McGregor Grass Trimmer Review 2024 – Corded vs Cordless


Hello once again and many thanks for taking the time to visit. If you are thinking about buying a McGregor Grass trimmer over the next few days, then make sure to check out our McGregor Grass Trimmer review which will cover both the corded grass trimmers and also the cordless grass trimmers so at least you have more than just one option when it comes to making your own final decision.

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There will be 5 different Grass trimmers covered in this review from McGregor and 3 of them are corded and 2 of them are cordless so you will get a great overview on what each of them can offer based on our own personal experiences of working with these tools over the course of a few weeks. One of the main things that sticks out initially is the lower prices that tend to be on offer so we wanted to test them ourselves to see if they really are as good as they say they are even at their low-price levels or if they should be avoided at all costs.

Further down on this page, we will outline some price comparison options for you to take a look at also which possibly could save you some money while you are here along with a series of frequently asked questions that hopefully can answer some of the queries you may have about these grass trimmers from McGregor.

McGregor Grass Trimmer Review Content

  • Part 1: Brief Overview plus FAQ’s
  • Part 2: McGregor Corded Grass Trimmer Review
  • Part 3: McGregor Cordless Grass Trimmer Review
  • Part 4: Conclusion / Feedback

Please note that guide prices can only be outlined at the time of this McGregor Grass trimmer review so please make sure to view the price checkers outlined below which will help ensure you get the most accurate up to date price information.

Section 1: Brief Overview plus FAQ’s

Brief Overview:

Brand:McGregor Grass Trimmers
Models:Corded x 3 / Cordless x 2
Power:Corded = 350W to 600W / Cordless = 18V battery
Trimmer Sizes:25cm to 32cm wide
Low Price: Corded 25cm @ Argos UK – View Today’s Price Here
Warranty:2 years provided
Support:McGregor direct customer support is available on 0345 605 2065

Frequently Asked Questions about McGregor Corded & Cordless Grass Trimmers (15)

Q1. Which is the most powerful grass trimmer in the range?
A. The most powerful grass trimmer from McGregor is the Corded 600W model MET6032

Q2. Which is the cheapest grass trimmer from McGregor?
A. The cheapest grass trimmer from McGregor is the 25cm corded model which is usually available for less than £40

Q3. Can these grass trimmers cut brambles?
A. Yes as long as the power in the model you select has a minimum power level of 600W. The cordless models here are not powerful enough to cut through brambles

Q4. How long are the cables in the corded models?
A. The length of the cables in the corded models is 8m long so you may need to buy an extension cord also

Q5. Is the line feed automatic?
A. Yes, they include the auto line spool feed so the line will be extended automatically.

Q6. Can the length of shaft be adjusted for taller people?
A. Yes, the telescopic shaft on the handle can be extended for taller people

Q7. Can the head of the trimmer be tilted for more difficult hard to reach areas?
A. Yes, the head of these trimmers can be tilted to trim the harder to reach areas.

Q8. Which is the lightest grass trimmer to work with?
A. The lightest grass trimmer is the 25cm corded model MET3525 which only weighs 2kg

Q9. How long does it take to recharge the McGregor batteries?
A. It will take on average 3 hours duration to fully recharge the batteries.

Q10. How long will the charged battery last for?
A. It depends on the level of work completed but should last between 25 and 30 minutes

Q11. What type of spool is needed when the time comes to replace it?
A. These grass trimmers will take a spool type ALMQT486

Q12. Can additional batteries be purchased for the cordless models?
A. Yes, but you need to contact McGregor directly on 03456052065

Q13. What are the box sizes?
A. The box sizes are 95cm by 41cm by 33cm on average depending on the box you select

Q14. What type and size of line is used for these grass trimmers?
A. The lines used here are a 1.65mm nylon line

Q15. Do these trimmers include a spare spool like some other brands?
A. No, there are no spare additional spools included with McGregor grass trimmers

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Part 2: McGregor Corded Grass Trimmer Review – 3 Options

1, McGregor 25cm 350W Corded Grass Trimmer

Main Features:

Power 350W / Width 25cm

Head can be tilted when needed

Auto line spool feed - automatic

Flower guard included / Cord 8m

For fine grass lighter type work

Shaft / front handle are adjustable

Weight 2kg / Warranty 2 years

Price Guide: £25 to £60

2, McGregor 3-in-1 30cm 450W Corded Grass Trimmer

Main Features:

