McGregor Lawnmower Review 2024 – Compilation


Thanks a million for taking the time to visit and welcome to this McGregor Lawn Mower Review which will serve as a compilation review covering several models under the McGregor brand so at least you have more than just 1 choice when it comes to making a final decision.

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Various Lawnmower Types

This review will take a brief look at the various types of Lawn mowers be it Hover, Corded, Cordless, Push Petrol and also Self Propelled Petrol Lawn mowers and the pros, cons and features for each will be outlined below to give you a better understanding of what each type has to offer. Please note though that the availability of the petrol lawnmowers can be somewhat disappointing so you may be limited to just the electric lawnmowers under this brand at the time of your visit.


As prices can change from week to week, please be aware that guide prices can only be submitted so please ensure you view the price checkers provided below to ensure you get the most up to date price information. As the range is so vast – this review has been split into 4 different parts so feel free to skip to whatever part interests you the most…

Lawn Mower Review Overview

Models:Compilation of Hover / Corded / Cordless / Petrol
Price Range:At the time of this review - £35 to £220
Cheapest Place to Buy:Argos UK – View Stock Levels Here
Warranty:2 years duration
Deliveries:Location dependant – tends to be 3 to 7 working days

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Frequently Asked Questions - McGregor Lawnmowers

Q1. What mow heights are available with the Hover?
A. The Hover lawn mowers can mow from 1.2cm-3.3cm (4 settings)

Q2. How big the grass collection with the Hover models?
A. The grass collectors have a capacity of 20 litres only.

Q3. How long of a warranty period is available?
A. They offer a 2 year warranty on all their lawn mower models

Q4. What are the mow heights of the Corded models?
A. The mow heights range from 2cm to 7cm

Q5. What size are the grass collectors?
A. The size of the grass collectors ranges from 33L to 42L

Q6. How long are the power cables?
A. The power cables for the Corded models is 10m in length

Q7. What oils are needed for the Petrol Mowers?
A. You will need unleaded petrol plus engine oil 400ml of SAE30 before start up

Q8. What are the mow width of the Petrol McGregor mowers?
A. The mow width is 41cm

McGregor Lawn Mower Review Part 1 - Hover Lawn Mowers

McGregor 33cm Hover  Lawnmower   1500W


Low Price Level
4 Mowing heights
Ideal for small gardens
Torque Drive system
Can cut steep slopes
Mulching ability
Handle Folds for storage


Not suitable for large lawns
Struggles with thick grass
No grass collector
Limited to 10m cable area

McGregor 30cm Hover Collect Lawnmower 1450W


Grass Collector included
Perfect for small gardens
Height of mows = 4
Drive system is Torque
Able to mow steep slopes
Handle can be folded down
Ability to mulch
Good overall value
Front transport wheel


Small grass collector
Narrowest cut path
Takes longer & more passes
Struggles with thick grass

McGregor 35cm Hover Collect Lawnmower 1700W


Widest cutting path 35cm
Less mow passes needed
Larger Grass collector 26L
Torque drive system
Can cut steep banks
Includes mulch capability
Superior power 1700W
Can deal with larger gardens
Front transportation wheel


Most expensive Hover model
Heavier by approx. 2.5kg
Limited to work area 10m
Cable on lawn as you mow


A comparison table for 3 popular McGregor Hover Lawn Mowers is provided below…

FeatureMcGregor 33cm HoverMcGregor 30cm Hover CollectMcGregor 35cm Hover Collect
Power:1500W Electric1450W Electric1700W Electric
Blade Width:33cm30cm35cm
Cutting heights:4 (1.2cm-3.3cm)4 (1.2cm-3.3cm)4 (1.2cm-3.3cm)
Handle:Height AdjustableHeight AdjustableHeight Adjustable
Power Cable:10m10m10m
Safety Switch:YesYesYes
Grass Collector:N/A20L26L
Warranty:2 years2 years2 years
Price Guide:£35 to £50£70 to £85£90 to £110

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McGregor Lawn Mower Review Part 2 - Corded Electric Lawn Mowers

McGregor 32cm Corded Rotary Lawnmower 1200W


Tends to have the lowest price
Reliable power source
No battery limitations
Blade is carbon steel
Ideal for small/medium lawns
Torque Drive is included
5 Cutting heights (1 lever)
Includes the rear roller
Striped effect capability
Handles are foldable
Grass bag is collapsible
Indicator on bag when full
Includes safety switch


Cable on lawn as you mow
Narrowest cut path 32cm
More mowing passes needed
Slower to complete jobs
Lowest power level 1200W
Not suitable for large lawns
Smallest Grass bag – 33L
Lowest number of cut heights

McGregor 34cm Corded Rotary Lawnmower 1400W


Wider cutting path by 2cm
Less mowing passes
Carbon steel blade
Inclusion of Torque Drive
6 Cutting heights (1 lever)
Rear roller included
Capability of striped effect
Larger grass bag by 2L
200W more power
Safety switch included
Foldable handles for storage
Bag indicator when full
Carbon steel blade


Not for larger type lawns
Mow is limited to cable size
Narrow cut path only 34cm
Medium power level 1400W
Roller could be better
Bag size still quite small 35L

McGregor 40cm Corded Rotary Lawnmower 1900W


Widest mow path of 40cm
Least number of mow passes
Carbon steel blade
Torque Drive included
Includes rear roller (stripes)
Largest grass bag 42L
Less frequent emptying
Superior power of 1900W
1 more mow height
Can mow 1cm higher
Mulching ability included
1 lever height adjustment
Superior with thicker grass
Can deal with larger lawns
Rear roller for stripes


