Best Corded Electric Grass Trimmers UK 2024


If you are considering buying a Corded Grass Trimmer over the next few days, then make sure to check out our review for the best Corded Electric Grass Trimmers in the UK which will give you 10 different options to choose from and most will be from reputable brands that you should already be familiar with. We have worked with over 30 corded grass trimmers over the course of 5 weeks and we have narrowed our list down to just 10 models based on our own experiences of working with these tools.


We have avoided the really cheap grass trimmers and also the very expensive models and focussed on really what would be the best for the average home owner or gardener across the UK which give the best value for the amount of money you need to spend. The one good thing to know is that each of these options nominated on our list can all be ordered online from the comfort of your own home and delivered to you hassle free which is great if time is always against you.

Power Supply

Unlike the cordless grass trimmers where you always have to reply on battery charging and battery runtime, the one good thing about the corded grass trimmers is that you always have a constant power supply but then again, you will always have the hassle of dragging the cord across your lawn and also the added expense of extension cords where applicable. Before you begin, please be aware that guide prices can only be shown at the time of this review so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

Best Corded Grass Trimmers – UK Top 10

1, Spear & Jackson 30cm 600W Corded Grass Trimmer (S6030ET)

Brief Summary:

Superior motor power of 600W
30cm cutting width / 1 spare spool
Longer cable length of 10m
Auto feed spool line
Soft grip handle / Shaft extendable
Head can be rotated / tilted
Handle is adjustable
Safety plant guard / Edging Ability
Weight 3.7kg / Warranty 3 years

Main Features to Note:

  • At number 1 and one of our all-time favourites is the Spear & Jackson 30cm Corded Grass Trimmer with 600W of motor power which also has tons of positive feedback reviews from previous users in the UK and it comes with the longer warranty of 3 years which they stand over hassle free.
  • Usually this grass trimmer is found on sale for less than £70 and in some cases around £60 which is great value for the quality of tool you are getting and also having it backed with such a long warranty period is an added bonus. There is plenty of power provided with this trimmer and it can rip through denser thicker grasses no problem along with thick and unwanted weeds across your lawn.
  • The length of the cable here is also slightly longer coming in at 10m long which reduces the chances of you needing an extension cable. Most other branded trimmers have cables considerably shorter than this and in some cases, would only be 6m long. It also has the foot pedal adjustment for adjusting the head and tilting it to cut those harder to reach places.
  • You don’t need to worry about a manual feed either as there is the auto spool line feed mechanism built in and you also get a spare additional spool line which is one less thing to worry about. Overall, we really liked this grass trimmer and it certainly would be in our top 3 models from this list of 10.
  • It also has the extendable shaft to accommodate taller people and it comes with a nice soft grip and a handle that it also adjustable along with the flower guard and the dual line feed.

Price Guide: £50 to £70

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2, Bosch ART30+ 500W Corded 30cm Grass Trimmer

Brief Summary:

Motor power of 550W
30cm cutting width
Shorter Cable length of 6m
Edging Ability /Auto line feed
Safety plant guard as standard
Weight is 3kg approx.
Warranty can be 2 to 3 years

Main Features to Note:

  • At number 2 we have the superior brand of Bosch and it’s the Bosch ART30+ 500W Corded 30cm Grass Trimmer with the rear wheel support which is ideal for people who need to reduce the strain in their arms and hands while trimming for longer type sessions.
  • In addition to the wheeled support, the second handle is also adjustable so you can adjust it to whatever angle gives you the most comfort which again helps to reduce the strain and supports longer trimming jobs.
  • Rotating the head is very easy with the one – click rotatable head and the shaft can be extended very easily to suit shorter or taller type people no hassle whatsoever. The cord is shorter though at just 6m long so you will most likely need a small extension cord to support the continuous power supply to this tool.
  • The line feed comes out automatically and works fine with no problems experienced and the quality of line seems to be that bit stronger especially when it comes to tackling heavy weeds and taller grasses. While it slightly lowered power, it still has a sufficient 550W motor power which is adequate for most domestic jobs.
  • The edging trimming works also as expected and gives a nice clean-cut tidy finish and the width of 30cm is also adequate from most domestic type garden trimming needs. Overall, this trimmer works really well, it has a nice comfortable feel to it, it is supported with the wheel and it is backed with a 2-year warranty as standard. If you want a 3rd year, then you need to register your purchase with within 28 days of purchase.

