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Are you considering buying a Spear & Jackson Hedge Trimmer to take care of your overgrown hedges in the coming days? If so, then please make sure to check out our Spear Jackson Hedge Trimmer review which will focus on the corded electric options that range from 45cm to 66cm in length as they tend to have the lowest price range in this category under this brand.

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Corded & Cordless

In addition to the lower priced corded electric Hedge trimmers, Spear and Jackson also carry a wide range of other hedge trimmers such as cordless hedge trimmers, Petrol operated hedge trimmers and also Cordless Pole hedge trimmers to help reach higher and larger type hedges so they offer a great variety of hedge trimmers for you to choose from.

Wider Range

As a result, you are not limited to just one type or just one model of Hedge trimmer under this brand which is always a good thing as they offer lots of options be it fuel based, cordless battery based or the lower priced corded electric options as well as the longer reach pole electric cordless model which also has proven to be very popular among the UK public for reaching higher type hedges.


Our Spear & Jackson Hedge Trimmer review as mentioned earlier will focus on the lower priced corded electric Hedge trimmers and we will outline all the key features that you need to be aware of along with most of the pros and cons that we came across that are outlined further down on this page. For your added benefit, we will also outline some frequently asked questions about the Spear & Jackson hedge trimmers which hopefully will answer some of the queries that you may possibly have.

Spear & Jackson Hedge Trimmer Review Content

  • Section 1: Overview plus FAQ’s
  • Section 2: Spear & Jackson 45cm Hedge Trimmer Review – Features / Pros / Cons
  • Section 3: Alternative Corded Spear & Jackson Hedge Trimmer x 2 (plus Comparisons)
  • Section 4: Overview of Cordless and Petrol Hedge Trimmers Options
  • Section 5: Conclusion & Feedback Submission

Section 1: Overview plus FAQ’s

Brief Overview:

Brand / Model:Spear & Jackson Hedge Trimmer 450W
Blade:45cm long
Power:450-Watt Hedge Trimmer
Warranty:3 years duration
Price Level:£35 to £55 @ Argos UK – Check Todays Updated Price Here

FAQ’s for the Spear & Jackson Hedge Trimmers

Q. What is the length of the power cord?
A. The length of the power cord is 10m only so you may need to look at extension cords also.

Q. What level of branch thickness can the S4545EH cut through?
A. The max branch thickness that the S4545EH can cut through is 16mm

Q. Do they include blade covers when not in use?
A. No, these hedge trimmers do not come with blade covers when not in use

Q. What is the maximum length of the blade in the corded hedge cutter category?
A. The maximum length of blade that they stock in a corded hedge trimmer is a 66cm blade length.

Q. How long are the blades on the cordless versions?
A. The length of the blades for the standard Spear and Jackson cordless hedge trimmers is 51cm

Q. Can you get additional batteries for the cordless hedge trimmers?
A. Yes, batteries can be bought separately or you can choose a specific model that offers 2 batteries in the same pack (outlined further below)

Q. How long does it take to recharge the batteries for the cordless hedge trimmers?
A. It takes approx. 1 hour long to full recharge the batteries.

Q. Are the battery chargers included?
A. Yes, the packs include the battery chargers in the box

Q. How long will the batteries last for?
A. Once fully charged, these batteries will operate for 30 to 35 minutes run time on average.

Q. How long is the pole cordless hedge trimmer model from Spear and Jackson?
A. The long pole cordless hedge trimmer can be extended from 1.9m to 2.35m in length for harder to reach hedges.

Q, What width of branches can this petrol hedge trimmer cut through?
A. The petrol version from Spear and Jackson can cut branches up to 2.8cm in thickness.

Q. What fuel do you use for the petrol hedge trimmer?
A. You need to use both unleaded petrol and engine oil such as 60ml of SAE10W 30 engine oil.

