Best Petrol Hedge Trimmers Summer 2022 – Bargains Included


Are you looking for a reliable Gas or Petrol Hedge Trimmer in 2020 to trim down your own hedges in the coming days? If so, then please make sure to check out our list for the Best Petrol Hedge Trimmer which will definitely provide you with an option to meet your own individual set of needs and requirements.

We have researched, reviewed and tested several different brands across the UK and we have come down to a short list of just 10 petrol gas powered hedge trimmers from brands that you should be already familiar with.

Best Petrol Hedge Trimmer 2020 Content:

  • Part 1: Spear Jackson, Challenge, McCulloch & Stihl (1 to 4)
  • Part 2: Mountfield, McCulloch ErgoLite, Makita, Husqvarna (5 to 8)
  • Part 3: Einhell & Hyundai (9 to 10)

Before you begin, please note that guide price ranges can only be outlined at the time of this hedge trimmer review so please make sure to view the price checkers provided below which will ensure you get the most up to date accurate price information.

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Best Petrol Hedge Trimmers 2020 - 10 Selected

Part 1: Best Petrol Hedge Trimmers - Spear Jackson, Challenge, McCulloch & Stihl (1 to 4)

1, Spear & Jackson 55cm 26cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer (S2655HP)

Key Features to Note:

4 stroke petrol engine for larger hedges
60ml of SAE10W 30 engine oil required
Blade length 55cm / Tooth Gap 35mm
Cuts branches up to 2.8cm in thickness
Dual switch / hand guard / Tip protector
Rear handle rotation and pivoting capability
Weight 5kg approx. / Warranty 3 years long
Price Guide: £130 to £160 @ Argos

2, Challenge 55cm 4 Stroke 26cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer (YT9305-01)

Key Features to Note:

Budget alternative – ideal for bargain hunters
For people who need to spend less than £110
3-year replacement care optional for less than £30
Power engine 26cc / 4 stroke petrol engine
Blade 55cm long / Tooth Gap 35mm / Branches 2.8cm
Blade Tip protector / Dual switch / Hand safety guard
Weight 5kg approx. / Warranty 12 months
Price Guide: £70 to £110 @ Argos

3, McCulloch 22cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer (HT 5622)

Key Features to Note:

Engine power rate 22cc / Dual action blade cutting
Blade length 56cm / Tooth Gap 22mm
Cuts branches up to 2cm in thickness
Rear handle rotating capabilities
Easier to start with the soft start system
Tool less air filter cover / adjustable rear handle
Weight 5.2kg / Warranty 12 months long
Price Guide: £150 to £200 @ Amazon

4, Stihl 60cm 27.2cc Petrol Gas Hedge Trimmer (HS45)

Key Features to Note:

Brand leader of Stihl - premium higher priced option
Blade length is 60cm or 24 inches
Includes double sided dual action blades
Power engine 27.2cc / 2 stroke engine / higher quality
For larger, thicker and denser hedges
Dual switches / Hand guards / Blade Tip protector
Weight 5kg / Warranty seller dependant (1-2 years)
Price Guide: £280 to £320 @ Amazon

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Part 2: Best Petrol Hedge Trimmers - Mountfield, McCulloch ErgoLite, Makita, Husqvarna (5 to 8)

5, Mountfield Petrol Hedge Trimmer (MHJ2424)

Key Features to Note:

Model number MHJ2424 / Petrol powered
Longer blade length of 61cm for larger hedges
Easy to start system / comfortable grip handle
Anti-vibration system included to reduce fatigue
Robust hand guard for safety / soft grip for comfort
Dual start safety switch included as standard
Weight 5.5kg / Warranty 12 months long
Price Guide: £120 to £170 @ Amazon

6, McCulloch ErgoLite 21.7cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer (6028)

Key Features to Note:

Soft start system with a manual purge pump
Allows 40% less resistance when starting
Dual action blades / Blade length 60cm long
Anti-vibration system for more hand comfort
Rear handle position can be adjusted where needed
Ideal for thicker and denser branches and hedges
Weight 5kg approx. / Warranty 12 months
Price Guide: £160 to £200 @ Amazon

