Black & Decker Leaf Blower Reviews 2024 – Corded & Cordless


We have tested and reviewed many different leaf blowers at this stage and this time we have come to the Black & Decker Leaf Blower review which will outline everything you need to know including all the features, pros and cons which we came across which are all outlined further down on this page.

Corded vs Cordless

To give you more than just one option, we have completed both a Black & Decker Corded Leaf Blower review and also a Black & Decker Cordless Leaf Blower review which will cater for everyone’s needs as some will prefer to use only the corded model while others will insist on a cordless option only, but first, make sure to check out our 3 safety tips as follows…

Safety Tips when using your Black & Decker Leaf Blower

  1. Only remove the collection bag when the tool is turned off
  2. Use safety goggles, gloves and ear protectors where possible
  3. Avoid areas of rocks, stones and pebbles when using the vacuum mode to avoid potential damage to the shredder

Black & Decker Leaf Blower Review Content

  • Part 1: Quick Overview + FAQ’s
  • Part 2: Black & Decker Leaf Blower Review – 4 Best Options
  • Part 3: Comparison Table for 4 Leaf Blowers from Black & Decker
  • Part 4: Our Conclusion & Preference

Please be aware also that guide prices can only be shown at the time of this Black & Decker Leaf Blower review so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

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Part 1: Quick Overview + FAQ’s

As you know, Black + Decker are a household name for many years now and they pride themselves on high quality and innovative garden tools to help make your own job that bit easier to do and simplify the areas of DIY at home and in the garden. They have over 100 years’ experience behind them so they have a very strong tradition in this sector and therefore they have been at the forefront of bringing new ideas and solutions to meet people’s everyday gardening and tool needs.

Brand:Black & Decker
Garden Tool:Leaf Blowers x 4 Options (Corded + Cordless included)
Power:Corded = 2600W to 3000W / Cordless = 36V
Lowest Price:2600W Corded for less than £80 @ Argos – View Todays Price Here
Warranty:2 years standard manufacturers guarantee
Support:Parts and service contact 0151 207 1400 /

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What volume or quantity can the leaf bags hold?
A. The leaf bags can carry a capacity of 40L to 72L depending on the model you select which can be emptied via the quick release system

Q2. What kind of blow speed do they offer?
A. The blow speed offered by the 2600W is 315 km per hour while the 3000W blow speeds are higher at 400+ km per hour

Q3. How long are the cable cords provided?
A. The length of the cables are 10m to 12m long, so you may need to invest in extension cords also.

Q4. Can they be used for other items in the garden rather than just leaves?
A. Yes, you can use the blower to clear pathways, driveways, slates, slabs from other loose debris and they can also be used to dry cars after washing or waxing so you can get more from it than just for clearing leaves.

Q5. What type of battery is provided with the cordless model?
A. You get a 2.0Ah 36V lithium-ion battery included with the cordless GWC3600L20-GB

Part 2: Black & Decker Leaf Blower Review – Best Options

After reviewing various different Black & Decker Leaf Blowers in the UK, these are the 4 best options which we found to work the best and these are the models that we would recommend the highest to meet both your leaf blowing and leaf vacuuming needs.

There are 3 corded options to choose from along with 1 cordless option if you prefer to avoid the hassle of dragging cords across the garden with you as you work.

1, Black + Decker Corded 2600W Leaf Blower & Vac (BEBLV260-GB)

Main Features Available:

3 in 1 tool – Mulch Shred, Vacuum & Blower
Power level of 2600W / Blow speed 315 km/hr
Can be used on wet leaves also
Collection leaf bag 40 litre capacity
Shredder reduces debris volume from 12 to 1
Cable 10m / Weight 4.4kg / Warranty 2 years


One of the better and lowest priced options
Vacuum suction & shredding works well
Clears dry, wet and damp leaves


Lower power level available
Smaller leaf bag of 40L only
Limited to a 10m cable cord