Heaviest to push around 15kg
Not self-propelled
Much higher price level
Limited cable length of 10m
Cable on lawn as you mow

McGregor Lawn Mower Review Part 3 - Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

McGregor 34cm Cordless Rotary Lawnmower 36V


Tends to be the lowest priced option
Environmentally friendly option
Not limited to a cable length of 10m
No danger of cables on the lawn
Ideal for small/medium lawns
Single lever height adjustment
6 different mow heights available
Handle indicates battery charge level
Foldable handle for easier storage
Rear rollers included for striped effect
Battery & Charger Included


Not suitable for larger lawns
Limited to the time of the battery charge
Tends to last for approx. 30 mins
Additional batteries may be needed
Always need to remember to battery charge
Recharging the battery will take min 1 hour
Small grass collector only 35L

McGregor 33cm Cordless Rotary Lawnmower 24V


No dangerous cables across the lawn
Includes 5 different mow heights
Not limited to the length of a cable 10m
Perfect for small/medium lawns
Foldable handle to allow easier storage
Rear rollers for striped effect
Battery and Charger Included
Handle indicates battery charge level
Environmentally friendly option
Single lever height adjustment


Lower power available of 24V
Slightly narrower mow path
1 less mow height to choose from
Max height is lower by 1 cm (6.5cm)
Not capable of dealing with large lawns
Smaller grass collector of 33L
Recharging of 1 hour causes delays
Battery will run only for approx. 30 mins


Cordless Comparisons

A comparison table for 2 popular McGregor Cordless Lawn Mowers is provided below…

Feature:McGregor 34cm CordlessMcGregor 33cm Cordless
Power:36V battery 2.5AH24V battery 2.5AH
Blade:Carbon SteelCarbon Steel
Cut Heights:6 (2.5cm-7.5cm)5 (2.5cm-6.5cm)
Height Adjustment:Single leverSingle lever
Charged Battery Runtime:30 to 35 minutes30 to 35 minutes
Recharging time:1 hour1 hour
Battery Check:Yes, on handleYes, on handle
Mow Width:34cm33cm
Foldable Handles:Yes (for easier storage)Yes (for easier storage)
Handles:Soft GripSoft Grip
Grass Collector:Yes, collapsible - 35LYes, collapsible - 33L
Warranty:2 years2 years
Grass Bag Indicator:Yes, when fullYes, when full
Rear Roller:Yes (for striped effect)Yes (for striped effect)
Price Guide:£75 to £90£150 to £170

McGregor Lawn Mower Review Part 4 - Petrol Lawn Mowers

McGregor 41cm Hand Push Petrol Rotary Lawnmower 129cc


Superior power level for thicker grass
Quicker and stronger with longer grass
Not limited to the length of a cable
Not limited to a battery runtime
Wider mow path of 41cm
Less mow passes saving you time
Much better with damp grass
Perfect for larger gardens
Much larger grass bag (50L)
Less frequent emptying
6 different mow heights available
Central height adjustor


Not environmentally friendly
Ongoing maintenance costs
Added ongoing fuel and oil costs
Fuel and oil must be bought before start up
Not self propelled & steep slopes are difficult
Much louder noise levels

McGregor 41cm Self Propelled Petrol Rotary Lawnmower 129cc


Self propelled to help you mow quicker
Much faster operation and mow passes
No pushing is needed – ideal for large gardens
Wider mowing path of 41cm
Less mow passes needed saving you time
A lot better with damp grass
Ideal for larger gardens
Larger grass bag included (50L)
Less emptying time required
6 different mow heights to choose from
Central height adjustment
Not limited to the length of a corded cable
Battery runtime is not an issue


Not an environmentally friendly choice
Ongoing maintenance costs to pay
Added fuel and oil costs ongoing
Fuel and oil to be bought prior to start up
Noise level can annoy the neighbours

Petrol Comparisons

A comparison table for 2 popular McGregor Petrol Lawn Mowers is provided below…

Feature:McGregor 41cm Hand PushMcGregor 41cm Self Propelled
Operation:Hand Push PetrolSelf Propelled Petrol
Mow Width41cm41cm
Power Level129cc 4 stroke129cc 4 stroke
Garden Sizes:Medium & LargeMedium & Large
Grass Collector:Yes, 50LYes, 50L
Handle:Soft grip and foldableSoft grip and foldable
Mow Heights:6 (2.5cm-7.5cm)6 (2.5cm-7.5cm)
Warranty:2 years2 years
Price Guide:£180 to £220£210 to £235

Price Comparisons Brands

If you are still undecided about the McGregor brand of Lawnmowers, then make sure to check out 2 more popular options provided below as follows…

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  1. Haven’t seen a compilation review before – great idea, much better in my view and easier to follow. I couldn’t have come across your post at a more opportune time for my Aunt who has been complaining about her mowers breaking down all the time (motor issues) and i promised i would help her check online for a good one. Based on this we be going ahead with the 1200W rotary corded model and the price at Argos is well affordable – will be making some savings here so thanks for your help with that

    • You are more than welcome and best of luck to you and your Aunt with your new McGregor 1200W Corded Rotary lawn mower. Thanks also for stopping by and taking the time to leave your feedback – it is greatly appreciated.

  2. Can someone please tell me where I can buy a Mcgregor 1450w, 30cm Hover Mower please, I have tried Argos and Amazon with no joy

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