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While completing several branded Electric lawnmower reviews, we also wanted to complete our Aldi Electric Lawnmower review which in turn resulted in a review of the Ferrex Electric lawnmowers which covers both the Ferrex Corded Electric lawnmower and also the Ferrex Cordless Electric battery powered lawnmower.

As stock availability can be somewhat unreliable at store level, we have also included some of our alternative recommendations which you can check out further down on this page in the event that they are out of stock when you visit us today.

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Aldi Electric Corded Lawnmower Review

Ferrex Electric Corded Lawnmower 44cm 1800W

The first electric lawnmower from Aldi is the Ferrex Corded Electric Lawnmower with a 44cm mowing path and a cutting power level of 1800W which is more powerful than the Lidl lawnmower which is only 1300W (which explains the higher price). The grass box can hold a capacity of 55 litres also which is significantly larger than the Lidl corded grass box that only has a holding capacity of 30 litres.

The length of the power cord is 10m so you may need to buy an extension cord depending on the length of your own garden. The grass box has a capacity of 50-55 litres, it is started with the press of a button and there are 2 cable clamps and 4 clamping levers included in the pack.

After the mowing is done, the handles can be easily folded down (double folded) and it is covered with a 3 year warranty. There are also plenty of mowing heights available that range from 2cm up to 7cm

Price: £80 – £120

Compare: Bosch Lawnmower Prices here

Pros for the Aldi Ferrex Corded Lawnmower

  • It comes covered with a 3 year warranty which goes a long way when it comes to protecting your investment
  • Many other electric lawnmowers are only 32cm or 34cm wide but this Ferrex lawnmower offers a wider 44cm mowing path
  • You get an excellent warranty period of 3 years and the grass box is 20L larger than the Lidl corded mower
  • Assembly is easy which is supported with well laid out instructions

Cons for the Aldi Ferrex Corded Lawnmower

  • Stock availability is unpredictable and unreliable at store level as it is only available at certain times of the year
  • When it comes on sale, you need to act really fast as they tend to sell out quite quickly
  • The cable is only 10m long where other brands such as Spear and Jackson offer 12m long power cords
  • You need to be extra careful mowing and avoiding the power cord cables as you work

Video Insert: Ferrex Aldi Electric 1800W Lawnmower review

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Alternative Aldi Corded Lawnmower Recommendations

If you find that the Ferrex Corded Lawnmower is out of stock when you need it most, then check out 2 popular recommendations below that come backed with tons of positive customer reviews. The prices on offer also tend to be as competitive as the Aldi prices and they offer great warranties for peace of mind.

1, Bosch 37cm Corded Rotary Lawnmower 1400W


For lawn sizes 250 - 300m2

10m long power cord provided

Comfortable Ergo-flex handles

Lightweight design only 12kg

Grass box holding capacity 40 litres

Rear roller and 6 cutting heights

Foldable handle and 2 year warranty

Price: £100 - £150

2, Spear & Jackson 40cm Corded Lawnmower 1700W


For lawn sizes 300 - 350m2 area

7 mowing heights 2.5cm to 7.5cm

Built in rear roller for stripes

Extra long 12m power cord

Side combs for neater edge finish

Larger 50 litre grass collection box

Covered with a long 3 year warranty

Price: £130 - £170

Aldi Electric Cordless Lawnmower Review

Ferrex 40V Cordless Electric Lawnmower

The second Aldi lawnmower is the Ferrex 40V Cordless Electric Lawnmower which offers a mowing path width of 40cm and a decent size grass collection capacity box of 40 litre storage. Some of the big attractions here are the easy to use single mowing height lever and also the ease in which it can be folded down tightly after your mowing work which takes up a lot less space in your shed.

It has the quick release fastener included in the design as well as a comfortable grip handle and also the integrated carry handle on the top so you can carry it cleanly into the shed without dirtying your hands.

It is designed for lawn area sizes up to 250m2 and it also has a safety key as well as a safety switch for your protection so it cannot be started accidentally. There are 6 mowing heights available as well as the mulching kit and it comes backed with a 3 year warranty.

Price: £250 - £350

Compare: Greenworks Lawnmower Prices Here

Pros for the Aldi Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower

  • It can be folded down nice and tight which is ideal for people with small storage spaces using a lever (no bolts necessary)
  • There is no need to worry about power cords or extension cords on your lawn as you work
  • It includes a mulching kit that many other cordless lawnmowers do not have

Cons for the Aldi Ferrex Corded Lawnmower

  • Again stock availability is very unpredictable as it available only at selected times of the year
  • Lacks the superior power for thicker and denser grasses so you need to mow more regularly instead of letting the grass grow out of control
  • It is only suitable for lawn sizes average 220-250m2 in our opinion. If your lawn is larger than this, then you should start looking elsewhere
  • Additional spare back up batteries are not always readily available so you need to make sure that the battery provided is maintained and protected properly.

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Alternative Aldi Cordless Lawnmower Recommendations

As the Aldi Ferrex cordless lawnmower may not be readily available when you visit, you should check out our 2 cordless recommendations below that both offer 2 batteries and great value for the amount of money you need to spend. They are from brands that have lots of experience in the industry and they are backed with lots of positive customer reviews

1, Greenworks 40V 41cm Cordless Lawnmower


Includes 2 2Ah batteries 40V combined

For lawns up to 450-500m2 areas

Grass collection capacity is 50 litres

Mowing path width of 41cm

Covered with a 3 year warranty

Price: £300 - £350

2, Murray 36V 37cm Cordless Lawnmower


Designed for lawn sizes 400-425m2

Includes 2 2.5Ah batteries 36V combined

Mowing path width of 37cm

Includes a dual battery charger

Covered with a long 5 year warranty

Price: £320 - £370

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After reviewing both the corded and cordless Ferrex electric lawnmowers at Aldi, we hope our work here can help you out in some small way and give you some direction on your next steps.

Yes we have no problem in recommending both lawnmowers to the wider public as they both perform very well from what we have seen especially when you compare them to similar electric lawnmowers on the market.

The only main problem is stock availability at store level but the alternative recommendations outlined earlier should have you covered. If you need a reliable electric lawnmower as soon as humanly possible, then you should check out the Spear and Jackson Electric lawnmower available at Argos below which we highly recommend and will not disappoint you…


Have you ever used the Aldi Ferrex Electric Lawnmowers yourself in the recent past? If so, please share your own experiences and opinions with the wider mowing community by leaving a comment in the comment box section provided below…

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