Spear & Jackson Pressure Washer Review 2024 – Compilation


Are you considering buying a Spear & Jackson Pressure Washer in the coming days? If so, make sure to check out this brief Spear & Jackson Pressure Washer Review which will cover 3 separate models so at least you have more than just one choice when it comes to making a final decision.

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As part of this compilation review, we will outline all the main features they have to offer along with the pros, cons and a series of frequently asked questions that have come up in the recent past. Prices can change slightly from month to month so make sure also to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you get the most up to date price information.

Before we start, please be aware that Spear and Jackson have been around since 1760 so they have over 250 years’ experience in the industry and they operate with the latest in manufacturing technologies and they come from a very proud heritage. So, without delaying you any further – let’s begin...

Pressure Washer Review Overview

Brand:Spear & Jackson Pressure Washers
Models:3 Model Compilation
Price range:At the time of this Review - £75 to £170
Cheap Place to Buy:Argos UK – View current stock levels here
Warranty:3-year guarantee
Deliveries:Tends to be 1 to 5 working days depending on location

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Are the water hoses compatible with other brands?
A. Yes they are which include the Hozelock, Gardena and Karcher brands

Q2. What type of detergent should one choose?
A. Depends on your task – examples, for your car use a mild detergent, for algae on a patio use a suitable solution from your local garden centre.

Q3. Can the 1400W be used for cleaning Windows?
A. It is not recommended. If you decide to do it, make sure the pressure is the lowest possible and use a wide spray pattern. Please avoid windows for your own safety.

Q4. Can the washer be used from a tap in the Kitchen?
A. You need to buy a multi tap coupler separately and a back flow preventer or a hose to tap adaptor

Q5. Who can I call for specific enquires?
A. You can call a customer helpline on 01904 727505

Q6. What is the flow rate of the smaller 1400W and the 1800W models?
A. The flow rate is 270 and 300 litres per hour respectively

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Spear & Jackson Pressure Washer Review (3)

1, The Spear & Jackson Pressure Washer 1400W

Quick Overview:

First on this list for review is the smaller more compact Spear & Jackson 1400W Pressure Washer which is more suited for smaller and medium sized tasks. This model comes with a fixed brush, a variable lance, the patio cleaner and also a detergent bottle giving you all the tools needed for various jobs.

The types of tasks it is suitable for is cleaning your car, your patio or your BBQ or garden furniture or even your bike. There is an integrated cable tidy and comes with a long 5m water hose and also 5m cable to prevent interrupting your work flow.

Included here also is the foam sprayer which makes cleaning easier and it allows you to easily apply any pressure washer detergent to the surface you need to clean. It has a flow of 270 litres per hour and it weighs just 7kg. Please note that the Pressure washer has an adjustable lance which allows you to alter the level of water pressure to suit the task at hand car wash brush and includes the quick connector, the patio cleaner, a low pressure detergent gun, a removable detergent tank and also has the on board storage.

Price wise is it one of the best we have come across and tends to be in the £75 to £100 when last seen on sale which should be double checked below.


  • Price is one of the best we have seen in the market and matched with a great 3 year warranty
  • Compact in size and includes all the tools you need such as the variable lance, a fixed brush, a detergent bottle and a patio cleaner.
  • It is small and lightweight (7kg) which makes it compact for easy storage and easy to carry around.
  • It has the foam sprayer to allow you to apply any pressure washer detergent
  • On board tool storage and has the universal hose fitting which is compatible with major brands such as Hozelock, Karcher and Gardena


  • Not powerful enough for heavy duty tasks – only for lighter type jobs such as cars, patio or garden furniture
  • No detergent is included and needs to be bought separately
  • Overall this pressure washer is only suited for light duty work but gives great overall value for the amount of money you have to spend.

2, The Spear & Jackson Pressure Washer 1800W (S1810PW)

Quick Overview:

Second on this list for review is the Spear & Jackson 1800W Pressure Washer model number S1810PW which is more expensive than the 1400W model in the region of £20 to £30 but is well worth it if you have the additional money to spend, especially if you require more heavier duty tasks completed. It has the adjustable lance, a turbo lance, the fixed brush and also the patio cleaner

This model has the additional power and an impressive rated bar of 100 and the turbo lance is so powerful that it is only suitable for very hard wearing surfaces such as stone and patios. The flow rate here operates at a rate of 300 litres per hour, it has the specially designed SnapShut on board storage to keep everything tidy and there is the long handle and sturdy wheels included as well.

Please be aware that the hose fitting is compatible with major watering brands including Hozelock, Gardena and Karcher. There is the built-in detergent tank which means you can switch between water or foam and the price when last seen was in the £90 to £140 bracket which of course can be checked again below.


  • More powerful than you expect - Ideal for heavier duty tasks on hard surfaces such as patios and stones
  • For the additional power and features, the increased price is lower than one would expect
  • Longer hose and cable than the 1400W by 1m on both and the superior rated bar of 30 more than the 1400W.
  • The accessories can be stored away in the specially designed SnapShut storage
  • Extra wheels so it can be used on its side and it will follow you round (like a vacuum) and has the built-in detergent tank to make your job easier.


