Best Petrol Hedge Trimmers UK 2024


Are you looking for a reliable Gas or Petrol Hedge Trimmer to trim down your own hedges in the coming days? If so, then please make sure to check out our list for the Best Petrol Hedge Trimmer which will definitely provide you with an option to meet your own individual set of needs and requirements.

We have researched, reviewed and tested several different brands across the UK and we have come down to a short list of just 10 petrol gas powered hedge trimmers from brands that you should already be familiar with.


Before you begin, please note that guide price ranges can only be outlined at the time of this hedge trimmer review so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below which will ensure you get the most up to date accurate price information.

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Best Petrol Hedge Trimmers UK - Our Top 10

1, Stihl R-Petrol Hedge Trimmer 30 Inch 75cm HS87

Our number 1 petrol hedge trimmer recommendation on our list would have to be the Stihl R-Petrol Hedge Trimmer 30 Inch code HS87 which is a beast of a machine in our opinion and it makes lightwork of all types of hedge trimming work especially the thicker, denser and more difficult types of cutting work. While it would be considered more expensive than many other hedge trimmers on this list, you still get a 90 day money back guarantee from the supplier in Gloucester called Mowers Online UK.

You can also buy additional accessories to help get you started such as the canvas grip gardening gloves, fuel canisters, resin solvents and 2 stroke oil bottles which are always handy to have and readily available for when the time comes to use them. Included here is the heavy duty 75cm dual cutting blades and this R version is designed for the higher and larger volume cutting jobs and even with the extra power, the vibration levels were lower than expected.

It comes with 1HP, a 0.46 litre fuel tank plus a blade tooth spacing of 38mm – if you need a professional hedge trimmer for heavy duty work, then this petrol hedge trimmer from Stihl will do the job no problem.

Price Guide: Over £500 @ Mowers Online UK

2, Cobra Long Handle Petrol Hedge cutter LRH270K

For tall and long hedges, then the petrol hedge trimmer that we would recommend is the Cobra Long Handle Petrol Hedge cutter code LRH270K which includes a 27cc Kawasaki petrol engine and the measured overall length is 251cm. Free deliveries are included from the supplier as well as a 90 day money back guarantee. The advantage of this petrol trimmer is that you won’t need to be using step ladders or trying to balance yourself on uneven ground which is always a plus when it comes to safety and using a powered cutting tool.

The cutting blade itself is 62cm long, the blade gaps is 30mm and it can be rotated to different angles be it vertically or horizontally and it works great when it comes to tackling the harder to reach higher hedge cutting jobs as you have the longer shaft available.

Please note that arm fatigue can set in though a lot quicker so you should take regular breaks after every 5 to 10 minutes from what we have seen – thankfully you get a shoulder harness strap to help you manage the task and you get a 2 year warranty cover for peace of mind.

Price Guide: £450 - £550 @ Mowers Online UK

3, Husqvarna 59cm Petrol Hedge Trimmer (122HD60)

One of our favourite brands for power tools when it comes to reliability is Husqvarna and the Husqvarna 59cm Petrol Hedge Trimmer code 122HD60 is no exception and it offers a superior max power speed of 7800 RPM as well as an easy start system SmartStart, a 2 stroke engine and a dual safety switch for your added protection.

To reduce hand fatigue, it is a lightweight and compact hedge trimmer and the rear handle is adjustable both vertically and horizontally. The Fuel tank holds 0.3 litres of petrol, the cylinder displacement is 21.7 cm³, plus the blade length is 59cm long and it comes covered with a warranty of 12 months

To help the starting, this trimmer has the air purge which removes air from the carburetor and fuel system which ensures there are no problems when it comes to getting it started. You get multiple handle positions for various cutting type jobs and the stop switch automatically resets to on so the trimmer is ready for the next trimming job. It only weighs approx. 5kg and you have the dampeners between the engine and the chassis to reduce the vibration levels

Price Guide: £250 to £350

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4, McCulloch ErgoLite 21.7cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer (6028)

Another hedge trimmer that we liked and can recommend is the McCulloch ErgoLite 21.7cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer that offers a soft start system with a manual purge pump which in turn allows 40% less resistance when starting. As you would expect, it comes with the dual action blades and the blade length is consistent at 60cm long for tighter trimming and straight cut trimming jobs.

