Black & Decker String Trimmers Reviews 2024 – Cordless vs Corded


How do the Black & Decker Cordless Grass trimmers compare to the Black & Decker Corded Grass Trimmers? To find out more, then check out our Black & Decker String Trimmer Review which will feature 4 different models in our review so at least you have more than just one choice when it comes to making your own final decision.


These grass trimmers from Black and Decker certainly impressed us straight away and the options of choosing between the Eco-mode and the Turbo-modes was certainly a great help in making the batteries last longer and dealing with more difficult tougher trimming jobs when needed so there is definitely more flexibility on offer if you choose to go down this route.

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Throughout this review we have included some frequently asked questions that hopefully can answer some of the queries that you may have along with 4 popular options from this brand which we felt worked the best after working with them over a number of weeks. For easier navigation, our review is broken up into 4 parts so feel free to skip to whatever part interests you the most.

Black & Decker String Trimmers Review Content

  • Part 1: Overview with FAQ’s
  • Part 2: Black & Decker Cordless String Trimmer Review – 2 Options
  • Part 3: Black & Decker Corded String Trimmer Review – 2 Options
  • Part 4: Conclusion with Feedback

Please note before you start that price guides can only be published at the time of this Black & Decker Grass Trimmer review so please make sure to take a closer look at the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information

Part 1: Overview with FAQ’s


Brand:Black & Decker Grass String Trimmers
Models:Cordless x 2 / Corded x 2
Power:Cordless = 18V & 36V battery / Corded = 550W & 900W
Trimmer Sizes:From 28cm to 35cm wide
Lowest Price: Amazon - View Today’s Price Here
Warranty:2 years

Frequently Asked Questions for Black & Decker Cordless Grass String Trimmers

Q1. Can you buy the cordless without the battery and charger if you have them for other tools?
A. Yes, as long as it is a minimum 18V or a 36V 2.0Ah battery.

Q2. What spool and line is needed when the time comes to replace it?
A. You will need to buy a Black & Decker A6481-XJ replacement spool line.

Q3. What type of battery can be bought as back up?
A. You can choose a 2.0Ah spare battery reference code BL2036

Q4. How long will the battery last for when charged and sits idle?
A. When charged and not used, the battery will hold its charge for 16 to 18 months while idle.

Q5. How does the line feed work?
A. The line feed works via an Auto feed system AFS when the tool is switched on or off – the line is fed automatically

Q6. How long will the battery run for and trim when fully recharged?
A. The 2.0Ah battery for the cordless model will last for 30 to 35 minutes on average depending on the level of work being carried out.

Q7. Can the shaft of these trimmers be extended for taller people?
A. Yes, the telescopic shaft for these trimmers can be extended for taller type people.

Q8. What type of line is used when the times comes to have it replaced?
A. These trimmers use a nylon 1.65mm line as standard

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Part 2: Black & Decker Cordless String Trimmer Review – 2 Popular Options

1, Black & Decker 36V 30cm Cordless Grass String Trimmer (GLC3630L20-GB)

Key Features to Note:

Includes battery and charger with 30cm width

Superior battery power level of 36V 2.0Ah

Speed of 8500 RPM / Weight 3.5kg

Option of using Eco mode or Turbo modes

Features E-drive technology for tougher jobs

Shaft of the trimmer can be extended if needed

2 in 1 in for both trimming and edging

Price Guide: £120 to £150

2, Black & Decker 18V 28cm Cordless Grass String Trimmer (STC1820PC-GB)

Key Features to Note:

Includes 18V battery + charger with 28cm width

Can be bought as a bare tool (without battery)

Wheel edging mode available – easily converts

High torque E-drive system for more power

Battery power can be reduced to last longer

Automatic single line feed system included

Battery is a 2.0Ah Lithium ion for longevity

Price Guide: £90 to £140

Pros - Black & Decker Cordless Trimmers

  • There is the option of either buying these grass trimmers with or without the battery & charger which can help save you money that way if you have a battery already in your home
  • One great feature that it offers unlike many other grass trimmers is the option of choosing between the Eco mode or the Turbo mode so you can choose to add more power if needed or work more casually which allows the battery to last for longer
  • The 36V offers a great system of E-drive technology which helps to tackle overgrown areas with thicker and denser patches so it helps to make your work easier without getting clogged up
  • There is no hassle of dragging cords across your lawn or dealing with messy oil and petrol products and the charger works really fast and normally takes less than 40 minutes  to recharge from our experience.
  • The telescopic shaft can be extended for taller people which is a great addition to have, it has an over moulded non- slip grip for better hand comfort and it has the auto feed system for the spool line so there is no need to worry about a bumping line feed.
  • The 36V option gives a great level of power, the head can be tilted for neater finishes around patio and flower beds and overall, they perform excellent when tested over a number of weeks and they never let us down. It did all the jobs we needed to get done no problem whatsoever

