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Are you looking for a reliable & trustworthy Corded Hedge trimmer to cut your own hedges from a reliable brand? If so, then check out our researched and reviewed list for the Best Corded Hedge Trimmers which are available in the UK at present. We have trialled and tested several electric hedge trimmers which you can buy and we have come up with a final list of 10 different corded models that has been narrowed down to make it easier for you when it comes to making your own final decision.

Our review for the best hedge trimmers which be focussed on availability in the UK market and all of these options can be easily ordered online and delivered to your home hassle free which is one less thing to be worrying about. If you believe that this list needs to be edited or if certain models need to be included also, then let us know by leaving a comment in the comment box section at the end of this page and we will certainly take it into consideration.

Best Corded Hedge Trimmer Content

  • Part 1: Outline of the 10 Best Corded Hedge Trimmers
  • Part 2: Comparison Table
  • Part 3: Our Conclusion plus your Feedback (optional)

As guide prices can only be displayed at the time of this review, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below which will ensure you get the most up to date price tag information.

Part 1: Best Corded Hedge Trimmers UK

1, Spear & Jackson 450W 45cm Corded Hedge Trimmer

Key Features to Note:

Model number S4545EH
Power 450W mains powered
Blade is 45cm long / Cable 10m
Blade tip protector / Hand guard
Dual safety switch / Laser Blades
Tooth gap 16mm / Weight 3.6kg
Warranty 3 years
Price Guide: £40 - £60 @ Argos


Main Features in Detail:

First on our list is the reliable corded Spear & Jackson 450W hedge trimmer which offers you a long 3-year warranty, a longer cable of 10m and also the dual action blades which gives a nicer cleaner finish across your different types of hedges. It has a lightweight design of less than 4kg which makes it easier to work it for longer and the handle offers different positions of workability be it for horizontal or vertical hedge trimming.

In terms of safety, you get the blade tip protector, a dual safety switch, a hand guard and an electronic brake so you know you are handling a tool that has all the safety standards in place. The power handle here also has the 270-degree rotation and the tooth gap available is 16mm which allows branches with a maximum of 1.6cm in thickness to be cut. You can also get an additional 3-year accidental repair replacement cover for this hedge trimmer which costs less than £10 (optional) and overall works great for angle trimming when needed.


  • Great competitive low price
  • Longer warranty of 3 years available
  • Longer cable of 10m than many others (2m longer than McGregor)


  • Only 16mm of a Tooth gap – limited in branches cuttings
  • Blade length is restricted to 45cm only – for low lying hedges only
  • For small or medium size hedges only

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2, McGregor 500W 51cm Corded Hedge Trimmer

Key Features to Note:

Model number MEH5051
Power 500W by mains
Blade is 51cm long / Cable 8m
Hand guard & Blade tip protector
Laser cut Blades & dual safety switch
Tooth gap 16mm thickness
Warranty of 2 years / Weight 2.5kg
Price Guide: £35 - £55 @ Argos


Main Features in Detail:

At number 2, we have the McGregor 500W 51cm Corded Hedge Trimmer which also comes with lots and lots of positive customer reviews among the UK general public which adds a lot of confidence before you buy. This hedge trimmer is backed with a 2-year warranty that they stand over hassle free, the length of the power cable cord is 8m long and the length of this cutting blade is 51cm long

The thickness of the branches it can cut through is a maximum 16mm thick from the tooth gaps provided, there are the dual action blades to cut the hedges and shrubs easier and the soft grip provided reduces the level of hand fatigue that may set in after longer hedge trimming sessions. Another thing that stands out is the low level of noise and vibrations when in operation and it is ideal for low lying small to medium type hedges, bushes and shrubs across your garden.

For your safety and protection, you get the dual safety switch, the quick stop electronic brake, a blade tip protector and of course a solid and durable hand guard as standard. Another thing you will like is the hanging hook on the blade tip which certainly helps when it comes to storage in your garage or shed when not in use.


