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Do you need to get your hands on a low priced budget cheap Garden bench in the coming days? If so, then make sure to take a quick look through this brief review of cheap Garden Benches which are available in the UK at present that can be ordered online and delivered to your home hassle free.

There are literally thousands of Garden Benches on sale right across the UK so our focus really was to come up with our top 5 best value benches which are all on sale for less than £100 at the time of this review. Some of the options outlined here are even available for less than £50 which is ideal for people seeking the lowest possible price so there should be something here that can meet your own budget requirements.

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Garden Bench Types

So that you get a wider choice of Garden type benches, we have included a mix of different types of benches that include wood benches, steel wicker benches, sleeper benches, plastic and steel benches. With that in mind, there should be enough of a variety in this short list to cover different preferences on the type of material you prefer to use in your own garden setting.

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Video Summary – Cheap Value Garden Benches UK

Cheap Garden Benches in the UK – 5 Recommendations

Option 1: Argos Home Newbury Wooden 2 Seater Garden Bench

Brief Summary

Pressure treated timber
FSC certified sourced wood
Traditional classic design
Additional stain can be applied
Store in a shed during Winter
Or use a protective covering
Lightweight design 8.5kg
Size 85H x 122W x 57D cm
1 year warranty provided

Cheap Garden Bench Overview

If a low priced wooden bench is what you are after, then take a serious look at the Argos Home Newbury Wooden 2 Seater Garden Bench that provides excellent value for the amount of money you need to spend especially when you can get your hands on it generally for less than £80.

You will like the traditional appearance of this garden bench and it is plenty strong enough to cater for 2 adults sitting at the same time. There are the elbow rests with a back support and you can add whatever outdoor cushions or pads you like to provide that extra bit of seating comfort.

Even for the low price, this wood is pressure treated to be protected against rough weather conditions and it comes from FSC certified responsible forest suppliers. As with any wood bench, we recommend adding a wood stain preservative which normally only takes around 30 minutes work to make sure it is fully sealed and weather resistant.

Another longer life recommendation is putting the bench into your shed during the Winter months when not in use and if that is not possible, then buy a protective cover separately that can be tied to the frame sealing it from the harsh Winter conditions. The dimensions for this bench is 85cm high by 122cm wide by 57cm deep, it requires self-assembly at home and it comes backed with a 12 month warranty.

Price Guide: Less than £100 @ Argos

Option 2: Argos Home Steel Wicker 2 Seater Garden Bench

Brief Summary

Steel frame Wicker bench
Low maintenance levels
Weather resistant exterior
Made from Rattan materials
Lightweight design only 10kg
No assembly required
Solid and sturdy design
Size 73H x 104W x 61Dcm
Longer 2 year warranty

Cheap Garden Bench Overview

If a wood bench is too much work for you and you need something simpler, then check out the Argos Home Steel Wicker 2 seater Garden bench which is considerably cheaper than the wood option already outlined and requires a lot less maintenance work!

The advantages here straight away is that there is no assembly work involved as it comes delivered as you see it and there is no ongoing maintenance work as you have when dealing with wood. The material used here is a steel frame with a Rattan wicker and it holds up extremely well against rough weather conditions.

For this bench, we also recommend putting it into the shed during the Winter months when not in use or add a protective covering which can be tied to the frame (if you don’t have enough space). The wicker has the attractive diamond weave appearance which both looks good and provides plenty of support for your weight.

Again, you can add whatever cushions or pads you want to provide even more comfort but make sure they are the outdoor weather proof type. The frame size for the unit is 73cm high by 104cm wide by 61cm deep, the weight is lighter than you think at just 10kg and it comes with a longer 2 year warranty. There is also 2 colour options in this brand so you can choose a dark brown or a grey coloured finish instead.

Price Guide: Less than £80 @ Argos

Option 3: Forest Garden Wooden Sleeper Bench

Brief Summary

Simple structure design
Thicker wood frame 1.2m long
Treated resistant timber
FSC certified sourced
Wider 3 adult seating
Wood stain can be added
Or add an exterior varnish
Assembled in a few minutes
15 year anti-rot warranty
Requires annual maintenance

Cheap Garden Bench Overview

To accommodate more than 2 people on a bench, then take a look at the Forest Garden Wooden Sleeper Bench instead which can comfortably hold 3 adults or even up to 5 small children as there is plenty of room and length provided - plus there are no restrictions at the edges with framed elbow supports. Even though it is heavier to carry, the big advantage here is the thickness of the wood where is it simply unbreakable – so the children can walk on it, jump on it, sit on it as this sleeper wood structure is as robust a garden bench that you will see anywhere else. The upright sleeper supports are the same thickness as the sitting sleeper cross bench and it appears as a nice and simple bench structure with a much stronger support integrity.

