Mountfield Lawnmowers Review 2023 – Electric Vs Petrol


Greetings once again and welcome this time to our Mountfield Lawn Mower review compilation which will cover both the electric and petrol models so at least you have more than one choice when it comes to making a final decision. This company have a lot of experience in the industry and have been around since the year of 1962.

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Electric & Petrol

As there are several models available in the range, this review is split into 2 parts (Part 1 Electric and Part 2 Petrol) so feel free to skip to whatever part interests you the most. Our objective is to outline their key features that they have to offer plus all the pros and cons associated to each that you will need to know about in advance.


Please be aware also that we can only submit guide prices at the time of this review so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most up to date price information.

In addition, further popular options are also outlined at the end of this page if you wish to look beyond the Mountfield brand that are worth a closer look also. Hopefully at the end of this review, you will have a better idea if indeed a Lawn mower under the Mountfield brand will fill your own set of requirements or not.

Lawn Mower Review Overview

Models:Electric x 2 / Petrol x 2
Orders Online:Yes, orders can be placed online
Deliveries:Location dependant – Tends to be 3 to 7 working days
Warranty:2 years (Seller dependant)
Cheapest Place to Buy:Amazon – View Available Stocks Here

Mountfield Lawn Mowers Review Part 1 – Electric

Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Mountfield Lawn Mowers:

Q1. Are the Handles foldable?
A. Yes, you need to release the side clamps first

Q2. How long are the cable cords
A. The cable length is 15m (many other brands are 10m or 12m long)

Q3. How long does it take to recharge the batteries?
A. It can take 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes to fully recharge

Q4. How long will they operate on a fully charged battery?
A. It can operate to 30 to 40 minutes which depends on the level of grass to be cut

Q5. What warranty is available on the electric models?
A. There is a 2 year warranty available from reputable suppliers

Q6. Do they include the mulching plug?
A. Yes, the mulching plug is included with the corded and cordless model

Q7. Do they have the rear rollers for stripes?
A. Yes, they are available with model number 294340063

Q8. Are the electric models self propelled?
A. No, they are push only in this review (check out the Cobra brand for self propelled electric mowers)

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1, Mountfield Princess 34 Rear Roller Lawnmower 1400W


Price compares well in the industry for a 1400W Mower
Decent mow width path of 34cm
Includes the front anti scalping plate
A vision window is provided on the 35L grass box
There is the mulching plug option included
Rear rollers are provided for the striped attractive effect
No charging of batteries to worry about
No additional or secondary batteries to buy
No toxic fumes for the environment
Not limited to the duration of a battery charge
Small compact size of 130 by 40 by 97cm
Lightweight and easy to use coming in at less than 15kg
Good height selection x 6 ranging from 2.5 to 7.5cm
Single lever height adjustment included
A safety brake for the rotating blade (3 seconds)
A longer power cable is included with 15m in length
Handles can be folded when needed for easier storage
Easy to assemble and get started (no pull cords)
Grass collection fills up quite well – less emptying
Overall great value for the features in small gardens


Cost is higher versus other brands (more features)
Only can be used for small lawns 10m by 10m in size
If your lawn is >10m x 10m, then start looking elsewhere
Blades need to be sharpened annually
You need to be extra careful with a cable across the lawn
Grass box could be easier to work with
Rear roller only works well on the lowest mow height
Lacks the superior power with damp, long, thick grass
Lacks the robustness of steel decked petrol mowers

2, Mountfield Princess Cordless 48V Battery Lawnmower


You get the 48V 2Ah DC x 2 included as standard
The rear roller drive is 4 wheel and simple assembly
Larger grass box capacity of 5L (total 40L)
Mow heights are controlled with a single lever
Good height selection x 6 ranging from 2.5 to 7.5cm
A warranty period of 2 years is provided
Handles can be folded for easier storage
No maintenance costs to deal with
No oil or fuel costs to pay or source
No cords on the lawn to avoid while you mow
Cutting deck features the anti-scalp comb
This improves collection and cutting performance
Rear roller included for attractive stripes
No pull cords to deal with – simple start system
The rear grass flap has a vision window – for fill levels
Replacement batteries are readily available
Spare parts are much easier to source
Good overall support and back up service network
Can operate at 30 - 40 minutes depending on conditions
2 batteries and a charger is provided & very lightweight


Much higher price point seen at £350+ region
Too expensive and unaffordable for many people
Batteries may need to be replaced overtime
Additional batteries if needed are very expensive
Mowing time is limited to the duration of the battery
No side discharge is available either
Always need to remember to keep the battery charged
Recharging of batteries can be too slow causing delays
Thick or long grass depletes the battery much quicker

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Comparison Table

A summary table of the main features for the Electric Models under the Mountfield brand is outlined below…

