Webb Lawnmower Review 2024 – Electric & Petrol


Thanks again for taking the time to visit and welcome to this Webb Lawn Mower Review compilation which will cover 3 different Electric models and also 3 different Petrol Mowers so at least you have more than 1 choice when it comes to making a final decision.

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Corded & Cordless

The Electric models will cover the Corded plus the Cordless versions and the Petrol models will cover both the push and self propelled versions so at least you get a better overview of what they all have to offer.  We will outline all the key features that each of them can provide plus the pros and cons related to each that you need to know. We will also outline some frequently asked questions that will benefit you plus comparison tables to add further clarity.

Please note though that guide prices can only be outlined at the time of this review so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you get the most up to date price information.

Lawn Mower Review Overview:

Models:Electric x 3 / Petrol x 3
Orders Online:Yes, orders can be delivered to your home
Deliveries:Location dependant – Tends to be 3 to 7 working days
Warranty:12 months to 2 years (Seller dependant)
Cheap Place to Buy:Amazon – View Available Stocks Here

Webb Lawn Mower Review Part 1 – Electric

Frequently Asked Questions about Webb Electric Lawnmowers:

Q. What are the cable lengths?
A. The cable lengths for both the corded model WEER33 and the WEER40 is 10m long

Q. Can the handles be folded?
A. Yes, they can be folded for easier storage

Q. What is the warranty available?
A. Depends on the seller and can vary from 12 months to 2 years

Q. Do they have rear rollers?
A. The corded has no rear roller but it is included with the Cordless

Q. Is there Mulching Capability?
A. Not with the corded model - only with the Cordless model

Webb WEER33 ER33 1300W 240V Mower


Excellent price level available
One of the cheapest in the range
Ideal for small type lawns (33cm)
Central lever height adjustor
Collection bag is 35L
Extremely lightweight –less than 13kg
No gas or oil ongoing costs
Minimum maintenance costs
Handle can be folded for easy storage
No expensive addons features
Very easy to work with – quite small
Little to no assembly needed
Overall very basic and good value


Limited to a 10m cable length
Danger of cords across the lawn
Poor with medium/large lawns
Narrow mow path (more passes)
Much slower due to mow width 33cm
Small collection bag – more emptying
No side discharge or mulch plug
No rear roller for stripes
Needs double pass with thick grass
Grass collector needs to be better
Low level of power for heavy grass

Webb WEER40 ER40 1800W Mower


Wider mow path of 40cm
Suitable for small & medium lawns
More power with the 1800W
Much better with thick longer grass
Single lever height adjustment
Larger grass box of 50L
Less time spent emptying
Quicker with less passes needed
Lightweight with less than 14kg
Easy to move around & work with
No regular maintenance costs
No ongoing fuel or oil costs
No fumes and lower level of noise
Handles can be folded when storing
No expensive addons


Price level tends to be £120+
Need to be careful - cables on lawn
Length of cable too short for many
Other brands offer 12m cables
No rear roller for stripes
No mulching plug or side discharge
Limited work area of 10m only
Grass collector could be better
Thick/long grass needs a 2nd mow

Webb 43cm Push Cordless Mower


No cords across the lawn
Much safer all round
Not limited to a 10m cable length
Rear roller included for stripes
Mulching option provided
Decent runtime on the battery
Option to collect discharge or mulch
6 mow heights to choose from
Central one lever height adjustor
Can mow to higher level of 7.5cm
Much larger grass box (by 5L)
Widest mow path 43cm
Less mow passes needed – quicker
Battery charge indicator included


Price is too expensive for many
Not self propelled – push only
Need to keep batteries charged
Limited to the time of the charge
Recharging can take too long (2 hrs)
Battery degradation over time
Additional batteries are expensive
Spare parts can be difficult to find
Grass collection needs to be better
Price can be too high - usually £350+

A short comparison summary table is outlined below for the 3 models to add further clarity…

Feature:Webb WEER33 ER33Webb WEER40 ER40Webb 43cm Cordless
Power Level:1300W Motor 240V1800W Motor 240V40V 4Ah battery
Mow Width:33cm40cm43cm
Mow Heights:2.5cm to 6.5cm2cm to 7cm2.5 to 7.5cm
Grass Collector:35L Capacity50L Capacity55L Capacity
Power Cable:10m Length10m LengthN/A
Side Discharge:N/AN/AN/A
Rear Roller:N/AN/AYes
Battery Recharge:N/AN/A2 hours
Battery Runtime:N/AN/A25 to 35 minutes
Size:121 by 37 by 108cm130 by 44 by 108cm130 by 46 by 110cm
Lawn Sizes:Small onlySmall & MediumSmall & Medium