  • Superior power of 500W (50W more than Spear & Jackson above)
  • Lighter tool than Spear & Jackson by approx. 1 kg above
  • 6cm longer blade than Spear & Jackson S4545EH


  • Limited to 1.6cm branch thickness and low lying hedges only
  • Lower warranty than Spear & Jackson by 1 year
  • Shorter cable than Spear & Jackson by 2m

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3, Challenge 550W 55cm Corded Hedge Trimmer

Key Features to Note:

Model number HTEG33-550
Power level 550W
Blade is 55cm long / Cable 10m
Hand safety guard as standard
Tooth gap 16mm thickness also
Weight 2.5kg / Dual safety switch
Warranty of 12 months
Price Guide: £30 - £40 @ Argos


Main Features in Detail:

Third on our list is the lower priced Challenge 550W 55cm Corded Hedge Trimmer which is aimed towards people who are seeking the lowest possible price and is ideal for people seeking the best possible bargain. Despite the lower price and budget brand type, this hedge trimmer actually works better than expected and is backed with tons of happy customer reviews from previous users in the UK at present which certainly adds confidence about this particular model.

You get a great level of power with the 550W cable, it is lightweight at less than 3kg and the length of the cable is also quite long at 10m which can be used on medium to larger type hedges. The thickness of branches it can cut is 16mm from the teeth gaps and the blade length is slightly longer at 55cm. For your protection, you have the hand safety guards as standard, the dual safety switch, a quick stop electronic brake and the dual safety switch to ensure you are kept safe at all times.


  • Budget alternative – ideal for bargain hunters
  • Lightweight design at less than 3kg


  • Lower warranty period than both McGregor & Spear & Jackson
  • Tends to clog up a bit with denser hedges

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4, Bosch Ahs 420W 45cm Corded Hedge Trimmer

Key Features to Note:

Model number 0600847A70
Power level 420W
Blade is 45cm long / Cable 6m
Safety hand guards / Tip protector
Tooth gap 16mm / Soft grip
Weight 2.6kg / Dual safety switch
Warranty of 2 years
Price Guide: £50 - £80 @ Argos


Main Features in Detail:

Next on our list, we have the ever-reliable Bosch Ahs 420W 45cm Corded Hedge Trimmer which certainly is one of our personal favourites as the quality of this tool is excellent, it is easy to handle and operate and it gives a great tidy finish to various hedge types be it angled trimming, vertical or horizontal trimming. You can also get a 3-year replacement care cover package from Argos for this hedge trimmer that costs less than £15 extra which adds further protection on your investment. You get the standard 2 year warranty from Bosch and a further 1 year can be added if you register your purchase online within 30 days of purchase.

There is a nice feel to this tool, it is well designed and balanced and you get the diamond ground blades which will stand the test of time year in year out. The length of the blade here is 45cm long and the tooth opening gaps is also at 16mm. As it is smaller in length, it is designed for smaller low-lying hedges, bushes or shrubs that would be up to on average 1.5m high and an outer blade protective case is included when not in use which provides additional safety when in transportation.


  • A third-year warranty is available if you register within 30 days
  • Trusted leading brand within the hedge trimmer sector
  • A 5-day repair turnaround service is available as backup


  • Shorter cable of just 6m long (eg. 4m shorter than Spear & Jackson)
  • Slightly higher price tag than the 3 options outlined above
  • Lower power level of 420W (McGregor offers 500W of power)

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5, Flymo Easicut 500W 60cm Corded Hedge Trimmer

Key Features to Note:

Model number EasiCut 610xt
Power level 500W / Cable 10m
Longer blade is 60cm
Safety hand guards / Diamond blade
Wider Tooth gap of 19mm
Weight 4.1kg / Extendable handles
Warranty of 12 months
Price Guide: £50 - £90


Main Features in Detail:

At number 5, we have a larger and longer hedge trimmer from Flymo and it’s the Flymo Easicut 500W 60cm Corded Hedge Trimmer model number EasiCut610xt and it is certainly worth a closer look if you already enjoy the experience of other Flymo related garden tools in your shed. This is the longest hedge trimmer so far on this list which has a 60cm long blade and it also offers a wider tooth gap opening of 19mm so it can deal with slightly denser type hedges and slightly thicker type branches of up to 1.9cm wide.

One thing you will like is the nicely designed handle here which provides great comfort and balance when trimming for longer periods of time as it can allow multiple types of hand positions – the less tired you are, the safer and more comfortable you are. This hedge trimmer also has the extendable reach handle so you can deal with higher type hedges a whole lot easier which reduces the chances of having to buy or use a mini step ladder. The level of power it provides is a solid 500W, it has the diamond ground blades for nice and precise cutting and there is a soft grip handle for your hands along with a longer cable length of 10m long.