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Section 2: Spear & Jackson 45cm Hedge Trimmer Review – Features / Pros / Cons

Spear & Jackson 45cm Corded Hedge Trimmer

Main Features to Note:

Model number S4545EH
Power level of 450W
Blade Length is 45cm
270 degree rotations
Multi position handle
Dual action blades – Cleaner cut
16mm tooth gap for branch width
Weight 3.6kg / Cable 10m long
Warranty is 3 years duration

Price Guide: £35 to £50

Pros to Note (6)

  • This model under the Spear and Jackson brand is certainly one of the best prices we have come across and is generally available for less than £50 which is a bargain for the quality you are getting.
  • You can get 3 further additional years of accidental repair cover for less than £10 extra which can add 3 further years of peace of mind at such a low extra cost.
  • The length of the warranty of 3 years is superb and rarely beaten in this sector – to date we haven’t seen any other brands offer a warranty as long as this.
  • Stock availability is generally very good from Argos who also offer good customer service and a fast and efficient delivery service.
  • The weight of this hedge trimmer is less than 4kg so it is an ideal lightweight tool which allows you to work it for longer without arm fatigue setting in. The lightness of this tool is a serious advantage and makes the chore of cutting hedges a lot more achievable and enjoyable.
  • You get the laser cut blades, the hand guard and safety guard as standard which provide a great level of protection along with the blade tip protector feature.

Cons to Note (6)

  • This hedge trimmer doesn’t have the capability to deal with large hedges as it can only be used for small or medium sized hedges
  • The cable length is just 10m in length so you may need to invest in extension cords also which will be an added expense.
  • There are no blade covers included when not in use as is seen available from various other premium brands
  • Works well for lighter duty jobs but too lightweight and small to deal with bigger heavier-duty jobs with heavier and thicker branches.
  • Even though the tooth gap is 16mm, you may find the blade at times works much better with branches with a max thickness of 1cm or 1.2cm
  • You always need to be careful when you have cords lying around and make sure it is clear of any obstacles to avoid any accidents such as cutting through the cord.

Further images of the Spear & Jackson 45cm Corded Hedge Trimmer are outlined below (5)

  • Spear & Jackson 450W 45cm Corded Hedge Trimmer Blades

Section 3: Alternative Corded Spear & Jackson Hedge Trimmers

If you are still undecided about the lower priced Spear & Jackson 45cm Corded Hedge Trimmer, then check out 2 further options under the Spear and Jackson brand outlined as follows:

1, Spear & Jackson 51cm 550W Corded Hedge Trimmer

Main Features to Note:

Model number S5551EH with 550W

Longer blade length of 51cm

For medium and larger type hedges

Tooth gap for branches is 20mm wide

270 degree rotation handle / Cord 10m

Weight is less than 4kg / Dual blade action

Safety hand guards / Blade protector tip

Soft Grip handle / Warranty is 3 years also

Price Guide: £50 to £70

2, Spear & Jackson 66cm 600W Corded Hedge Trimmer

Main Features to Note:

Model number S6066EH with 600W

Most powerful corded model

Longer blade length again of 66cm

Designed for larger type hedges

Tooth gap for branches is 24mm wide

Cord 10m long / 270 degree handle

Weight is less than 5kg / Dual blades

Soft Grip handle / Warranty of 3 years

Price Guide: £50 to £90


A short comparison table is outlined below for the 3 corded Hedge trimmers under the Spear and Jackson brand to add further clarity…

Feature:Spear & Jackson 45cmSpear & Jackson 51cmSpear & Jackson 66cm
Blade length:45cm51cm66cm
Branch Width:Max 16mm thickMax 20mm thickMax 24mm thick
Cable:10m long10m long10m long
Safety Switch:DualDualDual
Warranty:3 years long3 years long3 years long

Section 4: Overview of Cordless and Petrol Hedge Trimmers

If you wish to avoid the hassle of cords or extension cords for that matter when dealing with your hedge trimming, there are also further options to choose from under this Spear and Jackson brand be it cordless hedge trimmers or a petrol hedge trimmer outlined as follows...