Price Guide: £60 to £80

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3, Ryobi 30cm 600W Electric Grass Trimmer (RLT6130)

Brief Summary:

Motor power of 600W also
30cm cutting width also
Cable length of 8m
Auto line feed – Dual feed
Safety plant guard included
Extendable shaft provided
Weight 2.9kg / Warranty 3 years

Main Features to Note:

  • If you are looking for a lower priced Grass trimmer, then take a closer look at the Ryobi 30cm 600W Electric Grass Trimmer model number RLT6130 which is generally found for less than £50 and in some cases less than £40 which is great value for the amount of money you have to pay and comes with more power than you would expect of 600W.
  • The front handle here can be adjusted as well as the length of the telescopic shaft and it performs as well as many others we have seen when it comes to cutting around edges, borders and patios which is supported by its EasyEdge head where all you need to do is just press a button.
  • It can deal with and cut taller grasses, heavy weeds and denser patches similar to the models already outlined, the width of the trimming cut is 30cm wide and is supported with an 8m cable so additional extension cords may be needed to suit your own garden.
  • The head can be rotated and pivoted to 3 different positions so there is more flexibility with harder to reach places and the flower guard works fine as you would expect around flower beds. The type of line used here is a 1.65mm nylon line and spare spools can be stored in the handle above.
  • The line is fed through automatically with the auto feed spool line system and they provide you with a 3-year warranty which protects your investment that bit longer. One last handy feature also is the wall mount hook which helps people with limited storage space in their garages or sheds and the grip includes a soft foam feel to help reduce hand fatigue when it sets in.

Price Guide: £50 to £80

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4, McGregor 3-in-1 600W 32cm Corded Grass Trimmer (MET6032)

Brief Summary:

Additional power of 600W
32cm cutting width – 3 in 1
Cable length 8m long
Dual line feed – Auto feed
Soft grip handle / Head tilting
Shaft & handle are adjustable
Safety plant guard in place
Edging Capability for borders
Weight 2.8kg / Warranty 2 years

Main Features to Note:

  • 4th on our list is the McGregor 3-in-1 600W 32cm Corded Grass Trimmer which is one of the most powerful options under the McGregor brand and it comes with several positive reviews from previous users in the UK which certainly adds confidence when buying
  • There are cheaper lower priced Grass trimmers from McGregor but this one offers more power and a wider cutting width of 32cm which performs better when you have larger grass patches of denser grass regions to take care of.
  • It operates as a 3 in 1 grass trimmer and as the head can be rotated or tilted at different angles to help trim those harder to reach places such as under benches or under trampolines and the quality of the line works well as it comes with the Auto feed spool line and a dual feed line.
  • As expected, the length of the shaft can be adjusted for taller people and the handle feels good as it is also adjustable and comes with a nice soft grip which helps to lower hand fatigue that may set in. The cord here is 8m long so you may need an extension cord also but will be fine without if you have a small townhouse type garden.
    In addition, the flower guard works fine as expected, the tilting head is easy enough to adjust manually and it comes with a solid 2 year warranty to protect your investment into the future.
  • Overall, we found this grass trimmer to work very effectively without giving any problems or hassle whatsoever so we would have no hesitations in recommending it highly.

