Aldi Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower Review 2024


If you are thinking about buying the Ferrex self-propelled Petrol lawnmower at Aldi, then please make sure to first check out our quick review which will outline everything you need to know plus all the main pros and cons that we came across during our review.

If this Aldi Petrol self-propelled Lawnmower is out of stock when you visit, then please feel free to check out our popular alternative self-propelled Petrol Lawnmowers further down on this page which offer a similar price range to the Aldi Petrol lawnmowers.

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Aldi Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower Review

Ferrex Petrol Self Propelled 46cm Lawnmower

This featured petrol lawnmower available from Aldi is the Ferrex Self Propelled 46cm Petrol Lawnmower which offers a moderate mowing path of 46cm and 7 mowing height options that range from 2.5cm up to 7.5cm. The grass collection bag is very good at 55 litre capacity, the oil tank can hold 470ml of oil while the petrol tank can be filled with 800ml of fuel.

It includes an impressive hybrid grass collection bag and an integrated carry handle that is incorporated into the front bumper and the 4 stroke engine offers a power level of 127cc that is well able to deal with all types of grasses as long as you are using the correct mowing height setting. One big advantage is that this Ferrex lawnmower includes a mulch plug that many other petrol lawnmowers don’t offer and they also offer an attractive 3 year warranty for peace of mind.

Aldi Price: £250 - £350

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Pros for the Aldi Ferrex  Lawnmower

  • Not all petrol lawnmowers offer self-propelled support and a mulch plug but both are included with this Ferrex lawnmower
  • The quality of the grass collection bag and cutting blades are certainly impressive to give a nice clean cut finish
  • When it comes on sale, great savings can be made as the Aldi prices are very hard to beat

Cons for the Aldi Ferrex Lawnmower

  • Several pulls on the cord can be needed to get it started when cold
  • The pace of the self-propelled is a bit on the slow side and could be faster for people who need the mowing work done quicker
  •  Some isolated issues have been raised with the assembly of the mounting frame not aligning up correctly with the required holes for the bolts which is worrying
  • Stock availability is very unpredictable and is only available at certain times of the year

Alternative Aldi Ferrex Petrol Lawnmower Recommendations

If you find that the Ferrex Petrol self-propelled Lawnmower is off sale when you visit, then please make sure to check out our 2 recommendations below that offer competitive prices, reliable engines, easy starting and they are from brands that you should already be familiar with

1, Mountfield Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower SP41


Mowing path width 39cm

4 stroke 123cc ST120 Autochoke engine

Grass collection bag 40 litre capacity

5 mowing height 2.5cm to 7cm

Self-propelled support and durable chassis

Price: £230 - £280

2, Webb Self Propelled Rotary Petrol Lawnmower


Mowing width 41cm code WER410SP

4-Stroke 132cc Engine power

Grass collection bag 45 litre capacity

7 mowing height options 2.5 to 7.5cm

Covered with a 2 year warranty

Price: £230 - £280

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Comparison Table: Ferrex vs Mountfield vs Webb

To help you get a better overview of how the Ferrex Petrol lawnmower compares to other petrol powered lawnmower brands in the market, then check out the comparison table provided below for the Ferrex 127cc versus the Mountfield SP41 and the Webb WER410SP

FeatureFerrex AldiMountfield SP41Webb WER410SP
Grass box capacity55 litre40 litre45 litre
Engine127.1cc 4 stroke123cc 4 stroke132cc 4 stroke
Mulch PlugIncludedNoneNone
Mow heights7, 2.5cm - 7.5cm5, 2.5cm - 7.5cm7, 2.5cm - 7.5cm
Warranty3 years2 years2 years

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Would we buy the Aldi Ferrex Petrol Lawnmower? To be honest it would have to be a no for several reasons as there was just too many issues and cons outlined earlier above that concerned us. We would much prefer to stick to a more recognised brand that is more established with more experience in the sector, more availability and better reliability when it comes to starting, assembly parts and overall performance satisfaction.

Plus it is only available on a limited time basis. If you need a self-propelled petrol lawnmower urgently without any of the fuss, then check out the Mountfield Petrol lawnmowers below instead that will not disappoint you…

Mowing Feedback

Have you used the Aldi Ferrex petrol self-propelled Lawnmower in the past? How did the assembly go for you? If possible, please share your own experiences and opinions with the wider mowing community by leaving a comment in the comment box section provided below…

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