Price Guide: £50 to £80 @ Argos

2, Black + Decker Corded 3000W Leaf Blower & Vac (BEBLV301-GB)

Main Features Available:

3 in 1 tool – Vacuum, Blower & Mulch / 2 speeds
Higher power of 3000W / Higher speed 404 km/hr
Larger collection leaf bag 72 litre capacity
Higher impact shredder for more compaction
Shredder reduces debris volume from 16 to 1
Cable 12m / Weight 4.5kg / Warranty 2 years


Better and superior compact rate – less emptying
Longer cable of 12m (2m longer) & larger bag
Superior blowing power 3000W
Higher blowing speed levels of approx. 400 km/hr


Price will set you back generally around £100
Still limited to a 12m cable & no wheel support

Price Guide: £80 to £120 @ Argos

3, Black + Decker Corded 3000W Leaf Blower & Vacuum (GW3050-GB)

Main Features Available:

Variable speed options / 30% more suction power
Rake attachment included / 3000W power
Collection leaf bag system - 50 litre capacity
Impact Shredder reduces debris 16 to 1 in size
Blow speed of 418 km/hr - superior power
Cable 10m / Weight 4.9kg / Warranty 2 years


Includes a rake accessory for stubborn debris
Options of using different speed levels
More suction of 30% & higher blow speed 418kph
Includes cushioned carry strap


Limited to a 10m cable cord only
Leaf bag is smaller than the BEBLV301-GB by 22L
Heavier weight to work with – no support wheels

Price Guide: £80 to £120 @ Amazon

4, Black + Decker Cordless 36V Leaf Blower & Vac (GWC3600L20-GB)

Main Features Available:

Lithium ion battery 2.0Ah x 1 & charger included
2 in 1 tool – Vacuums and blows, shreds 7 to 1
Interchangeable nozzles are easy to adjust
Lower blow speed of 218 km/hr / Soft grip handle
Battery is interchangeable with other garden tools
Sound <95 dB(A) / Weight 2.4kg / Warranty 2 years


No need to drag cords or buy extra extension cords
Options to use either use the Eco mode for lighter work or the Turbo mode for heavier duty clearing
Includes a built-in scraper to remove difficult debris


Much lower blow speed of 218km/hr only
Much smaller leaf collection bag of only 17.5L
Charging time for the battery will take 60 mins

Price Guide: £120 to £150 @ Amazon

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Part 3: Comparison Table

To add further clarity of the 4 leaf blowers from Black & Decker in this review, please feel free to check out the comparison table outlined below to help you get a better understanding of how each of them compare against one another…

Operation:3 in 1 tool3 in 1 tool3 in 1 tool2 in 1 tool
Power:2600W3000W3000W36V battery
Blow Speed:315 km/hr404 km/hr418 km/hr218 km/hr
Collection Bag:40L Capacity72L Capacity50L Capacity17.5L Capacity
Cable:10m long12m long10m longN/A
Warranty:2 years2 years2 years2 years

Part 4: Conclusion

After working with all of these leaf blowers, our favourite would have to be option 3 above which is the Black + Decker Corded 3000W Leaf Blower & Vac reference code GW3050-GB as we felt the level of blowing power and suction power was superior, especially when it came to removing stubborn leaves and more difficult debris. The BEBLV301-GB is not far behind it to be fair and would be a very close second.

The cordless performed well also but the battery just didn’t last long enough for us to finish the job we had intended to do - plus the size of the bag was too small for us. Apart from that, it worked as well as can be expected and it would be the best option if you need a lighter weighted tool in this category as the weight is less than 2.5kg.

Feedback – Have your Say

What about you? Have you used a Black & Decker Corded or Cordless Leaf Blower yourself in the recent past? Did it meet all of your expectations or did you come across any problems that we all should know about?

If possible, please share your own opinions or feedback by leaving a short comment in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK community can learn also!

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