Cons - Black & Decker Cordless Trimmers

  • Although the power is fairly steady, it still lacks the level of power you would normally get from a petrol based grass trimmer such as Stihl.
  • The 36V can handle thicker patches but still cannot deal effectively with really heavy thick weeds or brambles so they are more or less designed for lighter type duty work.
  • The price of the cordless models is a good deal higher than the corded models as the cost of the battery and charger that comes with it inflates the overall price that you need to pay. If you need to spend less than £100, then you should skip the cordless and go for a corded model outlined further below.
  • You will always be limited to the runtime of the battery so if you have trimming work that requires a few hours of your time, then you will need to stop and wait for it to recharge again or buy an additional spare battery as backup which again is more expensive than expected.
  • When using the turbo charge for longer periods, you will find that the battery will deplete a lot quicker so you are better off using the charged battery sparingly to help the battery to last that bit longer.

Part 3: Black & Decker Corded String Trimmer Review – 2 Popular Options

If you feel that the cordless models outlined already are beyond your own price range, then you should take a closer look at two popular corded options from Black & Decker summarised below which were both seen on sale for less than £80 at the time of this review.

1, Black & Decker Corded 30cm 550W Grass String Trimmer (ST5530-GB)

Key Features to Note:

E-Drive technology to prevent clogging

Additional spool and line is optional

Automatic single line feed system / 550W

Auto select power level – battery last longer

Edging wheel facility for patio & flower beds

Adjustable shaft and second handle

Cord length is 6m long / Warranty 2 years

Price Guide: £40 to £70

2, Black & Decker Corded 35cm 900W Grass String Trimmer (GL 9035)

Key Features to Note:

Superior motor power level of 900W

Designed for larger trimming jobs

Ability to handle heavy weeds & tall grasses

Wider cutting path of 35cm / Wheel edging

2nd handle and shaft are both adjustable

Auto feed spool single line / Weight 3.2kg

Cord length is 6m long / Warranty 2 years

Price Guide: £50 to £100

Pros - Black & Decker Corded Trimmers

  • You have a constant power supply from the cord and there is no need to worry about batteries waiting to be recharged or having back up batteries in place – a more reliable and consistent power supply overall for your trimming tool.
  • The prices for the corded models are a good deal cheaper than the cordless when you compare like with like be it power, cutting path or frame and features.
  • You have the option of using the Auto-Select Technology which helps you get the best results from your trimming be it lighter grasses of heavier thicker weed patches.
  • Like the cordless, the shaft on the corded can be extended for taller people, it has a nice comfortable soft grip and it leaves a nice tidy neat finish around your garden where needed and the auto line feed works great with no problems experienced whatsoever.
  • The weight of the corded models can be on average 1kg lighter than the cordless so if a lightweight tool is important to you, then you should choose the 550W model as it weighs only approx. 2.5kg when in use.

Cons - Black & Decker Corded Trimmers

  • If you have a small garden that is easily covered by a cord then you will be fine, however if you have a more difficult garden with hard to reach places, then navigating the cord or cable around will be very difficult and will make the job longer to complete.
  • As with all corded models, the lower price is a great plus but dragging a cord around with you as you work can become a bit of a headache after a while.
  • Unfortunately, the cords are quite small, you will most likely need to invest in an outdoor extension cord which will be an added expense for you to factor in when buying.
  • As with any electrical tool, you need to be careful not to expose it to water or heavy rain as it could have a negative effect on the motor – best to wait until the rain has cleared and avoid really wet damp grasses.
  • While they do offer a great level of power, they still lack the same level of power offered by petrol based grass trimmers especially when it comes to trimming brambles.

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Part 4: Conclusion with Feedback


Which one should you buy? If you have less than £100 to spend, then you should choose either the 30cm or the 35cm corded grass trimmer as you will be surprised with the level of power that it offers and they are as good if not better than many other grass trimmers that we have tested in the past.

Budget Level

If you have over £100 to spend, then we would definitely recommend the cordless 36V string trimmer as it works better than expected and again offers a lot of power for those harder to trim areas. It is not as powerful as the petrol grass trimmers but it is still good enough to deal with many different types of jobs and can certainly handle heavier weeds, dandelions and taller thicker grass patches.


Having the cordless does cost more but you have a lot more freedom with the areas you can trim and the battery will last as long as many jobs take which will be fine with 30 minutes on average. The one key feature that we really did like on the cordless 36V option was the option between choosing between the Eco-mode or the Turbo-mode so you can choose to apply more power to the tool when needed for those more difficult and tougher trimming tasks.

Feedback - Have your Say

Have you ever used a Black & Decker Corded or Cordless Grass Trimmer yourself in the recent past? Did it work as expected or did you come across any problems that we should all know about?

If possible, please share your own feedback or thoughts good or bad by leaving a short comment in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK community can learn also!

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