Cheap Rattan Garden Sofa Sets 2023 💷 Best Value


Are you looking to get your hands on a cheap Rattan Garden Sofa Set in the UK? If so, then please check out our review for what we believe are 5 of the best options to choose from at the best possible price levels.


These Rattan Garden Sofa sets do not come cheap and there are limited buying avenues but thankfully Rattan themselves do offer significant discounts from time to time and in many cases will offer 20%+ discounts to help save you money in the process.

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There are cheaper garden sofa sets from different brands readily available in the UK than these Rattan Garden Sofa sets so you will have to dig deeper into your pockets if your heart is set in getting a specific Rattan Garden Sofa Set for your own home or garden.


As guide prices can only be published at the time of this Rattan Garden Sofa review, please make sure to view the price checkers provided below to ensure you have the most recent up to date price and discount information.

Cheap Rattan Garden Sofa Sets – 5 Recommendations

1, Monaco Rattan Garden Day Bed Sofa in Grey

Key Features in Summary:

Aluminium anti-rust frame
Delivered pre-assembled
Lightweight & robust frame
Free outdoor cover
Weatherproof weaving
Superior foam cushions
Size 140W x 77D x 64H cm
Warranty: 7 year structural

Garden Sofa Set Description:

Our first option on this short list is the Monaco Rattan Garden Day Bed Sofa which comes in a grey colour but there are also various other colours to choose from which come in a similar size frame set. It includes an Aluminium anti-rust frame which is lightweight and robust, the cushions included are deeply padded with superior quality and the weaving is weatherproof. You also get a free outdoor cover included in the package.

The set is easy to clean and maintain and the cushion covers are washable in 30-degree temperature. It can be used in the garden, decking or your conservatory and they offer a quick and flexible delivery service – orders are normally dispatched within 48 hours. This Garden sofa set from Rattan is delivered fully pre-assembled which is one less thing to worry about, it has the distressed Rattan weaving finish and also the aluminium feet for support

There is the 7-year structural warranty included as standard and the dimensions to note are 64cm high by 77cm deep by 140cm wide. Included also is the showerproof cover and the UV protective and anti-fade properties.

Price Guide: Over £800+

2, Florida 4 Piece Rattan Garden Corner Sofa Set in Chocolate and Cream

Key Features in Summary:

Larger 4-piece sofa set
Chocolate & cream colours
Free scatter cushions
Free outdoor covers
Aluminium anti-rust frame
Delivered pre-assembled
High quality weatherproof weave
Warranty: 7 year structural

Garden Sofa Set Description:

Our second option is not that cheap so to speak but it can be offered at discounted promotional prices from time to time and it’s the Florida 4 Piece Rattan Garden Corner Sofa Set in the Chocolate and Cream mix colours which certainly would be one of our own personal favourites.

This sofa set includes the free scatter cushions, free outdoor covers, it comes all preassembled upon delivery and it is also easy to clean and maintain. The cushion covers here are machine washable at 30 degrees and the cushions are really soft and comfortable and deeply padded – a premium superior quality overall.

The frame is made from Aluminium which is powder coated so it is rust free and corrosion free which is one less thing to worry about. The Aluminium makes it lightweight which makes it easier to move around on your decking or garden and the footstool can have tempered glass or a cushion. The frame is UV protected, anti-fade and anti-mould and this particular set is ideal for both medium and larger type garden areas. One thing that you will like here is the fact that this sofa set can be configured in different arrangements, so you are not just limited to one position.

As this item is valued over £900, you can choose to pay for this over 10 months at 0% finance instead to help with immediate cash flow.

Price Guide: Over £900+

The dimensions for the Florida 4 Piece Rattan Garden Corner Sofa Set with the Chocolate and Cream colours are outlined below

Further Cheap Rattan Garden Sofa Sets

If the 2 Sofa Sets outlined already haven’t ticked all of your boxes just yet, then check out the 3 final recommendations below which also can be heavily discounted directly at Rattan depending on the time of year and inhouse promotional activities


3, Geneva Rattan Garden Daybed Sofa Set in Black and Vanilla

Key Features in Summary:

Luxury Sofa Bed Set
2 corners sections included
3 mid sections included
Square Ottoman table also
Free outdoor covers provided
Machine washable cushions
Superior quality resin-weave
Delivered fully assembled
Rust resistant Aluminium frame
Finance options available

Price Guide: £1000+

4, Florida Rattan Garden Corner Section in Chocolate & Coffee Cream

Key Features in Summary:

Lower Priced Solution
Smaller single size frame
Can be used as a Corner sofa
Slot also into other frames
Size dimensions 77 x 77 x 63cm
Anti-rust Aluminium frame
Resistant to corrosion
Machine washable cushions
Assembled upon delivery
Structural warranty 7 years

Price Guide: Less than £650

5, Monaco Rattan  Large Luxury Garden Day Bed Sofa Set

Key Features in Summary:

Comes in Chocolate & Cream
Larger Sofa bed set solution
Comes all pre-assembled
High quality weatherproof
Easy to maintain and clean
Free outdoor cover included
Finance options available
Lightweight Aluminium frame
Layout can be configured
Structural warranty is 7 years

Price Guide: Over £1200+

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Which one would be pick? It’s a hard one to call but the smaller ones are the cheapest but then again, are the smaller ones going to meet your level of expectations? For me, the smaller cheaper Rattan sofa sets are just too small but I was blown away by the higher priced Monaco Rattan Garden Day Bed Sofa Set which works perfectly for a larger family especially when you can all sit around, tell stories, have a few drinks and enjoy each other’s company in a superb level of comfort.

The only major downside is that it will most likely set you back well over £1000 so it certainly won’t be within everyone’s budget. Anyway, we hope our short list of discounted Rattan Garden Sofa sets here has been helpful to you in some small way and best of luck with your own final decision. Further information from Rattan can be viewed directly below, in particular all the exact dimensions involved.

Lower Prices?

If you have seen cheaper or lower prices elsewhere for Rattan Garden Sofa sets, then feel free to educate the wider UK community by leaving your comments in the comment box section provided below! So that others across the community can learn also…

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