How Much Does Driveway Paving Cost? Basic Guide


Do you need a quick overview on the prices associated to Driveway Paving? If so, then check out our Driveway Paving price guide which covers several different types of driveway paving be it concrete, tarmac, natural stone or Porcelain block paving. Prices will vary from supplier to supplier and contractor to contractor, but this will give you a broad idea on the full cost associated to different Driveway paving options.

Main Costs

The main costs will the paving material and labour, but contractors will need to see your site before they can confirm a price as drainage, excavation and levelling base material volumes will also need to be factored in.

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Driveway Size

The size of the area that needs to be covered will also need to be factored in so please make sure to measure up your own driveway as best you can to the nearest meter squared. Base preparation on some sites can be quite simple where other sites it can be very difficult, and the dimensions of the slabs and complexity of the layout pattern will be added to the overall labour time costs.

As a rule of thumb, gravel will be the cheapest option to choose followed by concrete, followed by tarmac and then natural stone paving and Porcelain paving costs will be the highest.

Driveway Paving Cost Guides x 3

1, Guide Costs for a 30m2 Driveway

MaterialAverage / m2Area m2Full Cost
Imprinted Concrete£6530£1950
Concrete Slabs£6530£1950
Porcelain slabs£12030£3600
Granite Slabs£9030£2700
Granite Cobbles£12030£3600
Cobbelock Paving£7530£2250

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2, Guide Costs for a 50m2 Driveway

MaterialAverage / m2Area m2Full Cost
Imprinted Concrete£6550£3250
Concrete Slabs£6550£3250
Porcelain slabs£12050£6000
Granite Slabs£9050£4500
Granite Cobbles£12050£6000
Cobbelock Paving£7550£3750

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3, Guide Costs for an 80m2 Driveway

MaterialAverage / m2Area m2Full Cost
Imprinted Concrete£6580£5200
Concrete Slabs£6580£5200
Porcelain slabs£12080£9600
Granite Slabs£9080£7200
Granite Cobbles£12080£9600
Cobbelock Paving£7580£6000

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These guide prices are based on our own individual experiences and our own research across the market so please use this as a guide only. Your own project could be slightly higher or lower than these, but this should give you a broad idea of the costs involved in various driveway paving jobs. Further information on the availability of competitively priced paving slabs are available from Amazon below…

Feedback for Others

What price did you end up paying for your own driveway paving? Did it come in under budget or over budget?

If possible, please share and let us all know by leaving a comment in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK community can learn also!

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