We also liked the low vibrations here as it has the anti-vibration system for more hand comfort which in turn allows longer use and the rear handle position can be adjusted where needed to maximise your hand and arm comfort levels.

We felt that this trimmer is ideal for thicker and denser branches and hedges and the design weight is only 5kg approx. so it reduces arm fatigue setting it. The engine is a 600W engine and the blade cutting spacing is 2.8cm and you get a warranty cover of 12 months. Another thing to note is that the air filter system here can be taken away for maintenance without the need for any tools which is good to know.

Price Guide: £250 to £350

5, Hyundai Petrol Hedge Trimmer 26cc HYHT2600X

A petrol hedge trimmer that performs well is the Hyundai Petrol Hedge Trimmer 26cc code HYHT2600X which is a 2-Stroke Easy-Start, lightweight, anti-vibration trimmer that offers a 24 inch or 60cm blade and it is ideal if you need something on the cheaper side of the scale.

This hedge trimmer weighs only 5.5kg  and there is low vibration technology for a comfortable cutting experience which are kinder to your hands and arms. For its size, there is plenty of power and the controls are nicely positioned to manage all the functions with minimal effort.

One thing we liked in particular here is the 3 year Hyundai home warranty plus there is also a 1 year commercial warranty where certain terms apply. The power generated is a 26cc 2 stroke air cooled petrol Hyundai engine, the handle can be rotated plus it is started with the easy pull coil. The blade is 60cm long and it has the double reciprocating blades which will give you all the cutting results and performance you will need.

Price Guide: £130 to £180 @ Hyundai

6, Einhell 25cc 55cm Petrol Hedge Trimmer (GE-PH 2555)

Up next we have the reliable Einhell 25cc 55cm Petrol Hedge Trimmer code GE-PH 2555 that offers you a cutting length of 55cm, a quick start auto choke plus a low level of vibration for hand comfort which you will notice straight away. There is a dual safety switch for added protection, an electronic ignition plus a centrifugal clutch and the rotating swivel handle.

It’s a 2-Stroke petrol engine plus it offers you a cutting length of 55cm and the maximum cutting thickness is 19mm. This petrol hedge trimmer offers a power of 0.85kw 1.15HP, the weight of the unit is lighter than expected at 5.5kg and it comes covered with a standard 1 year warranty. One thing we liked here was the laser cut diamond ground Steel tough blades and there is no problems with the quick start system.

The Swivel handle operates at right angle degrees and the frame is made up with ‎Alloy Steel and plastic housing. To get the trimmer refuelled, you also have the large opening fuel hole for more convenient fuel refilling.

Price Guide: £130 to £200 @ Amazon

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7, Makita 22.2cc 75cm Hedge Trimmer EH7500W

Up next we have the Makita 22.2cc 75cm Hedge Trimmer code EH7500W which worked really well for us for long periods of the time and the quality of the blades was higher than expected. The design comes with a non-electrolysed nickel plating that is stain free, it operates as double sided blade hedge trimmer and the cutting blade is 72cm long which was great for the larger hedge trimming jobs.

Included here is a hex wrench and socket wrench plus a blade cover also for when not in use. The weight is 5.2kg, it operates as a 2 stroke engine, it has a multiple position adjustable handle and the fuel tank holds 0.4 litres. The maximum cutting width here is 21.5cm and it is a specially designed engine where it has a low centre of gravity to provide better balance to the machine while you are working.

This 22.2cc 2 stroke petrol engine will deliver up to 1.0HP and it can cut hedge branches up to 21.5mm maximum. Overall this hedge trimmer performed better than we had expected and so it deserves a spot on our recommended list.

Price Guide: £350 to £450

8, McCulloch 22cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer (HT 5622)

For those of you who need a reliable petrol hedge trimmer at a low competitive price, then you should take a closer look at the McCulloch 22cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer code HT 5622 that has an engine power rating of 22cc and of course the efficient dual action blade cutting for small to medium size hedges. The blade length here is 56cm and the blade tooth gap is 22mm so it cuts branches up to 2cm in thickness.