7, Makita 22.2cc Large 75cm Petrol Hedge Trimmer (EH7500W)

Key Features to Note:

Double sided blade hedge trimmer
Weight 5.2kg / 2 stroke engine / Adjustable handle
Longer lubrication system / Blade 72cm long
Includes hex wrench and socket wrench
Blade cover included also when not in use
Non-electrolysed nickel plating Stain free
Fuel tank hold 0.4 litres / Max cutting width 21.5cm
Forward exhaust direction / Warranty 1 year
Price Guide: £300 to £400 @ Amazon

8, Husqvarna 59cm Petrol Hedge Trimmer (122HD60)

Key Features to Note:

Lightweight and compact hedge trimmer
Superior max power speed of 7800 RPM
2 stroke engine / Blade cover included
Easier start system called SmartStart
Rear handle is adjustable – vertical & horizontal
Fuel tank holds 0.3 litres / dual safety switch
Cylinder displacement is 21.7 cm³
Blade length is 59cm / Warranty 12 months
Price Guide: £230 to £280 @ Amazon

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Part 3: Best Petrol Hedge Trimmers Continued - Einhell & Hyundai (9 &10)

9, Einhell 25cc 55cm Petrol Hedge Trimmer (GE-PH 2555)

Key Features to Note:

2-Stroke petrol engine / dual safety switch
Cutting length is 55cm / Quick start auto choke
Lower vibration for hand comfort / Primer manual
Diamond ground blade / Electronic ignition
Centrifugal clutch / Rotating swivel handle
Safety hand guard / large filling port
Maximum cutting thickness is 19mm
Weight is 5.5kg / HP 1.15 / Warranty 1 year
Price Guide: £170 to £230 @ Amazon

10, Hyundai 26cc 72cm Petrol Hedge Trimmer (HYT2622-3)

Key Features to Note:

Longer blade option of 72cm / 90-degree rotation
Power 26cc 2 stroke petrol engine
Double Reciprocating Blade for better cutting
Anti-vibration system to allow more comfort
Handle can be rotated and adjusted
Horsepower 1/10 & Speed of 10500 RPM
Cutting length of the blade works to 66cm
Warranty 3 years duration / Weight is 6.5kg
Price Guide: £150 to £200


After completing our research and review for the 10 best petrol hedge trimmers, we hope you found the options that we provided useful in some way. Which one would we pick from this list? To be honest we do not want to influence your own decision but if you insisted – our top 3 from this list would have to be Spear and Jackson which is backed with the 3-year warranty, followed closely by the McCulloch 22cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer HT 5622 and then the third in our top 3 would have to be the Stihl 27.2cc Petrol Hedge Trimmer. Your own top 3 may be different to ours but that is what we would select based on our own experiences.


Have you ever used any of these Petrol Hedge Trimmers yourself in the recent past? Are there brands or models here that you believe should be excluded or do you have other suggestions that need to be included? What would be your own top 3?

If at all possible, please share your own suggestions or your own top 3 by leaving a short comment in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK can learn also!


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  1. I have two Stihl hedge trimmers of different sizes and have been very impressed with the durability and ease of use.  Your review of the various models of trimmers covered many options, but I am leaning toward the Stihl option at number 4 as I prefer that brand from my previous experiences.  I believe that the  ability to cut “larger, thicker and denser hedges” is what I am looking for.  I plan to go to the shop to get a feel for several models, but my experience is causing me to lean towards the Stihl.  Thanks for this comprehensive review of so many makes and models and I am glad to see that the Stihl hedge trimmer has been included here, good to know the alternatives also

  2. Thanks for your thorough review of some of the trimmers on the market. I’ve tried the cheap and cheerful Mcculloch number 2. in your list and found it adequate for my needs. One of the factors that influence my choice is the overall weight of the appliance as I’m < 5’3 and weigh under 8 stone. The higher priced ones have features that I’d need if I had a larger hedge. After reading your top 3, I’m curious to learn more on a practical level by trying out one of your recommendations from the local plant hire centre the next time I need to trim a hedge. That way I won’t be shelling out a large amount of money but will have the benefit of using the selected trimmer 

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