Bosch Lawnmower Reviews 2024 – Corded vs Cordless


Greetings once again and welcome to this Bosch Lawn Mower Review which will cover both the Corded and Cordless models so at least you have more than just 1 choice when it comes to making your final decision.


We will analyse all the key features that they have to offer plus the pros and cons associated to each. For the purpose of this review, we will split it into 2 parts - Part 1 will be the Corded Lawn mowers x 2 and Part 2 will be the Cordless Lawn mowers x 2 and a comparison table will be outlined for all 4 so least you have a better understanding for each of them right across the board in terms of what they offer and what they can do.

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Guides & FAQ's

Please note also that only guide prices can be given at the time of this review which can change from month to month. To ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information, please view the price checkers outlined under each model provided below. For your benefit, a number of frequently asked questions that have come up will also be outlined which will be of interest to you and a number of further price alternatives at the end of this page that deserve a closer look.

Lawn Mower Review Overview

Models:Compilation of Corded vs Cordless
Price Range:At the time of this review - £120 up as far as £420
Cheap Place to Buy:Amazon - View Stocks Here
Warranty:2 years (3 years if registered online with MyBoschTools within 28 days)
Deliveries:Location dependant – tends to be 3 to 7 working days

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How do you get the extension on the warranty to 3 years?
A. You need to register online at with 28 days.

Q2. What is the contact number for a service?
A. You can call them at 03447360109 and it will be collected the following day

Q3. Can you mow if the cable across the lawn?
A. Yes, but you need to pay close attention to avoid it at all times

Q4. How long are the cables on the corded models?
A. They are 10m in length

Q5. Do they include the rear rollers for stripes?
A. Yes, the rear rollers are included for stripes on selected models

Q6. Do you need tools to adjust the mow height?
A. No, the mow heights are controlled centrally with 1 lever

Q7. How long does it take to recharge the batteries?
A. It can take 90 to 95 minutes to fully recharge the batteries

Q8. What is the runtime on the fully charged batteries?
A. The runtime on a fully charged battery is 90 minutes

Bosch Lawn Mower Reviews – Part 1 Corded

Bosch Rotak 34cm Corded Rotary Lawnmower 1300W


Price level always tends to be one of the lowest

Perfect for small & medium sized lawns

Single lever for adjusting mow heights

6 mow heights to choose from

Allows 2cm to 7cm mowing

Grass combs included for tidier finish (less trim)

Handles can be folded and height adjusted

Decent size grass box of 40L capacity

5 day repair service is available (collect & return)

Rear roller gives an attractive striped finish

Overall great value for the price you pay


Not suited for lawns over 300m2

Danger of cables across the lawn

Limited to small /medium lawns only

Shorter cable than Spear & Jackson (2m)

Repair service excludes UK Highlands/Islands

Mow is limited to 10m cable length

Minor issues with the handles reported

Bosch Rotak 37cm Corded Rotary Lawnmower 1400W


Middle of the road in terms of price level

Wider mow path by 3cm – quicker mowing

Less number of mow passes needed

Capable of dealing with larger lawns

Height is controlled with single lever

Grass box also remains at 40L capacity

There are 6 mow heights available (2-7cm)

Striped finish using the rear rollers

They offer a 5 day collect and return service

Reliable and efficient piece of equipment

High torque from the powerdrive motor

Grass comb technology for a neat finish (less trim)

Includes ergoflex handles for better control/less strain


Limited to lawn size max 300m2

Collection service excludes UK Highlands/Islands

You need to slow down with cables across the lawn

Limited to the 10m cable length again

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Corded Comparisons

A quick summary of 2 popular Corded Lawn Mowers under the Bosch brand is outlined below…