Price Guide: £40 to £60 @ Argos

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5, Flymo Contour 500E 25cm 500W Corded Grass Trimmer

Brief Summary:

Reliable Motor power of 500W
25cm cutting width with Edging
Longer cable length of 10m
Dual feed Auto line feed
Plant guard included for safety
Shaft can be extended / shortened
Weight 3.7kg / Warranty 2 years

Main Features to Note:

  • Up next we have the Flymo Contour 500E 25cm 500W Corded Grass Trimmer on our list which wouldn’t be in our top 3 but it is still a great choice and deserves a place in our top 10 in our opinion after testing it and comparing it to various other grass trimmer brands and models.
  • The price level on offer tends to be the most attractive part and there are also cheaper lower priced options under this brand if pricing was your main focus. Based on comparing this, this model we felt was the best in their category when it comes to corded grass trimmers.
  • This grass trimmer also has the Shrubbing mechanism for overgrown areas as well as the standard trimming requirements which allows you work that bit better around shrub flower beds and boundaries with the grass. The cable length is one of the longer ones available coming in at 10m so this will reduce the possibility of having to buy an additional extension cord also. The cutting width is 25cm, the cutting head can be tilted and converted easily with a twist and press of a button and again the flower guard is in place as expected and works fine.
  • The line feed works on the auto line fee mechanism, the shaft can be extended where needed and the dual line works well for overgrown regions of your garden. There tends to be confusion over the warranty here but they do provide a 2-year warranty which doesn’t always match what it states on the box.

Price Guide: £40 to £70

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6, Black + Decker 900W 35cm Grass Trimmer (GL9035GB)

Brief Summary:

Superior motor power of 900W
Wider 35cm cutting width
Cable length of 8m
Auto single line feed
Plant guard and wheel guide
Shaft length is adjustable
Weight 3.2kg / Warranty 2 years

Main Features to Note:

  • At number 6 we have the more powerful Black + Decker 900W 35cm Grass Trimmer reference code GL9035GB which has the highest power level on this list and it is certainly the best option if superior power is what motivates you the most. This trimmer can cut through all types of grasses and weeds like a breeze with its 900W motor and it certainly makes the whole chore of grass trimming that bit easier.
  • The handle here can be adjusted easily for more arm and hand comfort and it gives you a cutting width of 35cm which is one of the widest we have come across and of course it comes with the curved telescopic shaft that helps if you need additional support for your back.
  • It provides you with a wheel edge guide for edging which helps to give that tidy finish around patios and flower beds and you use both of your hands to support it which is less than 3.5kg in weight to carry around. The line feed works on the auto feed technique and it works off a single line cut.
  • Overall, this grass trimmer is simple to use, it cuts most things with such ease and it comes with a 2-year warranty to protect your investment into the future. The speed is also quite impressive as it can operate to 7000 RPM which certainly helps with heavier duty jobs especially around overgrown areas which is supported with a stronger nylon line which can be up to 2.4mm in thickness.

Price Guide: £50 to £85 @ Amazon

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7, Bosch ART26SL 280W 26cm Electric Grass Trimmer

Brief Summary:

Budget lower priced alternative
Lower motor power of 280W
Narrower 26cm cutting width
Cable length is shorter at 6m
Semi auto single line feed
Lightweight alternative / Plant guard
Weight 1.8kg / Warranty 2-3 years

Main Features to Note:

  • If you are looking for a smaller less powerful grass trimmer for lighter type trimming jobs, then take a look at the cheaper but reliable Bosch ART26 26cm Electric Grass Trimmer with a lower power level of 280W but thankfully is matched with the much lower price level which makes it very affordable for the average gardener or for people with a more limited budget level.
  • It won’t deal with coarse grasses, denser grasses and tough weeds as effectively like many others on this list but it is still able to trim up lighter fine grasses no problem whatsoever and the quality of the line works fine and no problems were experienced with the auto feed spool single line either.
  • If you need the lightest tool possible, then this would be an ideal solution also as the weight is less than 2kg so it makes the chore of carrying it around after you that bit easier to do. The speed is a good deal slower at only 500 RPM but still sufficient for the lighter trimming jobs as mentioned before.
  • The handle and the shaft cannot be adjusted here so there are limitations in that respect and the cord is only 6m long which is one of the shortest on this list but again if a reliable low priced basic trimmer is what you are after, then this will tick the box for you.
  • In addition, this tool comes with a 2 year warranty which can be extended to a 3rd year if you register your purchase with Bosch Tools within 28 days of purchase.

