Best Rattan Sun Loungers 2021 – 3 Recommendations


Are you thinking about buying a Rattan Sun Lounger in the coming days or weeks to make the most of the warm weather? If so, then please make sure to check out our top 3 best Rattan Sun Loungers which we believe are the most comfortable and best to use in the UK at present. Rattan have been selling their furniture since 2006 and they now have a wide range of garden furniture as well as indoor furniture, conservatory furniture, dining sets and much more for your entire outdoor garden areas. As we are in the gardening game (mostly working) we do like to take a well-earned break as well from time to time, so we have reviewed the range of Sun Loungers on offer at Rattan and selected what we believe are the top 3 best solutions in this category.

If you want to avoid the cheap tubular frame sun loungers with padded cushions that tend to wear and tear after a year or so, then this is the perfect solution for you and they come with easy to use recline levers, a choice of nice colours such as brown, black and grey and they are intricately handwoven backed with a long 7 year structural warranty which you don’t see very often in the trade.

Best Sun Loungers Review Content:

  • Section 1: Overview, Location & FAQ’s
  • Section 2: Our Best 3 Rattan Sun Loungers
  • Section 3: Finance Options Available
  • Section 4: Final Conclusion

As guide prices can only be published at the time of this Best Rattan Sun Lounger review list, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

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Section 1: Overview, Location & FAQ’s

Best List: Top 3 Best Rattan Sun Loungers
Deliveries:Standard, Premium & weekend options are available
Finance Options:0% finance options are available with no deposit required
Best Place to Buy:Direct from Rattan Direct UK – View Stock Availability Here
Warranty:7-year structural warranty
Support:0161 4080494 (Mon to Fri 9am – 5pm or Sat 10am – 4pm) or

Rattan Direct Location in the UK:

Frequently Asked Questions about Rattan Sun Loungers:

Q1. In the current situation, is the show room open or must you order online?
A. At the time of this review, you can only place online orders with Rattan Direct as the showroom is closed to visitors
Q2. Where is the head office located?
A. They are based in Farnworth Bolton BL4 7EP and can be contacted easily on 0800 088 3333 if needed
Q3. Where is all the furniture designed?
A. All the furniture designs are completed in house in their head office in Bolton
Q4. Can you get a home trial first before you commit?
A. Yes, home trials are available up to 14 days upon delivery.
Q5. Are the cushions waterproof?
A. No, they are only light shower proof. They are not waterproof from heavy rain so you should use the free covers provided when needed.
Q6. Can the cushion covers be washed in a washing machine?
A. Yes, as long as they are washed in a machine at 30 degrees maximum
Q7. How do you get the 0% interest finance?
A. The zero % finance is applied automatically on any items or baskets over £599 in value

Section 2: Our Best 3 Rattan Sun Loungers

1, Miami Rattan Garden Sun Lounger Set in Grey

Key Features to Note:

Advanced resin weave
Lightweight but solid
Free outdoor cover included
Aluminium anti-rust frame
Powder coated frame
Delivered pre-assembled
Deeply padded cushions
Tempered glass tabletops
7 year structural warranty

Sun Lounger Overview:

  • Our first option for you to consider is the Miami Rattan Garden Sun Lounger Set which comes in a grey colour and this has already received numerous positive reviews from previous buyers in the UK which is good to know.
  • The frame is powder coated Aluminium, so it is protected against rust or corrosion and this makes it lightweight to move around to different locations on your decking or garden. They are made from high-quality advanced resin weave that comes as UV-resistant, with anti-fade characteristics and it also has anti-mould properties so you are protected for different seasons well into the future.
  • Unlike many other garden furniture sets that take hours to assemble with a lot of backaches, this sun lounger comes fully assembled so all you have to do is set the cushions in place and away you go to enjoy the sun.
  • Included in the package is a reliable free outdoor cover to place over it when it rains, the seats are really easy to keep clean and they come with deeply padded cushions to provide the maximum level of comfort at all times for your head, neck, back and legs.
  • You can also customise this set to your own liking or preferences, the glass tabletops are tempered to provide additional strength and it comes in a variety of different colour schemes.
  • You get 2 Miami sun loungers here in the set along with free outdoor covers, 1 small tempered glass table and all the necessary cushions for each seat. The backrest can also be adjusted with a hydraulic lever to get the perfect position you need.
  • If you don’t want to pay for this all up front, then there is the option of spreading the cost of this over a 10-month period if you wish at 0% APR.

Price Guide: Less than £850 @ Rattan Direct UK

2, Cambridge Rattan Garden Sun Lounger Set in Black and Vanilla

Key Features to Note:

Free outdoor cover included
Powder- coated frame
Delivered pre-assembled
Deep padded cushions
Advanced resin weaving
Lightweight but robust
Aluminium anti-rust frame
Tempered glass tabletop
7-year structural warranty

Sun Lounger Overview:

  • Our second Rattan Sun lounger is the Cambridge Rattan Garden Sun Lounger Set which comes in a black and vanilla colour and like the first option above, this set comes with a free outdoor cover to protect them in adverse weather conditions. The price will generally set you back over £700 from what we have seen but is approx. £50 cheaper than the Miami option outlined further above.
  • Again, this set comes fully pre-assembled so there is no work needed on your end upon delivery and it is also very easy to clean and keep maintained looking as good as it should be. The frame here is made from Aluminium which makes it lightweight to move around your garden and it is treated with a powder coating to prevent any rust or corrosion setting in.
  • The glass in this set is heavy duty tempered glass which is well able to withstand outdoor general activities and the cushions provided are of excellent quality to provide the maximum level of comfort possible.
  • Like the Miami, these cushion covers can be cleaned in a washing machine at 30 degrees and they are waterproof to light showers (not heavy rain). The dimensions of the sun lounger are 32cm H by 198cm D by 73cm W and the table dimensions to note are 43cm D by 56cm H.
  • Rattan also offer a 7-year structural warranty here along with a 14 day hassle free return policy if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase. Overall, this unit is lightweight to manage, extremely comfortable, it is resistant to UV light and the frame structure is robust and solid to cater for larger people no hassle whatsoever.
  • If you don’t want to pay for this all up front, there is the option of spreading the cost of this over a 6 month period or even a 10 month period with zero % finance options available.

Price Guide: Less than £800 @ Rattan Direct UK

3, Paris Rattan Sun Lounger Set in Grey

Key Features to Note:

Superior padded cushions
Free outdoor cover included
Footrests are detachable
Delivery fully assembled
Tabletop tempered glass
Rattan weave finishing
Lightweight and robust
Aluminium anti-rust frame
7-year structural warranty

Sun Lounger Overview:

  • Our last and third Rattan Sun lounger on our list that we would also like to mention is the Paris Rattan Sun Lounger Set which comes in a grey colour and the price level that applies here is generally for less than £750 when being promoted or sold at a discounted price. The original price without any discounts can set you back over £1000 so it would be best to wait for the promotional discounts to be put in place!
  • This Sun lounger is different in that this one has detachable footrests so they can also be used like regular chairs as well as being used as a Sun lounger and putting your feet up to have a well-earned rest. The frame is made from Aluminium which makes it lightweight to move around your garden and it is treated with a powder coating to prevent any corrosion or rust setting in.
  • It comes pre-assembled which is one less thing to worry about, there is a free outdoor cover included in the pack to be used in adverse weather conditions and the glass it tempered to withstand heavier duty use. These sun loungers come in pairs with a reliable Rattan weaving finish and as the footrests are detachable, it makes storage that bit easier when it comes to the Wintertime.
  • The dimensions to take note of here are 156cm wide for the pair, 76cm wide for the pair and 60cm high for the pair. The footstool dimensions are 54cm wide by 51cm deep by 27cm high which are detachable and can be extended for people who have longer legs.
  • The one thing we really liked with this Sun lounger is the fact that the footrests can be tucked away underneath the seats which is a better solution for people with smaller sheds or smaller storage spaces available. They can then be pulled out when needed to relax your feet and legs and the armrests work better here in our opinion than the Miami and Cambridge Sun loungers already outlined above as they are designed as raised armrests.
  • Similar to the first 2 options, you can choose to spread the cost of this item over a 10-month period or a 6 month at 0% finance if you like so you don’t need to pay for the full amount up front if needed.

Price Guide: Less than £750 @ Rattan Direct UK

How do they Compare?

Below is a short summary and comparison table for the 3 Rattan Sun loungers in this review which may help you with making your own final decision based on the available space you have available in your own home, garden or even your shed when it comes to Winter storage.

Sun Lounger:Miami SET-MIA-004 Cambridge SET-CAM-002 Paris UNI89944
Width:60cm73cm156cm (pair)
Depth:198cm198cm76cm (pair)
Height:32cm32cm60cm (pair)
Warranty:7 year structural7 year structural7 year structural


As you may have guessed already, these sun loungers are weatherproof so they can maintain their appearance a long time into the future which works by way of the advanced resin weave being used. This allows it to have anti mould and anti-fade properties as well as being UV resistant so it’s appearance will remain strong and unchanged for many seasons to come. The frame of the unit is powdered coated Aluminium also which makes it resistant to rust and corrosion and the cushions are light shower proof also (not heavy rain proof though).

Section 3: Finance Options Available

You can pay for these Sun Loungers from Rattan over a 6-month or a 10-month period if you wish – a number of different examples are outlined below which may help to maintain a more regular consistent cash flow for you.

  1. Example 1: Agree a purchase of £799 and spread the cost from £79.90 per month over 10 months at 0% APR
  2. Example 2: Agree a purchase of £799 and spread the cost of approx. £133 per month over 6 months at 0% APR
  3. Example 3: Agree a purchase of £749 and spread the cost from £74.90 per month over 10 months at 0% APR
  4. Example 4: Agree a purchase of £749 and spread the cost of approx. £125 per month over 6 months at 0% APR
  5. Example 5: Agree a purchase of £699 and spread the cost of approx. £116/£117 per month over 6 months at 0% APR

Section 4: Final Conclusion

After reviewing the best Rattan Sun loungers, we hope our short list of our top 3 picks has been useful and beneficial to you in some small way. These Sun loungers don’t come cheap so you are better off waiting until they are being discounted at promotional prices as the potential savings can be in the region of £300 which is quite significant. That being said, with the current situation stock availability is tight from what we can see as people are looking to spend more time at home rather than their annual sun holidays. Therefore, we would advise to book or reserve the stock sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

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