  • The turbo lance is too strong and powerful for cars so you need to be extra careful and the patio cleaner could be improved slightly.
  • Heavier piece of equipment to carry around but the extra wheel help to alleviate this and the arm length could be somewhat longer to ease your back region.
  • Overall, for the increased spend needed, this Pressure washer offers great reliability and value and we highly recommend it and to be fair the price is lower than various other brands.

3, The Spear & Jackson S2011PW Pressure Washer - 2000W

Quick Overview:

The final model for review under this list is the Spear & Jackson 2000W Pressure Washer model number S2011PW which is more expensive than both the 1400W and the 1800W models but is justified by the extra workload it can carry, the additional power and also the additional increase in size with 13kg in weight.

It has a larger more powerful model featuring an excellent rated bar of 110 and a range of accessories such as the variable lance, turbo lance, patio cleaner, a fixed brush and a rotary brush. The turbo lance here should only be used on hard surfaces such as patio and stones.

It also has the on-board storage which is specially designed with the SnapShut mechanism, additional wheels are in place so it can operate on the side and the built-in detergent tank means you can effortlessly switch between water or foam when needed.

The hose and cable are 7m in length allowing further distances to be travelled and the flow rate operates at 330 litres per hour. The maximum temperature available is 40°C and the price when last seen was in the £140 to £170 region which depends on local discount activities.


  • Superior 2000W Universal motor to give you additional power for the toughest jobs you may have
  • Increased rated bar of 110 (versus 100 for the 1800W and 70 for the 1400W)
  • The specially designed SnapShut to keep all the accessories stored away
  • Additional wheels allow you to pull it around like a vacuum which makes the workload that much easier.
  • Longer hose and cable of 7m each (1m longer than the 1800W and 2m longer than the 1400W)
  • Compatible with other brands including Gardena, Hozelock and Karcher


  • The most expensive model out of the 3 reviewed on this list
  • Turbo Lance needs care and attention and only allowed on extra hard surfaces
  • Minor issues have been reported on handles not fitted correctly and leaking water so make sure you keep your receipt just in case. Also some previous users have reported issues with the hose but at least you are backed with the 3 year guarantee and the price compares very well across the industry.

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Comparison Table

A summary comparison table is also outlined below

Spear & Jackson Pressure Washer 1400WSpear & Jackson Pressure Washer 1800WSpear & Jackson Pressure Washer 2000W
Motor:1400W universal motor1800W universal motor2000W universal motor
Flow:Rate of 270L per hrRate of 300L per hrRate of 330L per hr
Max Bar:100150160
Rated Bar:70100110
Mains Cable:5m6m7m
Max Temperature:40°C40°C40°C
Warranty:3 years3 years3 years

Price Comparisons

If you are still undecided about the Spear & Jackson Pressure Washers, then make sure to take a look also at the 2 other options which are definitely worth a closer look below from what we have seen...

Community Support

Have you any previous experiences of using Spear & Jackson Pressure Washers yourself?

If so, then please share your feedback with the UK community (good or bad) by leaving your opinions or thoughts in the comment box section below – So that they can learn also...

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  1. Thank you for this review as I wasn’t sure if these Pressure washers would work for me. These pressure washers from Spear and Jackson that you’ve listed here would be a good pick for me and to be fair the price is very reasonable – lower than what I originally expected. The fact that it is a UK brand is also a major influencer with the final decision as we need to support our own ahead of Brexit. Thanks for sharing this review work as I have a much better understanding about them now and what they are all about

    • You are very welcome and best of luck with whatever Pressure Washer you decide to go with under the Spear & Jackson brand. Take care, Steve

  2. Hi just purchased the 2000w model great power the patio tool not great other than that can’t fault it when using the soap with it expect to use a lot ?

  3. How do u detach the variable Lance from the spray gun part, I twisted it on how it should be but can’t take it off. Cheers

    • The last time I did it I pulled it and twisted it to the left and then it clicked. If you still have no luck this way, try a vice grips and a suitable sized wrench. Best of Luck – hope you get it sorted out soon!

  4. The 2000W model has a significantly lower flow rate (330 l/h) than the 1800W model at 420 l/h.
    Is this correct? It seems odd that the flow rate would drop so far on the more powerful model.

    • It appears that the Flow rate on the 1800W is overstated – my apologies. It appears that it is only 300L/H. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  5. Hi Steve, some great pressure washer reviews here and very thorough and I like the way you have more than 1 featured (unlike many other reviews I come across!) It’s good to get so much information about a product as usually when you go to a product’s actual website you will only get a biased review of the pro’sand not the con’s.
    When I was doing gardening for a living we had a pressure washer and it was always the funnest part of the job to use it ha ha. I’m thinking my Dad would love a new one of these for Christmas, he only has a smallish garden but it’s pretty much all concrete, I have not used a Spear and Jackson yet but I cannot wait to get started – looks great and the price seems very fair.

    • Many thanks for sharing your feedback and best of luck with your new chosen Spear and Jackson pressure Washer in the weeks, months and years ahead – you wont be disappointed! Regards, Steve

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