Price Guide: £30 to £50 @ Amazon UK

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Best Corded Electric Grass Trimmers Continued

If the 7 options already outlined in this review hasn’t fully ticked all of your boxes just yet, then check out further options below summarised as follows. 2 of these trimmers were seen on sale for less than £60 at the time of this review while the Makita is priced slightly higher than this.

8, Hyundai 600W 30cm Corded Grass Trimmer

Brief Summary

Model code reference HYTR600E

Powerful 600W motor supply - Lightweight design at 3.5kg

Power cord length is 10m long - Head can be used for edging

Covered with 3 year warranty

Price Guide: £50 - £80 @ Hyundai Direct

9, Makita 240V 30cm Electric Grass Trimmer (UR3000)

Main Features Available:

Lightweight to use at 2.6kg
Sufficient power 450W (240V)
Designed for edge trimming
Head rotates to 180 degrees
Cutting width is 30cm / 2-line heads
Cable is 10m long / protection cover
Speed 9000RPM / Warranty 12 mths
Price Guide: £65 to £95

10, Stihl FSE52 Electric Grass Trimmer

Brief Summary

Includes a 500W powered motor - Power cord length is 10m long

Premium quality components - Trimming head can be pivoted

90 day money back guarantee - Auto spool fee line included

Tap and Go Autocut head - Trimming width is 30cm

Loop is height adjustable - Lightweight design at 2.3kg

Covered with a 2 year warranty

Price Guide: £100+ @ Gloucester


After completing all our work in selecting the Top 10 Corded Grass trimmers in the UK, we hope this list has been helpful to you in some small way. Which one would we pick? It’s hard to make a call but our top 3 would definitely have to be the Spear and Jackson, the Black & Decker and the Ryobi options outlined above. That is just our preferences based on our experience but we also seriously like the Bosch Art30+ and the McGregor trimmers also as we felt there wasn’t much between them to be honest.

Feedback Request – Have your Say

What about you own preferences? Are there any other corded electric grass trimmer models here that should be included or excluded from this list in your opinion?

If possible, please share your own opinions or feedback on this list by leaving a short comment in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK community can learn also!

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  1. I think every seasoned gardener would be delighted to find this electric review of the best corded grass trimmers useful as it certainly has for me. I always knew the cordless grass trimmers to be of immense benefits but this review has been nothing but very helpful that I am now also able to understand the benefits of its corded counterpart and I have learned about a few brands that I wasn’t too sure about until now.I think the Ryobi 30cm 600W electric grass trimmer would be an ideal choice for me but the wheeled support on the Bosch seems great and I have never seen anything like that before so thanks for highlighting this useful information to me!

  2. Hey, I enjoy reading your list for finding the best electric grass trimmer for my garden.  I found your collection is very good especially when it comes to affordability and it really has helped with make a final buying decision. Based on this we are planning to buy the Black Decker 900w 35cm Grass Trimmer (GL9035GB). Your guide helped me to choose the best for my garden so I appreciate the work behind the scenes.

  3. Our garden is very difficult to manage and keep on top of from the start of the season to the very end. I knew about Ryobi and Bosch but never heard of McGregor or Spear and Jackson before – good to know what they have to offer. Based on this, my preference would have to be the Black and Decker for the extra power output and also the design. Thanks for the useful information

  4. Thanks for the detailed information which I found very useful on my research.
    Most of which have more or less grabbed my attention before seeing this list. I am leaning towards the Black&Decker …
    Unfortunately our 3 year old Ryobi 5030 – with very little use – packed in today (motor stopped and smoked after tackling our lawn edges). Not very happy having to buy a new one.
    So I do wonder if any of the recommended Trimmers have an auto shut off function to protect from overheating.

    • Many thanks for taking the time to stop by. I’m afraid I am not aware of any models that would have that shut off function. The Black & Decker is a good choice but I also have a Spear & Jackson for over 3 years now and still going as strong as ever. Perhaps you might have more success there? Try it as you won’t be disappointed based on my own experiences anyway. Take care and best of luck

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