Feature:Mountfield Corded 1400WMountfield Cordless 48V
Operation:Corded ElectricCordless Electric
Mow Width:34cm38cm
Mow Heights:6 (2.5 to 7.5cm)6 (2.5 to 7.5cm)
Rear Roller:Yes (lowest setting)Yes (lowest setting)
Mulching Plug:YesYes
Grass Box:35L Capacity40L Capacity
Battery Run timeN/A30 to 40 minutes
Recharge Time:N/A60 to 90 minutes
Power Cable:15m longN/A
Warranty:2 years2 years

Mountfield Lawn Mowers Review Part 2 – Petrol x 2

Frequently Asked Questions about Mountfield Petrol Lawn Mowers

Q1. What warranty is available with the petrol lawn mowers?
A. There is also a 2 year warranty available with the petrol lawn mowers

Q2. Is there any support available in the UK?
A. Yes, there is a UK service and support network set up for any issues you may have

Q3. Is there a rear roller included with the SP45 self propelled 44cm model?
A. No, there is no rear roller included for this model (or the SP414)

Q4. Do they include a Mulching plug?
A. Depends on the model, example – the SP45 does have it yet the SP414 does not.

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3, Mountfield SP45 44cm Petrol Self Propelled Lawnmower


Robust and reliable 140cc Mountfield OHV engine
Wider mow cutting path of 44cm (less passes)
No need to push as it is rear wheeled self propelled
Ideal around steep slopes and steep hills
Less effort required for larger type lawns
Can be disengaged when needed around tight corners
Fair attractive price for the quality of mower you get
No cords or batteries to worry about
Not limited to a cable cord or duration of a battery
Mow heights are adjusted with the single lever system
Good mow heights of 2cm to 7cm to choose from
Suitable for lawns up to 1500m2 in size
There is a mulching plug option provided
Grass clippings can be recycled to avoid collections
Decent size grass collection box with 55L capacity
Works well on damp grass and long thick grass/weeds
Great support and service network available
Overall a solid piece of equipment with a fair price


Small fuel tank capacity at 0.75L
Ongoing fuel and oil costs
Annual maintenance costs
No rear roller included for stripes
Grass collector could be larger for less frequent emptying
Lowest mow level tends to be too low for many
Speed of the self propelled tends to be fairly quick
Reports of unreliable mow height retention

4, Mountfield SP414 39cm Petrol Self-Propelled x 4 Lawnmower


Robust and sturdy 100cc 4 stroke Mountfield engine
Lower price point available and tends to be more popular
Cost compares well and usually around the £200 region
Features the 4 Wheel drive Self-Propelled system
Much lighter to work with coming in at only 20kg
Standard mowing cut width of 39cm
Grass box included with capacity of 40L
Central mow height adjustor is included
Good range of mow heights of 2.5cm to 7cm available
A polypropylene chassis in Mountfield Red
Not limited to a cable cord or duration of a battery
No cords or batteries to worry about
Suitable for lawns up to 20m by 20m in size
Plenty of power for dealing with long weeds and grass
Strong enough for thick grass and even damp grass
Overall very basic but does the job well at a good price


Narrower mow path of just 39cm
Too small for lawns > 20m by 20m in size
Quality of the grass box may not stand the test of time
Capacity of the grass also smaller at 40L
Annual maintenance and oil/fuel costs
No mulching plug or a side discharge is available
Only a single speed option available and can be too fast
You can’t adjust the level of the speed
Lower level of power but matched with the lower price
Issues reported of grass box not fitting/attaching correctly

A summary table of the main features for 2 of the Self Propelled Petrol Models under the Mountfield brand is outlined below…

Feature:Mountfield SP45 44cmMountfield SP414 39cm
Operation:Self Propelled Petrol Self Propelled Petrol
Engine:140cc engine100cc engine
Cutting Width:44cm 39cm
Fuel Tank:0.75L capacity0.75L capacity
Mow Heights:5 (2cm – 7cm)5 (2.5cm – 7cm)
Grass Collector:55L Capacity40L Capacity
Mulching Plug:YesN/A
Side Discharge:N/AN/A
Rear Roller:N/AN/A
Warranty:2 years2 years

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Community Feedback

Have you any previous experiences of using a Mountfield Lawn Mower yourself in the past?

Then please share your feedback/comments with the UK community (good or bad) by leaving your thoughts in the comment box section below – So that they can learn also!!!

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  1. My neighbour has a Mountfield and he swears by them, I have an electric mower but after  a few years the power is just not there anymore, it could be the motor or poor blades but as my neighbour does a good job with his mountfield, I was looking to get one also as I have been reading several reviews and this one certainly caught my eye as I found it a great help in getting a much better understanding on its capabilities so many thanks for providing me with your personal  review – good job to be fair

    • That’s great news and many thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave your feedback and best of luck with your new Mountfield in the years ahead, Regards, Steve

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