Block Paving Sealant Reviews 2024 – Plus Tips


Do you need to add some Block Paving Sealants to protect and seal your own block paving or patios in the coming days? If so, then check out our Block Paving Sealant review which will cover various different brands such as Ronseal Thompson’s, SmartSeal, AdSeal and Rycal so at least you have more than just 1 option when it comes to making your own final decision.

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We will outline our own preferences at the end of this review and include detailed FAQ’s that hopefully can answer some of the queries that you may possibly have. Each of these Block Paving Patio sealants will have their own strengths and features and we will go each of them individually so at least you will know what they can offer and which one will meet your own set of needs or requirements.

The plan will be to outline the benefits, price guides and coverage capabilities for each based on our own experience and research so you can make an informed decision on which brand will work best for you.

Block Paving Sealant Review Content

  • Part 1: Overview with 15+ FAQ’s
  • Part 2: Block Paving Sealant Review – 5 Options
  • Part 3: Conclusion

As guide prices can only be published at the time of this review, please make sure to view the prices checkers provided below to ensure you have the most accurate up to date price information.

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Part 1: Overview with FAQ’s

Sealants: Block Paving & Patio Sealants – 5 Options
Volume:Varies from 5 Litre to 25 Litre
Brands:Ronseal Thompsons, SmartSeal, AdSeal, Rycal
Best Place to Buy:Amazon UK – Check Today’s Stock Availability Here
Application Rate:On average 2 litres per meter squared but paving type dependant

FAQ’s for Block Paving Sealants

Q1. Can you also use these Block paving sealants for brick walls also?
A. No, they are only for block and patio paving. You will need specific brick silicone-based sealant for bricks on external walls

Q2. Can Ronseal Thompsons sealant be used on Indian sandstone?
A. No as the appearance does not turn out well on Indian sandstone, it works better on Concrete based block paving

Q3. How much coverage does a 5 Litre container cover?
A. It depends on the brand but a 5 litre container tin should cover an area of between 10 and 15 meters squared while a 20/25L drum generally covers 50 meters squared on average

Q4. Can Ronseal be used indoors also?
A. No, there are chemicals and a smell emitted upon application and it is designed for external use only

Q5. Should you clean the paving before the application of the sealant?
A. Definitely yes, you should power wash any stains and clean away all the dirt away before application. Otherwise you will be sealing in the stains and the dirt.

Q6. How many coats should be applied?
A. From our experience, you should apply 2 coats and ensure there is no rain afterwards for 24 hours.

Q7. How can you apply these sealants?
A. It can be applied using a roller paint brush but make sure you don’t leave any puddles in crevices. You can also use a brush and a specific nozzle sprayer with some.

Q8. How many coats is needed for the Thompsons Ronseal sealant?
A. It is recommended to give it 2 coats once all the stains and dirt is cleared

Q9. How do you know which particular sealant will work on various patios or paving blocks?
A. It would be advisable to do a patch test first before committing to the full job – otherwise you could be making a very expensive mistake

Q10. How easily is it to pour out the Sealant from the Rycal 20L drum?
A. It pours out easily as it is quite viscous so take your time and go slowly and use a smaller application container or trough.

Q11. Which is better to use – a brush or a roller?
A. You will find that the sealants will go a lot further and cover more area if you use a brush rather than a roller

Q12. Is there a heavy potent smell from the Rycal sealant?
A. Yes, the smell can be quite strong, but you should it gone in matter of a few hours

Q13. How long should you wait to apply the second coat?
A. As soon as the first coat is touch dry, then you should apply the second coat or 8 hours

Q14. What area does a 25 litre Smartseal drum cover?
A. This 25 litre drum from Smartseal will cover an area of approx. 50 meters squared

Q15. Can you use a sprayer for the Smartseal sealant?
A. You are better offer using a brush or a roller as the viscosity tends to be too thick

Q16. How much should you apply for the Smartseal first and second coats?
A. As a guide, you should apply the first coat at a rate of 2 meters squared per litre and the second coat at a rate of 3.5 meters squared per litre

Part 2: Block Paving Sealant Review – 5 Options

1, Ronseal 5 Litre Patio & Block Paving Sealant

Main Features to Note:

Thompson's Patio and Block Paving Seal PBPSWL5L
Maintains the appearance longer into the future
Seals paving for protection against chemicals
Protects against dirt stains setting in
Stops fuels, fluids, oils soaking through
Includes a biocide to prevent algae and mosses
5 Litres, weight approx. 4.5kg, coverage 30m2
2 coat applications are recommended
1 coat Sealant also available – explore below
Offers a wet look to your block & patio paving
On average, the price works out at £10 per litre

Price Guide: £40 - £60

Wet Look Finish from Ronseal 5 Litre Patio & Block Paving Sealant

2, Rycal 20L Drum Block Paving and Concrete Sealer

Main Features to Note:

Lower priced sealant alternative
Ideal for people seeking the lowest possible price
Made by Adseal for Rycal in Bolton
5 Litre smaller container also available
Smaller tin costs between £4 to £5 per litre
Designed more for concrete paving than stone
Prevents weeds, moss and stains appearing
For the 20L drum, price works out at £3 - £3.50/L
Offers a matt low sheen finish on block paving
For 2 coats, a 20L drum offers coverage of 50m2
2 coats are recommended on a clean surface

Price Guide: £55 to £80

Safety Precautions when using Rycal Sealant

When using a sealant like this, you should always make sure you are working in a well-ventilated area as it contains Xylene UN1307 so it definitely needs to be disposed off carefully and not emptied into drains.