Webb Lawn Mower Review Part 2 – Petrol

Frequently Asked Questions about Webb Petrol Lawn mowers:

Q. Is there a Mulching plug included with the WEBB R41SP?
A. No, unfortunately there is no mulching plug included with the WEBB R41SP

Q. Is oil included with the delivery?
A. Yes, oil is included

Q. Do they include a warranty?
A. Yes a 2 year warranty is included but you need to double check with your seller

Q. What are the mow heights available?
A. The mow heights generally start at 2cm up as far as 7.5cm

Q. What is the size of the grass collection units?
A. The size of the grass collectors in this review are all 50L capacity

Webb R41SP 40cm Self Propelled


Attractive price for self propelled
Price can be less than £200 at times
Decent mow width of 40cm
Heavy solid and sturdy steel deck
Good mow ranges from 2 to 7.5cm
Height adjusted with a central lever
Soft grip on handles for comfort
Handles can be folded -easy storage
No cords across the lawn
No batteries to keep charged
Great help with steep hills
Ball bearings on all the wheels


No mulching plug available
No side discharge available
Additional oil and fuel costs
Regular maintenance costs
More expensive than the push model
Starting issues have been reported
Need to be careful when folding
Speed a little too fast for some
Lowest mow height not low enough

Webb R41HP 40cm Push Petrol


Lower priced than the self propelled
Strong and solid steel deck included
Burn more calories when pushing
Not limited to small garden lawns
No charging of batteries
No danger of cords across the lawn
No additional batteries to buy
Handles are soft grip for comfort
Handles can be folded for storage
Good mow height range 2-7.5cm
Decent size grass box of 50L
Powerful Sanli 118cc 4 stroke engine
Oil is included-four stroke OHV engine


Doesn’t have the side discharge
No mulching capability available
Noise level a lot higher than electric
Ongoing fuel and oil costs
Maintenance costs are ongoing
Replacement parts can be hard to find
Difficult around slopes and steep hills
Grass box could be filled better

Webb R46SP 46cm Self Propelled


Wider mow path of 6cm (Quicker)
Less passes needed saving time
Same decent size grass box of 50L
Soft grip handles for extra comfort
Easier storage with foldable handles
Good range of mow heights
Lowest mow height is 2cm
Sanli 135cc 4 stroke engine
Steel deck is solid and robust
Metal blade is tough and durable
No recharging of batteries
Not limited to cord lengths
Not limited to battery duration


Price level can be more expensive
Noise level higher than expected
Regular fuel and oil costs
Annual maintenance costs
Quite heavy to work with
Grass collection could be better
Regular pulls needed when cold
Difficulty in starting over time

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Comparison Table

A short comparison summary table is outlined below for the 3 models to add further clarity…

Operation:Self Propelled PetrolPush PetrolSelf Propelled Petrol
Mow Width:40cm40cm46cm
Mulching Kit:N/AN/AN/A
Side Discharge:N/AN/AN/A
Mow Heights:5 (2cm – 7.5cm)5 (2cm – 7.5cm)5 (2cm – 7cm)
Handles:Soft grip & foldableSoft grip & foldableSoft grip & foldable
Grass Collector:50L Capacity50L Capacity50L Capacity
Dimensions:69.8 by 53.2 by 41.6cm71 by 51 by 39.6cm79.2 by 56.6 by 42.2cm

Brand Comparison

If you are still undecided about a lawn mower under the Webb brand, then you should also take a quick look also at 2 other options such as the Spear & Jackson and McGregor models outlined below before making your final decision…

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Community Feedback

Have you any previous experiences of using Webb Lawn Mowers yourself in the past?

Then please share your feedback/comments with the UK community (good or bad) by leaving your thoughts in the comment box section below – So that they can learn also...

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  1. I have already seen several reviews and for Webb lawn mowers and just came across this one also. I have always wanted a cordless mower with the 50L+ capacity of grass collector. I would like to go for the cordless model some day and covering 6 models in this review on one site is something I have not seen before, good idea and the tables for comparing really helped in laying out all the necessary information in a clear and concise manner. I am not  a fan of cords or fuel costs so it would be the cordless for me all the way but I don’t like the fact that spare parts can be hard to find

  2. My mower died after one year. I couldn’t find the receipt but had bank details , the box and serial number and other details. I was informed I could only write it off. I wrote a letter to the manager and have heard nothing. One hundred pounds for half a dozen cuts – pah!

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