  1. Spear & Jackson 45cm Cordless 18V Hedge trimmer: Price level tends to be around £50 to £70
  2. Spear & Jackson 51cm Cordless 18V Hedge trimmer: Price level tends to be around £60 to £80
  3. Spear & Jackson 51cm Cordless 18V Hedge trimmer with 2 batteries: Price level tends to be around £70 to £90
  4. Spear & Jackson Long Pole Cordless 18V Hedge trimmer: Price level tends to be around £80 to £120
  5. Spear & Jackson 55cm 26cc Petrol Hedge trimmer: Price level tends to be around £80 to £120 also

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Section 5: Conclusion & Feedback Submission


While the smaller Spear and Jackson 45cm hedge trimmer doesn’t have the ability to deal with bigger thicker branches beyond 16mm, it is still a fantastic tool to have for smaller jobs as it is lightweight, cuts really well and very easy to use as the weight is less than 4kg. There are no petrol fumes or battery recharging to worry about and you get consistent power from the cord and the price level for less than £50 is a great buy and bargain for the quality of the tool you are getting – it does exactly as it states on the box.

Great value for money overall and we would highly recommend it for smaller bushes or hedges that need to be trimmed down and tidied up.

On a personal point of view, the model we would most likely stock from this range would be the wider  66cm blade length model with 600W as it does offer superior power and the capability to cut wider branches of up to 2.4cm in width and of course it is also backed with the 3 year warranty.

Feedback Submission

Have you ever tried a Spear and Jackson Hedge Trimmer yourself in the recent past? Did it cut the hedges and operate as expected or did you experience any problems that we should know about?

If possible, please share your own experiences or feedback (good or bad) with the wider UK community by leaving a short comment in the comment box section provided below – So that others across the UK community can learn also!

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  1. Over all this Hedge trimmer performs well however there is a design fault which had I spotted i would not have bought this product. Indeed I am thinking of selling it on e-bay to recoup some money to buy another make. One of the main reasons i chose this model was because of its long reach and the maximum thickness of cut which is was capable of.
    The fault is the design of the tip of the cutting blade, a blunt pointed steel tip about 2 inches long; which you can see clearly on the photographs above. When you are cutting at full stretch on a hedge wider than the blade, or at an angle across the hedge this thing stops the cut because it fouls the hedge. Because the blade is so long this often means you a struggle to make progress. A counter measure is of course to over reach the obstruction; but; you can’t because you are often at full stretch when it happens. In effect there is a 3 inch length of blade which does not cut which often results in a “wrestling match” to make progress. Very poor design. I feel certain you will say it is a safety feature and well it might be BUT my last cutter didn’t have this problem and as a retired engineer i can assure you that I could design a cutting blade that does not have this fault. An doubts about my observation go out and try the tool on a wide hedge yourself. And maybe don’t let the apprentice design the next version. This is a well meant critique pleas take it as such. E&OEx.

    • Hey, your feedback is welcome and many thanks for taking the time to share it. I have the long reach cordless pole hedge trimmer and while it struggles on thicker branches, I cannot fault it with when it comes to our Leylandii and evergreen hedges – annual growth levels are maintained adequately. Works as good as any petrol hedge trimmer we have used to be honest in the past (lasted well over 30 minutes before having to recharge again). For areas that are too tall, I have a few pallets to help me reach the top of them and I also use a hand saw also for anything too thick for a hedge trimmer. Anyway, many thanks again for taking the time to stop by and leave you feedback – it will help the wider UK community

  2. This is a big time great review for Spear and Jackson hedge trimmers and a lot easier to follow than many other reviews that I have see on the internet.  Getting the right model and cut can be difficult considering the stiff competition in market but then, this has covered all this and more. The Spear and Jackson seems almost perfect but its good to know both the pros and cons and the pros actually outweighs the cons to be fair. Didn’t realise you could get a warranty for as long as 3 years either so that is certainly great to know. Many thanks for working out this review so at least I can get a second opinion

    • Yes, the warranty of 3 years is great security to have and the quality of the cut is excellent from our experiences. Best of luck and take care, Steve

  3. New machine operates for a few seconds, then fails to cut but makes an alarming loud noise. This action repeats, without cutting modest tame hedge. Easy by hand shear.

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