked all the videos and it was fun to watch the splitters .That Technology has advanced a lot and it has become so easy to do heavy work with newer machines. Even the manual machine looks very stunning. Thanks for sharing all the details as I need to prepare for the Winter ahead – hopefully at the lowest possible price but it must be strong enough to withstand heavier duty splitting

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