FeatureBosch Rotak 34cm Corded 1300WBosch Rotak 37cm Corded 1400W
Power Level:1300W1400W
Lawn Size:Up to 200m2Up to 300m2
Repair Service:5 day turn around5 day turn around
Blade Width:34cm Ground Steel37cm Ground Steel
Mow Heights:6 (2cm-7cm)6 (2cm-7cm)
Grass collector:40L Capacity40L Capacity
Handle:Height Adjustable & foldableErgoflex (less strain) & foldable
Cable:10m Length10m Length
Safety Switch:YesYes
Rear Roller:Yes (for stripes)Yes (for stripes)
Price Guide:£120 to £150£140 to £165

Bosch Lawn Mower Reviews – Part 2 Cordless

Bosch Rotak32LI 32cm Cordless Lawnmower 36V


Not limited to the cable length of 10m
Unrestricted distance available for mowing
Includes inset front wheels to reduce trimming
Grass combs allow a tidier finish on edges
The Ergoflex system for better steering
Battery energy is intelligently controlled
Power adjusts to slopes / thicker grass
5 day repair service available
Battery and Charger included
Central mow height controller
Can mow 300m2 on a single charge
Lightweight when compared to petrol mowers
Safer than having cables across the lawn


Need to remember to keep the battery charged
You are limited to the runtime of the battery
Narrowest mow path – small lawns only
Larger lawns take far too long
Smaller grass collector only 31L
Charging the battery will cause delays
Struggles with heavy thick long grass
Tends to clog up with damp grass
Additional batteries may be required if >300m2
Further costs associated with additional batteries

Bosch Rotak 37LI 37cm Cordless Rotary Lawnmower 36V


Much wider cut path by 5cm (saves time)
Less mow passes needed – a lot quicker
Larger grass collector (9L more)
More mow heights available (2 more)
Inset front wheels for reduce trimming
Grass combs allow a tidier & cleaner finish
Intelligently controlled battery to conserve energy
Battery and Charger included
Mow height controlled with a central lever
Suggested for lawns up to 300m2
The hardened and ground steel blade
Rear roller and safety switch included
No danger of cables across the lawn
More convenient that petrol / corded mowers
No fuel / oil / maintenance costs to worry about


Price range a lot higher than corded models
Limited to runtime on a battery - small lawns only
A second battery may be needed (extra costs)
Longer charge time (2 hours long)
Always need to remember to charge
Not suggested for lawns >300m2 in size
Price of additional batteries can be expensive
Heavier than the 32cm by 3kg

Cordless Comparisons

A quick summary of 2 popular Cordless Lawn Mowers under the Bosch brand is outlined below…

FeatureBosch Rotak 32cm Cordless 36VBosch Rotak 37cm Cordless 36V
Battery Power36V Lithium-Ion battery 2.6Ah36V Lithium-Ion battery 4Ah
Lawn Size Suggested:Up to 150m2Up to 300m2 (90 mins)
Recharge Time:1.5 hours long2 hours
Blade Width:32cm37cm
Mow Heights:4 (3cm-6cm)6 (2cm-7cm)
Handles:Ergoflex steering & FoldableErgoflex steering & Foldable
Rear Roller:Yes (for stripes)Yes (for stripes)
Safety Switch:YesYes
Grass Collector:31L Capacity40L Capacity
Price Guide:£330 to £380£380 to £420

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Feedback Appreciated

Have you any previous experiences of using Bosch Electric Lawn Mowers yourself in the past?

If so, then please share your opinions with the UK community (good or bad) by leaving a comment in the comment box section below – So that they can learn also

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  1. Thanks for reviewing this lawn mower also, was looking at the Challenge model and came across this also. . So many people have old lawn mowers and it’s really important to get a nice new lawn mower because older lawn mowers have more emissions and they tend to be louder. Get a newer lawn mower and do your neighbors a favor by reducing the noise. It will really be worth it. I think the best one is the cordless with the big battery. Even if you have to just do some of your lawn then you can take a break and come back to it later. Can you also get spare batteries so that you can have a backup battery charged?

  2. Beautifully written review you have here. I was looking to gift a friend who loves his garden and lawn so much and  I still find it hard to select which lawn mower will be perfect for him. In your opinion, do you think a person who has been mowing for a long time will prefer the cordless or the corded Bosch lawn mower

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