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If you are looking for a reliable backup Garden Shed to store all your garden tools over the next few days, then check out this quick review for what we believe are 5 of the best Garden Sheds currently available in the UK at present.

Review Work

There are literally thousands of Garden shed types dispersed around the UK and it was virtually impossible to narrow this list down to our top 5 Garden sheds but we hope you like what we have come up with in this list nonetheless. Throughout our list, there will be different types of structure materials as well as a good range of price points to choose from plus some maintenance free solutions.


The one problem we see is that several Garden sheds are out of stock or you may have to wait one month for a delivery and in some cases you will need to wait up to 3 months to get a delivery so our focus really was to avoid these Garden sheds and instead focus on options which are more readily available for a swifter and faster home delivery.

Build Support

Some of these Garden sheds offer an assembly service which can be included in the shopping basket or excluded so you can decide for yourself if you have enough DIY skills to take on the build project yourself or allow some experts to come in and build it for you.


Some of the tools you will definitely need if you are taking on the build yourself will be a measuring tape, step ladder, power drill, rubber mallet and a plan then to ensure you have a level foundation provided for the base supports. If you have an existing level concrete base or tarmac surface, then you are already one step ahead in getting the job done.

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Quick Video Overview – Best Garden Sheds

Best Garden Sheds in the UK – 5 Recommendations

Option 1: Keter Factor Beige Apex Garden Storage Shed – 8ft x 8ft

Quick Summary:

Made from durable Resin
Reinforced with Steel support
Built for tough weather
Dimensions 8ft x 8ft
Double doors & skylight
Heavy duty floor support
Fade free exterior finish
Little to no maintenance
Requires solid foundation
Includes lockable doors
15 year warranty provided

Garden Shed Overview

If you want a maintenance free durable Garden shed that is not made from wood, then you should take a closer look at the Keter Factor Apex Garden Storage Shed in a brown and beige colour and this one in particular offers dimensions of 8ft x 8ft for your garden tools. There are larger and smaller frames available under this brand with the same build materials but this size of 8ft by 8ft can store more than you think without taking over too much space in your back garden.

This brand of Garden sheds is made from a durable resin plastic which is then reinforced with a metal steel reinforcement frame support and this type of Garden shed has become extremely popular and thankfully it comes backed with numerous positive reviews from previous UK buyers in the past. There is little to no maintenance required for this Garden shed as all you have to do is hose it down or wipe it down after a season or two.

For the assembly, there doesn’t tend to be a back-up assembly service but you won’t need it in our opinion anyway as the build instructions are well laid out and easy to follow. You will need a second pair of hands though getting the initial frames into the correct positions. Taking note of the dimensions, they come in at 2.43m high by 2.56m wide by 2.55m deep so the overall frame is not as big as you think while still having the ability to store all the essential garden tool essentials. It comes with a heavy duty floor panel, a skylight for better visibility, 2 shelves and a double door which is great for the wider type garden tools that need to fit in.

A solid foundation will need to be provided for this shed or you can use existing concrete or tarmac as long as it is completely level (avoid putting it directly on the grass). The exterior surface is weather resistant, you get lockable doors by adding a padlock and it comes with a fantastic 15 year warranty for peace of mind.

Price Guide: Under £850 @ Argos

Option 2: Power Shed Wooden Garden Shed – 14ft x 6ft

Quick Summary:

Larger longer shed solution
Dimensions 14ft by 6ft
Assembly service available
Scandinavian timber
Tongue & groove assembly
No chipboard is used
Timber sustainably sourced
High quality finished frame
Galvanised ironmongery
Durable tough safety glass
PVC window sills & super felt
Wood wax additive added

Garden Shed Overview

If you prefer a wooden type garden shed instead, then the first Garden shed that you should consider is the Power Shed Wooden timber Shed with dimensions of 14ft by 6ft which allows a lot more tools and equipment to be stored inside and there is plenty of window accessibility to see inside from different angles. There are several other dimension types or dimension alternatives available from Power Sheds but this one stands out for us when it comes to storing more than the average home owners garden tools.

The price will be consider a little high for some but you need to be aware that there is no OSB or chipboard used in the construction of this Garden shed. Instead, these Garden sheds are made from Scandinavian timber with a tongue and groove assembly throughout which means the same timber is used on the side frames as well as the floor and the roof. The timber comes from sustainable sourced timber suppliers and it comes with a wax addictive so you have weather protection for a minimum of 1 year – after that you can add whatever wood stain or preservatives you want.

For the build assembly, you can take it on yourself with the help of a friend or you can outsource the work which normally costs around £200 extra. If there are foundations to be dug up and prepared then that will be a further cost so you are better off having this part prepared well in advance yourself. The dimensions to note are 14ft by 6ft or 14.3m by 1.8m so again make sure you have adequate space before you commit to a purchase.