  • You get the extendable handles for higher reach
  • Wider tooth gap of 19mm (3mm wider than the 4 models above)
  • Longer blade reach of 60cm (longer than the 4 mentioned above)


  • Heavier tool to work with so fatigue will set in quicker
  • Lower level of warranty available (eg. Bosch is 2 to 3 years)
  • Price is generally higher and typically over £60 at the time of this review

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6, Makita 400W 48cm Electric Corded Hedge Trimmer

Key Features to Note:

Model number UH4861X
Power level 400W / Cable 10m
Blade length is 48cm
Narrower Tooth gap of 15mm
Non-electrolysed nickel plating
Weight 5.1kg / Stain free blade
Warranty is 12 months
Price Guide: £50 - £80


Main Features in Detail:

At number 6, we have the popular Makita 240V 400W 48cm corded electric Hedge Trimmer which definitely needs to be included in our list as we were definitely impressed with its low-level hedge cutting ability which gave a nice and neat tidy finish The one thing that stands out here with the slightly extra price is the higher quality blade which has been treated with non-electrolysed nickel plating which gives you a stain free blade exterior and the ability to be resistant to rough abrasion and heavy-duty work wear and tear which ends up giving you a nice outer coating on the blade for longer.

This hedge trimmer from Makita has double insulation, you get a hook for hanging on your waist belt or in your garage, a cable cord with 10m in length and a blade cover for extra protection when not in use or when you need to transport it. Another thing that stands out here that you will like is the multi grip system which reduces the level of hand fatigue that may set in and each of the 3 grips include the switches to engage the tool. You always need to have 2 switches pressed by both hands which prevents you trying to operate it single handed for your own protection.


  • Competitive price level usually found for less than £70
  • Decent length of cable cord is included of 10m
  • Stain free blade surface with anti-abrasion characteristics
  • Non-electrolysed nickel plating treatment included


  • Lower power level of 400W versus the 5 previous that are 400W+
  • Heavy tool when compared elsewhere coming in at slightly over 5kg
  • Slightly narrower tooth gap of 15mm only

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7, Stihl HLE71 Articulating Long Reach Hedge Cutter

Key Features:

Long reach hedge trimmer - Adjustable radius 125 degree

Includes a 10m cable - Can level tall hedge tops

Warranty 2 years

90 money back guarantee

Price Guide: £450+ @ Gloucester

Hedge Trimmer Description 

If you have tall hedges, then the hedge trimmer that you should definitely check out is the Stihl Articulating Long Reach Hedge Cutter code HLE71 which makes light work of taller type hedge trimming work and there is no need for step ladders to get the job done. The cable length here is 10m long so an extension cord may be needed on your end and the blade can be placed at different angles or even right angles to level off the trimming of taller types hedge tops.

The full length of this trimmer when the blade is in a vertical position is 2.5m long and when the blade is set at a right angle, then the length of the trimmer is 1.9m approx. The motor works off 230V or 600W, the length of the blade is 50cm long and the tooth spacing for cutting is 35mm. The unit weighs around 6.5kg and it is available directly from a company who are based in Gloucester – further images and information can be checked out below


  • Perfect for tall long hedges so you won’t need a ladder
  • Superior design and components for performance, cutting, trimming and reliability
  • Leading brand name in this sector and you are covered with a 90 day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty


  • Price level is well over £400 so be prepared to dig deeper into your pockets
  • Arm fatigue for the long reach trimmers tend to set in a lot quicker than regular sized hedge trimmers

8, Ryobi 600W 60cm Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer

Key Features to Note:

Model number RHT6160RS
Higher Power level of 600W
Blade length is longer at 60cm
Handle can be rotated 5 times
Weight 5.5kg / Cable is 8m
Hedge Sweep included
Warranty 2- 3 years / Teeth 28mm
Price Guide: £80 - £120


Main Features in Detail:

At number 8, we have the larger and very popular Ryobi 600W 60cm corded electric Hedge Trimmer which does cost a good deal more than some of models already outlined as this is a larger and heavier tool for dealing with thicker and denser type hedges that needs a more robust machine. One thing that you will like here is the fact that it has a built-in saw function and also the hedge sweep system which is great at clearing away any debris as you work through denser type hedges. As it is larger and longer, the weight is heavier at 5.5kg, it includes the diamond cut blades as standard and you get a much higher level of power provided with 600W of power.

It has a nice solid feel to it and the handle is comfortable to grip and the rear handle has the option to be rotated 5 times which is great for angle trimming in particular as well as horizontal and vertical trimming. Overall this is for you if you need more power and a wider tooth gap for thicker and wider branch or bush cutting. It comes with a 2-year warranty as standard and you can add a further 1 year if you register your purchase within 30 days of purchase to further protect your investment.