Power 450W / Width 30cm

Automatic line feed spool

More powerful alternative

Flower guard is adjustable / 8m Cord

For fine & coarse grass types

Shaft & front handle are adjustable

Weight 2.6kg / Warranty 2 years

Price Guide: £40 to £80

3, McGregor 3-in-1 32cm 600W Corded Grass Trimmer


Main Features

Most powerful option 600W

Width 32cm / Weight 2.6kg

Line feed spool is automatic

Ability to cut brambles, thick grass

Telescopic Shaft can be extended

Front handle is adjustable

Cable 8m long / Warranty 2 years

Price Guide: £45 to £80

Further images of the McGregor Corded Grass Trimmers are outlined below…

  • McGregor Corded Grass Trimmers - Flower Guard

McGregor Corded Grass Trimmers – Pros and Cons

Pros for the McGregor Corded Trimmers

  • Some of the prices here are very hard to beat and the 25cm corded version was available for sale at less than £35 at the time of this review which is great value for the quality you are getting
  • It includes the auto line feed system so that is one less thing to worry about as the line will be fed out automatically. The flower guard positioning can also be adjusted which is a nice little feature to have.
  • The head can be tilted at different angles which is great for hard to reach areas, the telescopic shaft can be adjusted for taller or shorter people and the flower guard works great to protect your flowers when trimming
  • The 600W model in particular does offer a significant amount of additional power which works a lot better for denser and thicker grass types and more difficult patches
  • Overall, they have a nice comfortable grip, they are lightweight to work with and you are protected with a 2-year warranty which they stand over hassle free.

Cons for the McGregor Corded Trimmers

  • The length of the cord is quite short at only 8m in our opinion. Other brands we have seen offer longer cords such as 10m and in some cases 12m long cords.
  • If your lawn goes beyond 8m, then you need to look at buying extension cords also which will be an added expense to consider.
  • The 350W and 450W models are not strong enough to take care of brambles or heavier type duty work such as denser grasses. You will need to choose the more expensive 600W model if your brambles need trimming.
  • The smaller and cheaper 350W model is really only suitable for light edge trimming of fine grasses.
  • You are always limited to the distance you can work with the cable or extension cords which won’t suit everyone’s needs and you always have to drag the cable around with you as you work.


A short comparison table is outlined below to compare the 3 Corded Grass trimmers from McGregor to add further clarity if needed

Feature:McGregor MET3525McGregor MET4530McGregor MET6032
Flower Guard:YesYesYes
Line Feed:Auto feed systemAuto feed systemAuto feed system
Cable:8m long8m long8m long
Edging Capability:IncludedIncludedIncluded
Warranty:2 years2 years2 years

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Price Comparison Options

Part 3: McGregor Cordless Grass Trimmer Review – 2 Options

1, McGregor 25cm 18V Cordless Grass Trimmer (MCT1825)

Main Features:

One battery and charger included

Head can be tilted for harder to reach areas

Recharging takes average3 hours to complete

Battery runtime is 25 to 30 minutes on average

Telescopic shaft and handle are adjustable

Flower guard positioning can be changed

Auto line feed / Cordless / 18V 2Ah battery

Weight 2.1kg / Warranty also 2 years

Price Guide: £45 to £70

2, McGregor 25cm 18V Cordless Grass Trimmer 2 Batteries (MCT2X1825)

Main Features:

Two 18V 2Ah batteries and charger included

Auto line feed spool – automatic feed

Second battery can be charged & used as backup

Battery runtime average is 25 to 30 mins each

Recharging takes 3 hours each on average

Head can be tilted / Flower guard changeable

Handle Telescopic shaft are adjustable

Weight 2.3kg / Warranty 2 years also

Price Guide: £65 to £100

Pros for the McGregor Cordless Trimmers

  • There is so much more freedom with the distances and areas you can work as there are no restrictions whatsoever as you have no cords or cables to worry about while working
  • It would be considered a safer and easier working tool as you don’t need to drag a cable around with you as you work and avoiding various obstacles that may be in place across your garden such as swings or trampolines
  • The level of noise is so much lower than petrol grass trimmers and the weight of them is so light that it makes the tool easier to work with for longer without arm fatigue setting in.
  • You have the choice of getting a model here with a second back up charged battery which is great when you need to work the tool for longer periods than expected.
  • The telescopic shaft can be adjusted for taller or shorter people, the flower guard can be changed and the handle positioning is variable to provide maximum comfort when working.

