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Are you searching for a sturdy and reliable soil or leaf Garden Rake in the coming days? If so, then check out our review selection for the best Garden Rakes on sale in the UK at present which includes Rakes for both various heavy duty soil jobs and leaf raking tidy up jobs. Included also in our Garden Rake selection will be higher end premium adjustable rakes as well as hard wearing budget type rakes for general use plus multi-functional 3 in 1 rakes and also telescopic rakes so there should be something here that can cater for your own individual needs.

Garden Rake Types

You make need a steel rake head for dealing with soils or a Garden leaf rake for tidying up your areas for later in the year. We have reviewed a selection of wide leaf rakes and narrowed our list down to what we believe are the best solutions to deal with these types of jobs. A multi-function rake is also a seriously handy tool to have as it can give you the options of picking up debris and leaves without having to bend down and pick it up yourself (ideal for people with back problems). Some of the rakes will be made from carbon steel and alloys while others will have a lighter design of fibreglass shafts or even Ash hardwoods so there will be a good mix of Garden rake options for you to choose from in this list.

Garden Rake Handles

To ensure you have a good selection mix of handles to choose from, the Garden rake shafts here will compose of various materials such as Aluminium shafts, Ash hardwood shafts, Fibreglass shafts and lacquered wood shafts. Everyone will have preferences to the type of handle shafts they like to work with so we hope the various mix of shaft types here can also meet your handling and gardening needs.

Price Ranges

To cater for everyone’s budget requirements, we have include a wide range of prices to choose from as it really depends on how much you want to spend at the end of the day. You can get a Garden rake for less than £20 here or you can get a higher spec Garden rake for over £30 or even get a premium spec rake for over £70 if you have this level of money to spend on a Garden rake tool.

As you scroll down through this list, price guides can only be shown at the time of this review so please make sure to double check the price checkers provided below which will help ensure you have the most updated price tags for when you visit this particular review today.

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Video Overview Best UK Garden Rakes - Soils, Leaves & Turf

Best Garden Rakes in the UK – 8 Recommendations

Option 1: Spear & Jackson 3 in 1 Leaf Rake

Main Features to Note:

Multi function 3 in 1 garden leaf rake
30 inch wide leaf raking with modular head
Can be used around shrubs & flower beds
Includes detachable leaf & debris grabbers
Helps to reduce bending over back strains
Unique rake head design with aluminium handle
Aluminium tubular shaft is hard wearing
3 piece set and weighs less than 1.2kg
Covered with a 1 year warranty

Price Guide: Under £35 @ Argos

Option 2: McGregor Steel Garden Soil Rake

Main Features to Note:

Hardy lower priced budget alternative
Ideal for people seeking a bargain price
Swift home deliveries available
Head is from rust resistant carbon steel
Shaft is made from fibreglass materials
Ideal for soils & flower bed preparations
Overall weight design is less than 1.2kg
Total length of the rake is approx. 1.5m
Longer 5 year warranty protection provided

Price Guide: Under £20 @ Argos

Option 3: Cherry Lane Carbon Steel Rake

Main Features to Note:

Lowest price offer on this list today
Tends to be on sale for less than £10
Click and collect or home delivery options
Support available on 0343 357 1122
Budget type leaf raking solution
Can also be used for lighter soil work
Comfortable plastic grip handle
Head is made from carbon steel
Useful for everyday lighter duty work

Price Guide: Under £10 @ Cherry Lane

Option 4: Fiskars Large Leaf Garden Rake

Main Features to Note:

Premium wider leaf raking solution
Shaft is made from lacquered wood
Popular gardening brand of Fiskars
Proven track record with gardening tools
Available as a click & collect item only
No home deliveries from supplier
Width of the extra-large head is 65cm
Flex support to protect grass underneath
Overall length is 1.73m & 1 year warranty

Price Guide: Under £30 @ Homebase

Option 5: Homebase Extra Large Soil Rake

Main Features to Note:

Great soil raking, leaf and debris solution
Shaft is made from treated Ash hardwood
Top end rubber plastic hand grip
Head is made from carbon steel
No home delivery available from supplier
Need to use click and collect system
Multiple store nationwide locations
Ideal for heavy tougher soil raking
Total length of the rake is approx. 1.57m

Price Guide: Tends to be less than £20

Option 6: Spear & Jackson Neverbend Flexo Rake

Main Features to Note:

Professional heavy duty Flexo lawn rake
Brand originates from the city of Sheffield
Neverbend solid forged carbon steel
Impressive garden lawn rake overall
Tines are heat treated supported
Includes 20 Tines that won’t detach
Full length of the rake is 1.52m
Shaft is made from tough treated Ash
Lightweight design of just 1.28kg

Price Guide: Under £40 @ Amazon

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Best Garden Telescopic & Turf Rakes

If the Garden rakes already outlined above don’t meet all of your expectations so far, then check out our last 2 recommendations summarised briefly as follows. They include a Telescopic length Rake which are ideal for denser thicker and harder to reach flower beds or work areas and the widths of the working tines can be adjusted to 48cm (or 19 inches) wide. For narrower areas, the tines then can be reduced to a working width of just 19cm (or 7.5 inches) which works better around closely located denser plants giving you more flexibility with the task at hand.

In addition, if the areas you need raked are turf type surfaces or carpet like artificial grass surfaces, then you should take a closer look at the last Turf rake option below that will work as a better solution overall for your raking needs.

Option 7: JT Pro Tools Omni Adjustable Foldable Rake

Main Features to Note:

Upper end premium quality foldable rake
Further images are in the video below
15 tines width are adjustable 7.5 to 19 inches
Or a working width range of 19cm to 48.3cm
Frame length adjusts from 32 to 62.5 inches
Or a working length range 81.3cm to 159cm
Multi-functional for leaves, soils and hedges
Fan head is adjusted with a twist lever
Material used is Aluminium alloy

Price Guide: Over £70+ level

Option 8: OrienTools Turf Adjustable Rake

Main Features to Note:

Unique raking head for turf type surfaces
Can also be used for raking carpets
For lighter duty work with removable head
Avoid heavy soils and stone work
Length is adjustable from 32 to 52 inches
Or a working length of 81.3cm to 132cm
Length is extended by twisting the handle
Raking width is 18 inches or 46cm
Can be used for pet hair on carpets also

Price Guide: Under £60 @ Amazon

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After completing this review of the best Garden Rakes in the UK, we hope this list gave you some ideas to think about and perhaps given you some direction on what next steps you should take in your online search. We have included soil rakes for less than £20, wider Rakes then for leaves and multi-functional rakes that can pick up additional debris as well as Rakes that have adjustable lengths and widths so there should be something here that can cater for your own needs.

Handle Types

We have also include a good mix of shaft handles be it alloy aluminium, treated Ash, Fibreglass and tubular aluminium so again there should be enough of a selection here to meet your own raking requirements.

Which Rake would we choose? After further consideration, it would have to be the Spear & Jackson Neverbend Garden rake outlined earlier and further information along with todays updated price tag can be double checked below…

Optional Community Feedback

Have you ever used any of these Garden Rakes yourself in the recent past? If so, have you anything positive or negative to report about their raking capabilities?

If possible, please feel free to educate the wider Gardening community by leaving your suggestions or opinions in the comment box section provided below…


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  1. The rake we have looks like the Cherry Lane carbon steel as described above. We have had it for many years and it seems adequate for the garden work we have. I really like that Spear and Jackson three in one though when it comes to upgrading. I like the handle and it is light enough to work with. As my husband and myself are at the age when we prefer to do as little bending and stooping as possible, this would be great for us. I also find it affordable. Thank you for this information that shows us that we have options when it coming to raking our garden estate and tidying it all up

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