McGregor Grass Trimmer Review 2023 – Corded vs Cordless

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  1. Hi Steve. Thanks for this comprehensive review. I’ve not heard of the McGregor range before although I have used strimmers and trimmers for a while. One of the problems I always seem to have with them though is that the cutting wires seem to snap often and it can be quite frustrating when trying to cut down some overgrown weeds, when you have to keep extending the wire again. Do you have any tips to prevent this or do you think I’m just expecting a bit much? My garden is quite overgrown so I might need to upgrade to something stronger. Would love to hear your thoughts. Gail 

    • Hi there, the line feed here works well from our experience anyway and it was able to deal with heavy weeds also without too much trouble from what we saw – especially the 600W 32cm model. Thanks for taking the time to visit and I reckon this Grass trimmer from McGregor is definitely worth a try as the auto line feed worked exactly as we had expected without any hassle. Regards, Steve

  2. How do you determine which replacement cassette to use. The one I have has very indistinct reference, looks like. 3-4. PAG-GF-302. As I need new cassettes of thread, where can I obtain as I no longer have an Argos nearby. Can I order from Argos ? Thank you, David Lunn.

  3. Just bought a McGregor strimmer today. Took it out to try a first cut. After very short usage the line wore out. I tried the the automatic extension and it didn’t work. I then tried the manual extension which worked about twice. I foresee trouble with the spool and line. I think the line is too weak. The strimmer is well made and well constructed but the line and spool distribution let’s it down. I am going to return it. I had a Black and Decker previously and it worked well. I think I’ll buy another one.

    • Hi, make sure the battery is fully charged up after its final use and store in a cool dry place during the Winter – also avoid placing it in garages that cannot protect it in freezing temperatures. Many thanks for taking the time to visit and best of luck!

  4. Bought a cordless Mcgregor strimmer with 2 batteries for my work as a gardener thinking it might do 2 seasons, It is now on its 6th season and each battery will do 3/4 hour work , its quiet cuts everything in its wake ,the self feed cutting nylon is efficient , the only thing I have replaced is the spool cover which wore away think it was £6 ! I have recommended it to friends who have also purchased and they have also been pleased ! Deffo better than trying to start a hot 2 stroke strimmer and does the same job !

  5. Very disappointed. Shortly after having this all the line pulled out and would not stay in when wound back, Bought a new cassette and afetr a short period of use the same has happened both lines pulled right out and tangled round a tuft of grass. No matter how firmly I fix the inner end the line just pulls out again. I had a refurbished Bosch for years and worked perfectly until finally died. This McGreggor is a waste of money and I wish I had spent a bit more on another Bosch. Just like the previous comment, this machine never fed the line properly anyway

    • I feel your pain! Many thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave your feedback – it is greatly appreciated and best of luck with sorting it all out! Regards, Steve

  6. Cordless model worked only fitfully which I discovered was poor connection in wiring. 10 screws to get at wiring and re-secure connection. However failed again. Connection to battery not secured.
    A further issue was the grass guard is held by single screw into flimsy plastic and quickly became unusable.
    Just a collection of spare parts now!

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