Make sure to wear suitable gloves and avoid contact with your eyes and skin. If you do not have a well-ventilated area, you will need to make sure you have suitable respiratory equipment in place.

Any further information you need is available directly on 01204 362828 in Bolton. It is harmful if inhaled and it can irritate the skin, so you need to be extra careful when using a product like this

Application Tips for Rycal Block Paving Sealant

You can use a low-pressure spray, a brush or a medium pile roller when applying this sealant from Rycal.

Before application, you will need to make sure that the areas is free from debris and it also must be dry, clean and stain free.

There is no point applying it if it is wet – it needs to be completely dry for the best possible results. For sealing new imprinted concrete, it is recommended to use Adseal SUPER instead.

For sealing Clay paviors, Stone, Slate, Travertine, or Terracotta, it is recommended to use Adseal ULTRA instead. You will also find that the sealant will go further when using a brush instead of a roller.

3, Smartseal 25 Litre Drum Block Paving Sealer

Main Features to Note:

Delivers a satin look silk shine finish to paving
Prevents weeds and weather stains setting in
Durable sand hardener, 150ml samples available
Available in the large 25 litre drum
Price on the drum is around £5 per litre
Also available in a smaller tin 5 Litre size
Price on the smaller tin is £8.50 to £9 per litre
25 litre drum offers coverage of approx. 50m2
2 coats are recommended for a better finish

Price Guide: £115 to £150

4, Smartseal 5 Litre Block Paving Sealer

Main Features to Note:

Available in a smaller tin 5 Litre size
Price works out around £8.50 to £9 per litre
Application guide is 2 meters squared per litre
2 coats are recommended for best results
Application rate of the 2nd coat is 3.5m2 per litre
Full tin of 5 litres will give cover 10m2 on 1st coat
Seals against stains, weeds and prevents fading
Offers a wet look matt finish for attractive sheen
Not to be used on clay-based pavers blocks

Price Guide: £40 to £65

Further images of the different finishes available from the Smartseal finish are outlined below – swipe left or right if on mobile

  • Smartseal Paving Sealant Before Application

Smartseal Application and Directions for Use:

On new blocks, you should apply this sealant as soon as possible after installation and sweep away any excess sand that may be leftover. 2 coats are needed but please make sure to leave 2 hours between coat applications. The temperature outdoors should be over 12 degrees Celsius when applying and the surface needs to be completely dry. Do not apply if rain is forecasted within 12 hours and do not apply if the surfaces are damp or wet.

On older blocks that are have been laid for some time, you will need to thoroughly clean first with a jet pressure washer and allow it to dry out completely for a minimum of 5 days before application of joints repairs and sealants. The solution can be applied with a specific nozzle sprayer but a brush or a roller works better in our opinion and the volume available goes further when just using a brush (but tends to be more difficult from a labour point of view). When applying 2 coats, you should plan for 2 meters squared per litre for the first coat and then 3.5 meters squared per litre on the second coat.

Final Blocking Paving Sealant to Consider

5, Adseal 20L Drum Concrete & Block Paving Sealer

Main Features to Note

Adseal is a UK based company so it is home made and there is free UK mainland deliveries, added value drum. It can be used on driveways, patio’s & paths. Price for the 20L drum is around £4.50/litre, Price for the 25L drum is around £4.35/litre and the price for the 5L tin is around £6.50 - £6.70/litre

Coverage is dependent on the type of blocks being covered so it can vary quite a lot and concrete block coverage tends to be around 40m2

Imprint concrete tends to be around 50 to 60m2 and 2 coats are recommended for the best possible results

Price Guide: £80 to £100

Adseal Paving Finish Example (after weeds are cleared and jet washed)

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Part 3: Conclusion

As there are so many different types of block and patio paving out there be it concrete, natural stones or slabs, we would advise testing it out on a small patch before you commit to applying the full application to the entire area as it could be a very expensive mistake. Perhaps get 2 or 3 different variants or samples and test these out in small hidden areas so the entire area won’t be spoilt as there are no guarantees that you will like the final appearance. Some can change the colour slightly making them darker, some can give a wet slightly unnatural look and some will give a nice matt type wet sheen finish but again you are better off testing them first on one or 2 slabs first before you make your final commitment and leave it sit for a few days to see how it goes.


Which one would we choose? Our preference is the Smartseal 25 litre drum sealer which can cover 50 meters squared and works out at around £5 per litre which is fairly good value for what you get to be fair. Secondly then we would recommend the Adseal 25 litre drum as that generally works out at less than £4.50 per litre which again is good value and the finish is quite good and reliable. If you want the cheapest possible solution though, then choose the Rycal 20 litre drum as that one is available for less than £3.50 per litre when seen at the time of this review.

Feedback for Others?

What are your own Paving or Patio Sealant preferences? Which one would like to recommend in particular?

If possible, please share and let us all know by leaving a comment in the comment box section provided below – so that others across the UK community can learn also!

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