  • Much wider tooth gap opening of 28mm (12mm wider than Bosch)
  • Capable of dealing with taller and denser type hedges more easily
  • One of the longest corded options & higher 600W power level
  • Includes the built-in saw function and hedge sweep for clearing debris


  • This hedge trimmer is over 5kg so arm fatigue will set in a lot quicker
  • Many other models are less than 3kg where this is approx. 5.5kg
  • Cord is shorter at 8m long only (eg, 2m shorter than Makita / Flymo)

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Final 2 Corded Hedge Trimmers to Consider

If you are not fully satisfied yet with the 8 Corded Hedge trimmers outlined so far, then check out the last 2 corded hedge trimmers below which we also highly recommend and come from brands that you can trust and are summarised as follows:

9, Einhell 420W 45cm Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer

Key Features to Note:

Model number GH-EH 4245
Ideal for bargain hunters – budget buy
Mains Power level supply 420W
Blade length 45cm / Tooth gaps 16mm
Dead man’s safety switch / Extra Handle
Weight 2.5kg / Cable is 8m long
Soft grip / Warranty 12 months
Price Guide: £35 - £50

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10, Black + Decker 550W 60cm Corded Hedge Trimmer

Key Features to Note:

Model number BEHTS451GB
Longer blade 60cm for hedges 1.8m high
Higher power level supply 550W
Includes a secondary saw blade
2 handed start up system as standard
Lightweight design 2.54kg for longer sessions
Saw speed 1870 strokes per minute
Price Guide: £45 - £65

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Part 2: Comparison Table

A short comparison table is outlined below for the main features for each of these hedge trimmers if you are still undecided at this point. The warranty periods may change depending on your individual seller but these are the warranty periods seen available at the time of this review and should be double checked prior to making any purchase.

ModelPowerLengthTooth GapWeightCableWarranty
Spear & Jackson450W45cm16mm3.6kg10m long3 years
McGregor500W51cm16mm2.5kg8m long2 years
Challenge550W55cm16mm2.9kg10m long12 months
Bosch Ahs420W45cm16mm2.6kg6m long2 -3 years
Flymo Easicut500W60cm19mm4.1kg10m long12 months
Makita400W48cm15mm5.1kg10m long12 months
Teccpo500W51cm20mm2.6kg8m long12 months
Ryobi600W60cm28mm5.5kg8m long2 -3 years
Einhell420W45cm16mm2.5kg8m long12 months
Black + Decker550W60cm16mm2.54kg8m long12 months

Part 3: Conclusion plus your Feedback


Which one would we recommend in particular from this list? We don’t want to be biased and we certainly don’t want to influence your own decision so we hope you can make your own mind up based on all the features outlined and the comparison table provided above. If you insist on us making a recommendation, then our top 3 from this list that we would have a preference for would certainly be the Bosch Ahs, the McGregor and the Spear and Jackson corded hedge trimmers - Why? Because we have other tools under these brands and they haven’t let us down yet.

However, for tackling denser hedges, we would insist on a tooth gap opening of a minimum 20mm and for tall hedges up to 1.8m high we would recommend going for 60cm length blades instead. Anyway, compiling this list certainly wasn’t an easy job to do, but we do hope you found it beneficial in some way as it certainly took us a long time to finish it and eventually complete this list! Finally, we would like to wish you the very best with your own final decision with whatever brand you decide to go with in the end.


Have you ever used any of these Hedge Trimmer yourself in the recent past? Are there models here that you believe should be excluded or do you have other suggestions that need to be included?

If possible, please share your own suggestions by leaving a short comment in the comment box section provided below and we will certainly take it into consideration

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  1. Great detailed review on all ten models.  Bravo! I do like the first one Spear Jackson, since it is pretty inexpensive, and comes with a three year warranty.  The third model Challenge is good too, except you just said it has a lower time warranty than the others.  Do you know how many year warranty that model has?
    I also like the fact that all ten models go for under eighty pounds.  Seems like if I had a lot of hedges to go with I would take anyone one of the models that has at least a three year warranty and a long cutting blade.
    Great Review and made my job of picking one a lot easier and saves me a good deal of time

    • Hi, the 3rd model has a 12 month warranty. Many thanks for taking the time to visit and best of luck to you with your final decision, Regards, Steve

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