As you would expect, it has the rear handle rotating capabilities and it is easy to start with the soft start system. Included in the frame is the tool-less air filter cover which makes the job easier and of course the adjustable rear handle for maximum hand comfort.

Another thing we liked here was the low level of vibration experienced and the weight is only approx. 5kg so we didn’t experience any hand fatigue plus the level of noise emitted was fairly good. Included in the design also is the auto return stop switch and of course a warranty which is 12 months long

Price Guide: £150 to £250

9, Stihl 60cm 27.2cc Petrol Gas Hedge Trimmer (HS45)

If you like the Stihl brand, which we would consider a brand leader in this category then check out the Stihl 60cm 27.2cc Petrol Gas Hedge Trimmer code HS45 which was more affordable than we expected and gives great value for the amount of money you need to spend as it would be a lightweight introductory unit for hedge trimming.

The blade length here is 60cm or 24 inches and it includes double sided dual action blades for excellent trimming and cutting results plus it has the Elastostart built into the unit for easier starting. The power engine is 27.2cc 2 stroke engine and it is well able to deal with larger, thicker and denser hedges.

For your safety, you get the hand guards, easy controls and the blade tip protector and this particular model would be considered as one of the smaller, cheaper and lighter weighted trimmers from Stihl as they have larger and more powerful hedge trimmers than this. Stihl comes from reliable German engineering, the weight of the unit is only approx. 5kg and the warranty cover is minimum 1 year.

Price Guide: £300 to £350

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10, Mountfield MHT 2322 70cm Petrol Hedge Trimmer

A highly popular brand in the UK is Mountfield for good reason and their hedge trimmer namely the Mountfield MHT 2322 70cm Petrol Hedge Trimmer is certainly an impressive piece of equipment and it offers a long 70cm cutting blade as well as the dual action blades. This hedge trimmer works with a 22.5cc 2-stroke petrol engine and it offers a great price which would be cheaper than many other hedge trimmers on this list. The blade cutting gaps here is 27mm and it can deal with tough twigs, branches and denser hedges no problem whatsoever.

Included as standard is the blade tip protection mechanism and the handle can be rotated to three positions to deal with different types of angled hedge trimming work. The weight of this petrol hedge trimmer is only 5.6kg and it comes with a reliable 2 year warranty from Mountfield. If you are a fan of the Mountfield brand, then you won’t be disappointed with this reliable Mountfield 70cm Petrol Hedge Trimmer in our opinion.

Price Guide: Less than £200


After completing our research and review for the 10 best petrol hedge trimmers, we hope you found the options that we provided useful in some way. Which one would we pick from this list? To be honest we do not want to influence your own decision but if you insisted – our top 3 from this list would have to be Stihl followed closely by the McCulloch 22cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer and then the third in our top 3 would have to be the Husqvarna Petrol Hedge Trimmer. Your own top 3 may be different to ours but that is what we would select based on our own experiences.


Have you ever used any of these Petrol Hedge Trimmers yourself in the recent past? Are there brands or models here that you believe should be excluded or do you have other suggestions that need to be included? What would be your own top 3?

If at all possible, please share your own suggestions or your own top 3 by leaving a short comment in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK can learn also!

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  1. I have two Stihl hedge trimmers of different sizes and have been very impressed with the durability and ease of use.  Your review of the various models of trimmers covered many options, but I am leaning toward the Stihl option at number 4 as I prefer that brand from my previous experiences.  I believe that the  ability to cut “larger, thicker and denser hedges” is what I am looking for.  I plan to go to the shop to get a feel for several models, but my experience is causing me to lean towards the Stihl.  Thanks for this comprehensive review of so many makes and models and I am glad to see that the Stihl hedge trimmer has been included here, good to know the alternatives also

  2. Thanks for your thorough review of some of the trimmers on the market. I’ve tried the cheap and cheerful Mcculloch number 2. in your list and found it adequate for my needs. One of the factors that influence my choice is the overall weight of the appliance as I’m < 5’3 and weigh under 8 stone. The higher priced ones have features that I’d need if I had a larger hedge. After reading your top 3, I’m curious to learn more on a practical level by trying out one of your recommendations from the local plant hire centre the next time I need to trim a hedge. That way I won’t be shelling out a large amount of money but will have the benefit of using the selected trimmer 

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