Assembly is quick and simple and is done in a matter of a few minutes and you should be able to manage the assembly all by yourself without the support of anyone else. The length of the bench is 1.2m long and again you have more flexibility when it comes to sitting on the edges either side.

The timber used for this is FSC certified and comes pre-treated for weather resistance and you should apply a simple wood stain preservative before the winter months to ensure it preserves its appearance. Finally, this bench unit comes with a 15 year anti-rot guarantee as long as you follow a simple annual maintenance criteria.

Price Guide: Less than £100 @ Homebase

Option 4: VidaXL Black Steel Outdoor Garden Bench

Brief Summary

Simple 2 seater steel bench
Made from light alloy steel
Heavier weight of 25kg
Backrest PVC support
Treated for anti-rust
Corrosion resistant properties
Simple assembly process
All assembly tools included
Size 75H x 118W x 50D cm
Warranty is 12 months

Cheap Garden Bench Overview

If a dark coloured steel bench is what you are after, then take a closer look at the VidaXL Black Steel Outdoor Garden Bench which tends to be on sale for less than £100 when seen at the time of this review. Unlike some lower quality steel benches, the frame structure quality here is better than you think as it is made from alloy steel so you can be assured you are getting a higher spec steel bench here.

To make sure it is weather resistant, the exterior is pre-treated for preventing rust and corrosion. If there are any accident scratches or scraps on the surface, then you can apply a same coloured anti-rust paint to make sure it remains protected (most local hardware paint stores should have these)

Additional seating pads or cushions can be added for extra comfort and make sure they are the weather resistant type. During the off season, we would recommend storing this unit in a garage or shed and if that is not possible, then add a protective covering and tie it securely to the frame.

Assembly is quick and easy and all the tools which are required are included in the box (no additional tools are necessary) and the dimensions are pretty much standard at 75cm high by 118cm wide by 50cm deep so it can accommodate 2 adults seating no problem whatsoever.

Price Guide: Less than £100 @ Amazon

Option 5: Lifetime 6Ft Foldable Garden Bench

Brief Summary

Longer 1.83m 6ft long bench
Foldable when not in use
Budget type lower price option
Strong, sturdy & robust frame
Ideal for multiple children
Stores and folds easily
Safety lock mechanism
Size 42H x 1.83W x 29D cm
Powder-coated steel finish
Warranty is 1 year long

Cheap Garden Bench Overview

The last garden bench on this list is the cheapest we have seen and it is the longer Lifetime 6 foot Foldable Garden bench which equates to approx. 1.83m in length (or width depending which way you are looking at it). If you are having multiple people over to your home or multiple children for a party, then this long bench provides the ideal solution and it is ideal really for people seeking the lowest possible price level

The exact dimensions involved here are 42cm high by 183cm wide by 29cm deep and the big advantage here is the fact that it can be folded away after use and stored under a garage bench as it takes up minimum storage space requirements.

Lifting it into position or specific locations is no hassle and it folds out easily when required. There is no assembly work required as all you have to do is make sure the safety  locking mechanism in the legs underneath are put into the correct positions when the legs are extended out.

The frame here is made from powder coated steel and high-density polyethylene which provides protection against harsh weather conditions – if there are any scratches, then a small anti-rust paint can be applied for further protection. Another big advantage here is the various type uses for this garden bench as it can be used at home, or brought to other houses or even used indoors to accommodate multiple children at the same time.

Even if you invest in an alternative bench than this, this foldable bench can serve as a great addition as it literally takes up zero storage space and it can serve multiple uses for families, friends or even birthday parties. You also have the flexibility of both indoor use and outdoor use so it’s a serious handy bench to have around the home to cater for various situations.

Price Guide:  Less than £50

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After completing this narrowed down list of the best value cheap Garden benches in the UK, we hope it has given you some ideas to think about and perhaps save you some time and money in the process. We have included both wood and steel benches as well as foldable, wicker and sleeper type benches so there should be a good mix of options here to meet your requirements.

Which one would we choose? For the cheapest possible price, it would have to be the Lifetime 6 foot long Foldable Garden Bench and further information along with todays updated price tag can be double checked below…

Optional Feedback Submission

Did you find our list of cheap Garden Benches useful in any way? Or do you know of cheaper or better Garden benches elsewhere?

If possible, please feel free to educate the wider UK community by leaving your suggestions or feedback in the comment box section provided below…

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