Cons for the McGregor Cordless Trimmers

  • The length of time to recharge the batteries here would be considered as very long at 3 hours and in some cases, will take longer. Many other brands offer much shorter recharging times but do cost slightly more.
  • If you are working on heavier grasses or denser patches or heavy weeds, you will find that the battery will deplete a lot sooner. The harder you work it, the quicker the battery becomes empty.
  • The power of the battery would be considered weak enough and is designed really for lighter type duty trimming work. The cordless version struggles with denser grasses and is not designed to tackle brambles.
  • Not capable of working on large patches of coarse grass as you will ideally need a 36V battery instead.
  • Even though you can buy the trimmer at Argos, they themselves cannot provide additional spools or additional batteries

Part 4: Conclusion / Feedback


Firstly, one of things you will like here straight away is the lightweight design of these grass trimmers. If the weight of a tool is of concern to you, then you won’t need to look much further than this as most of these grass trimmers from McGregor are less than 2.5kg so it allows you to work and trim for longer without fatigue setting in. The warranty they provide is totally secure for 2 years that they stand over 100% as long as you keep your receipt in a safe place.

Power Level

The power of some of these grass trimmers is on the lower end of the scale but they do offer more powerful 450W and 600W options also if that is what you are after. Which one would we choose? Well, it depends on your own set of requirements. As we need it just for trimming around the edges after mowing for finer grasses, then our preference is definitely for the cordless MCT2X1825 model as it offers 2 batteries for longer trimming work and we would prefer to avoid dragging the cables across the lawn as we work.


Having a backup battery in case you forget to charge it is always a great addition to have and the batteries lasted between 25 and 30 minutes each on average. Plus, there are no restrictions with the cordless which is another advantage to the areas you can work to. But if you need to spend less than £40 for lighter duty work, then the 350W corded model will work just fine for your needs.


Have you ever used a McGregor Grass Trimmer yourself in the recent past? Did it work as expected or did you come across any problems that we need to be aware of? Was this review useful in any way?

If possible, please share your own feedback good or bad by leaving a short comment in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK can learn also!

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  1. Hi Steve. Thanks for this comprehensive review. I’ve not heard of the McGregor range before although I have used strimmers and trimmers for a while. One of the problems I always seem to have with them though is that the cutting wires seem to snap often and it can be quite frustrating when trying to cut down some overgrown weeds, when you have to keep extending the wire again. Do you have any tips to prevent this or do you think I’m just expecting a bit much? My garden is quite overgrown so I might need to upgrade to something stronger. Would love to hear your thoughts. Gail 

    • Hi there, the line feed here works well from our experience anyway and it was able to deal with heavy weeds also without too much trouble from what we saw – especially the 600W 32cm model. Thanks for taking the time to visit and I reckon this Grass trimmer from McGregor is definitely worth a try as the auto line feed worked exactly as we had expected without any hassle. Regards, Steve

  2. How do you determine which replacement cassette to use. The one I have has very indistinct reference, looks like. 3-4. PAG-GF-302. As I need new cassettes of thread, where can I obtain as I no longer have an Argos nearby. Can I order from Argos ? Thank you, David Lunn.

  3. Just bought a McGregor strimmer today. Took it out to try a first cut. After very short usage the line wore out. I tried the the automatic extension and it didn’t work. I then tried the manual extension which worked about twice. I foresee trouble with the spool and line. I think the line is too weak. The strimmer is well made and well constructed but the line and spool distribution let’s it down. I am going to return it. I had a Black and Decker previously and it worked well. I think I’ll buy another one.

    • Hi, make sure the battery is fully charged up after its final use and store in a cool dry place during the Winter – also avoid placing it in garages that cannot protect it in freezing temperatures. Many thanks for taking the time to visit and best of luck!

  4. Bought a cordless Mcgregor strimmer with 2 batteries for my work as a gardener thinking it might do 2 seasons, It is now on its 6th season and each battery will do 3/4 hour work , its quiet cuts everything in its wake ,the self feed cutting nylon is efficient , the only thing I have replaced is the spool cover which wore away think it was £6 ! I have recommended it to friends who have also purchased and they have also been pleased ! Deffo better than trying to start a hot 2 stroke strimmer and does the same job !

  5. Very disappointed. Shortly after having this all the line pulled out and would not stay in when wound back, Bought a new cassette and afetr a short period of use the same has happened both lines pulled right out and tangled round a tuft of grass. No matter how firmly I fix the inner end the line just pulls out again. I had a refurbished Bosch for years and worked perfectly until finally died. This McGreggor is a waste of money and I wish I had spent a bit more on another Bosch. Just like the previous comment, this machine never fed the line properly anyway

    • I feel your pain! Many thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave your feedback – it is greatly appreciated and best of luck with sorting it all out! Regards, Steve

  6. Cordless model worked only fitfully which I discovered was poor connection in wiring. 10 screws to get at wiring and re-secure connection. However failed again. Connection to battery not secured.
    A further issue was the grass guard is held by single screw into flimsy plastic and quickly became unusable.
    Just a collection of spare parts now!

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