Some of the extras that you can expect here are the galvanised rust resistant ironmongery fittings, 12mm thick cladding, corner bracing supports as well as a wood preservative and high quality polyester roof felt. There is also flexibility where the doors and windows can be placed, it comes with a tougher safety glass plus PVC window sills for water protection support. If a durable Timber garden shed is what you are after, then you don’t need to look much further than this in our opinion

Price Guide: Over £800 @ Amazon UK

Option 3: Lifetime Heavy Duty Plastic Shed -7ft x 7ft

Quick Summary:

Made of heavy duty plastic
Dimensions 7ft by 7ft
Larger dimensions optional
Assembly support available
Neat compact size fitting
Includes integral flooring
Size 228H x 215W x 214D cm
Apex roof design support
All weather resistant
High density Polyethylene
Heavy duty steel trusses
Warranty period of 10 years

Garden Shed Overview

Another Garden shed that we highly recommend with little to no maintenance work is the Lifetime Heavy Duty Plastic Shed with dimensions of just 7ft by 7ft so you have a nice little compact garden sized shed to store all your tools while keeping the area designated to it to an absolute minimum. This particular option is 7ft by 7ft however there are other sized options under this brand such as 8ft by 10ft, 8ft by 12.5ft and even up as far as 11ft by 21ft for the larger gardens so you get a great selection of options when it comes to selecting the appropriate sizes to fit your particular garden

Assembly is not all that bad as long as you have a friend to give some assistance with the larger frame supports, however if you don’t have any support, then an assembly service can be provided which tends to cost around £180 to £230 extra when seen at the time of this review. Foundation preparation work would be extra so make sure to have this part of the project prepared well in advance.

As the overall size for this unit is only 7ft by 7ft (2.28m high by 2.15m wide by 2.14m deep), you will only need a minimum sized garden corner for it, it comes with the double entrances doors to provide easier access for larger tools and you have the window light access on the side for additional light support. In terms of maintenance, all you have to do is give it a rub down with a cloth or a quick hose down with a soft brush.

Included in the design is the small skylight window, two screened vents for air circulation, an integral floor and a set of attractive robust door handles. The frame is supported with powder coated steel reinforcements and the material itself is made from high-density polyethylene that requires minimum maintenance and is fade free. Finally, it comes with all the weather protection you need plus a super warranty period of 10 years.

Price Guide: £700+ @ Amazon

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Best Garden Sheds –  Further Wood Alternatives

If our first 3 recommendations haven’t met all of your needs so far, then check out our last 2 Wooden Garden shed recommendations summarised briefly as follows – the last one in particular offers a competitive price point which is ideal for people seeking a lower possible price level…

Option 4: Pinelap Full T&G Wooden Apex Garden Shed – 7ft x 5ft

Main Points to Note:

Full Tongue and Groove assembly
Dimensions are 7ft by 5ft or 2.13m x 1.5m
Assembly assistance is optional extra
High quality redwood 12mm
Zero chipboard, OSB or solid boards
Includes lockable door & high quality cladding
Rust resistant fittings with natural wood
Base wood preservative is applied
Price Guide: Less than £700 @ Amazon UK

Option 5: Mercia Overlap Apex Garden Wooden Shed – 8ft x 6ft

Main Points to Note:

Lower priced cost effective solution
Orders normally 2 to 3 weeks in advance
Dimensions 8ft by 6ft or 2.44m by 1.83m
10 year anti-rot warranty guarantee
Requires annual treatment maintenance
FSC certified timber & made in the UK
Overlapped horizontal board system
Floor & roof are made from solid board
Price Guide: Less than £400 @ Homebase UK

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With so many types of Garden sheds out there, it was an extremely difficult task to narrow our list down to our top 5 options but we hope this list can help you out in some small way and perhaps give you some ideas to think about. We have included various types of Garden sheds here be it Wooden, durable resin and robust polyethylene plastic Sheds as well as a lower priced option at the end which you should be able to get your hands on for less than £600 when seen at the time of this review so there should be something here that can cater for everyone’s needs.

Which one would we choose? After taking everything into consideration, our preference would have to be the Keter Factor Beige Apex Garden Storage Shed outlined earlier and further price information can be double checked below

Optional Feedback

Have you ever used Garden Sheds from these brands before? Anything good or bad to report or are there other brands that you prefer instead?

If possible, please feel free to educate the wider community by leaving your opinions and feedback in the comment box section provided below…

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  1. Thank you for compiling this list as we were on the fence for the past few weeks on which shed would be best suited for all our garden tools, we have large power tools and garden machinery so these suggestions are certainly worth considering so thanks for giving us something to think about… our local supplier has only a limited range to offer so we will need to look further afield

  2. Yes, there are so many options when it comes to garden sheds. But your post has helped me organizing my ideas. I now know where and what to search for. Reading your post I was inclined towards the wooden sheds. I like their aesthetics. And they would really match with my house. Again, thank you!

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