How to Use and Maintain a String Trimmer 2023 – Video Tips


If you need some help with using, operating or maintaining a String Trimmer, then make sure to take a look through the various videos outlined below which will help you get the most out of your new String trimmer. The videos at the end also show how to replace the string trimmer edger line when needed.

Trimmer Video Tips Compilation

Video 1 -How to Use a String Trimmer – Key Steps

Video 2 - How to maintain your String Trimmer to last longer

Video 3 - How to install a new String trimmer line

Video 4 - How to replace String Trimmer edger line

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  1. These trimmer videos are very helpful. I have been struggling with how to replace the string and the instructions were very clear.
    Thanks for putting this together, I also like your pressure washer reviews – great information overall

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